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Issue 3579 add an attribute to the change-info REST response showing the merged date
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Closed: Feb 2016

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I would like to get information about when a change was merged using the Gerrit REST API.  The only way to get that info is to use the change-info[1] endpoint which will return a response[2] with a date that goes along with the message "Change has been successfully merged into the git repository."  Parsing for the date info tied to this message is not ideal and can be unreliable, especially since this comment has gone thru changes in various Gerrit releases.  t would be a lot nicer if there was a dedicated attribute like 'merged-date' for this info, maybe right at the top of the json, next to the "status": "MERGED" attribute.


Project Member Comment 1 by, Sep 22 2015
This can probably be done by adding the hidden 'SUBM' approval info to the REST response.  That label is exposed via the SSH api [3].  Since Gerrit always goes directly from submit to merge then the submit (SUBM) approval 'grantedOn' date is always identical or nearly identical to the merged date for changes that are in "status":"MERGED".


Issue 3580 has been merged into this issue.
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The submissionId contains the date when a change was submitted.  Proposed change
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replaced 73650 with
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