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Closed: May 2015

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email validation rule reject new tld domain
Reported by, Jul 23 2014 Back to list

Affected Version:2.9

1. create a domain with a new tld like .systems (any performant registrar can do it for you)
2. create an email on that domain
3. Attempt to register this email in gerrit

Expect to recieve a confirmation email on newly created recipient and finish the validation process, instead, got an invalid email (validation message)
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Status: Accepted
Reproducible on 2.9 and earlier.

Gerrit uses the email address validator from Apache Commons, which does not seem to support the new TLDs.

There is an issue raised about this on Apache Commons:

humm, doesn't seems to comes from the Apache Commons as it relies on IANA TLD publications...

As told in your reference VALIDATOR-338, private TLDs for internal use will never be valid.

Maybe gerrit could have a setting for verifying (or not) user emails.
 Issue 2864  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 3390  has been merged into this issue.
As described in  Issue 3390 , an update of commons-validator fixes this bug.
Project Member Comment 7 by, May 26 2015
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Labels: FixedIn-2.11.1
Status: Submitted
Status: Released
This issue is happening again in 2.12.2 for me. Gerrit is not validating email addresses which ends on .team... but this email addresses are on gmail! So it should work.
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