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Closed: Aug 2016

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Restore ability to go back to change list by keyboard shortcut from diff view

Reported by, Oct 14 2014

Issue description

In the old change screen one could press g+o or g+i, ... to go to some dashboard from the diff view. In the new change screen, those shortcut disappeared.
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Comment 1 by, Mar 4 2016

Status: AwaitingInformation
From the change screen 'g+i' will take you back to dashboard.  if you are in diff view then you need to do 'u' to get to change screen then 'g+i' will take you back to dashboard.  Is that not what you expect?
With the "old" change screen, "g+i" worked directly form the diff view. This was handy since you didn't have to care about what you were currently. In the new change screen you need to go back to the change screen from the diff view in order to go back to the change list. This lacks of consistency : while some shortcuts are clearly specific to a single page, there is no good reason for the "site navigation" shortcuts not to be available from every existing page.

Moreover, I often inadvertently type "g+i" from the diff view, which, instead of loading the "my changes" dashboard, alter the intra-line diff setting (i toggle that setting).
Fortunately, CodeMirror 4.8 added support for multi-stroke keymaps. I'm restoring this feature in
The change to restore this feature has been merged to master.
Nice, thanks!
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Comment 6 by, Aug 9 2016

Labels: FixedIn-2.13
Status: Submitted (was: AwaitingInformation)
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Comment 7 by, Sep 22 2016

Status: Released (was: Submitted)

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