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Closed: Apr 2015

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Confusing "Merged" instead of "Not Current" when looking at old rev. of merged change

Reported by, Feb 19 2015

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What steps will reproduce the problem?

visit an old revision of a merged change, e.g. <>

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

the change's status (near the top of the page) says "Merged", while when viewing an old revision of a "Review in progress" change it says "Not Current", which is IMO more informative (and the different behavior for merged and in-progress changes confused me; knowing about the "Not Current" feature for in-progress changes, seeing "Merged" instead of "Not Current" for 14431/1 I wrongly assumed that it was that outdated revision that had actually been merged, not the updated 14431/2)
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Comment 1 by, Apr 28 2015

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Labels: FixedIn-2.11.1
Status: Submitted
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