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Issue 4015 upload change with a comment
Starred by 1 user Project Member Reported by, Mar 28 2016 Back to list
Status: Released
Closed: Aug 9

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Gerrit has a feature that allow setting labels, reviewers, and topic on push[1] of a new change or patchset.  I would also like the ability to set a comment message on a push.  something like: push origin HEAD:refs/for/master%m="This patchset is just a rebase on current master."

Project Member Comment 1 by, Mar 30 2016
Status: Started
Project Member Comment 2 by, Apr 1 2016
Status: ChangeUnderReview
proposed change:
Project Member Comment 3 by, Aug 9
Labels: FixedIn-2.13
Status: Submitted
Project Member Comment 4 by, Sep 22
Status: Released
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