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Closed: Nov 2015

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Be able to remove specific scores from a reviewer while leaving the reviewer still listed on the change
Reported by, Nov 27 2014 Back to list
As discussed in the code review on [1].

We should consider moving the [x] to kill votes onto the votes themselves.

If a reviewer voted multiple time, say VRFY, CRVW & LC. Now someone
removes her VRFY vote. The VRFY is removed but the CRVW and LC stay.

We could then do more fine grained removals of votes in the ACL system. Allow removing a VRFY-1, but not a CRVW-2 for example.

We also want to be able to keep a reviewer as a reviewer on the change, but just kill their scores to work around a blocking vote. This would at present demote them to a CC status, but its better than dropping them entirely off the change where they might not get notifications anymore.

Removing a reviewer is also sensible, and doing so should also drop their votes as no longer relevant to the change.


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