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With branch level permissions, users need an easy way to find an approver
Project Member Reported by, Feb 2 2010 Back to list
Now that we have branch level permissions, we need a way for users to 
determine who can give them +2 approval for any given change.

It would be nice to have another button next to "add approver" called "find 
approver" which lets the user select users from a list.
Project Member Comment 1 by, Feb 3 2010
Status: Accepted
Comment 3 by, Aug 10 2010
Comment 4 by, Apr 11 2011
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Comment 5 by, Jul 17 2011
Possibly more meaningful (at least, more useful suggestions) would be something similar to Atlassian Crucible's "suggest reviewers" option, which attempts to find authors that own a large portion of the current code in the affected files (e.g., from "blame"), or who has made recent changes to the affected files.  That only works if the change is modifying or deleting existing files -- but adding new files may be able to examine authors of files in the same package (directory) to offer a similar fallback suggestion.  It could use that weighted list of code owners to sort the list of users that have review access to the project, to give a weighted list of suggestions.
Project Member Comment 6 by, Aug 17 2016
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