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Issue 3754 View All Accounts permission does not allow accounts rest endpoint to access email info
Starred by 1 user Project Member Reported by, Jan 8 2016 Back to list
Status: Released
Closed: Jan 2016

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Affected Version: 2.11 and master

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. execute the accounts REST endpoint with a registered user account to list emails of another account:
  curl --digest --user $user1:$user1_http_password http://localhost:8080/a/accounts/$user2/emails
  result is: "not allowed to list email addresses"

2. As administrator goto Projects->list->All-Projects
    Add global capability 'View All Accounts : Registered Users'

3. execute account api in step 1 again.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
I would expect that setting  'View All Accounts : Registered Users' would allow all registered users to view email info on another user. 

Please provide any additional information below.
    Add global capability 'Modify Account : Registered Users' will work but I don't think that's the right permission for this.

Project Member Comment 1 by, Jan 8 2016
Comment 2 by, Jan 8 2016
View All Accounts is about whether the user can see and interact with the other account at all. See
Project Member Comment 3 by, Jan 8 2016
@ jmieder, sorry but i'm not exactly sure what you are trying to convey.  I don't want to make any assumptions so could you please expand?
Project Member Comment 4 by, Jan 8 2016
Sorry for the lack of clarity. What I meant is that this is intended behavior (except the documentation can probably be improved).
Project Member Comment 5 by, Jan 8 2016
Then I guess I don't understand the difference between modify account and view all accounts.  From reading the docs I assumed the following:

 modify account - groups assigned this permission can modify any other user account info.
 view all accounts - groups assigned this permission can view any other user account info but not modify it.

Why would a user need modify account permission to view another user's email info?

Project Member Comment 6 by, Jan 8 2016
Status: ChangeUnderReview
proposed fix:
Project Member Comment 7 by, Jan 14 2016
Status: Submitted
Project Member Comment 8 by, Aug 9 2016
Labels: FixedIn-2.13
Project Member Comment 9 by, Sep 22
Status: Released
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