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Closed: Mar 2017

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Please add reply-to email gateway for code review comments
Reported by, Sep 24 2009 Back to list
Reported by Andrew D. Stadler (Google) <> on Thu Jun 18 08:22:11 PDT 2009
Source: JIRA GERRIT-229

Right now if you want to reply to a comment, you have to go back to the
corresponding gerrit page and build your reply there.  This works, but is
there are two downsides:   (1)  It's inefficient if you're just trying to
answer a question (esp. true if you have to fire up VPN to get to gerrit).
(2) Many people will just hit "reply all" anyway and compose and send.  The
message gets to the original person, but it's out-of-band, with no audit trail
in gerrit.

This feature request is to enable an incoming email gateway so you can reply
to the email and have it post to the comment thread in gerrit.
Comment 1 by, Sep 24 2009
Status: Accepted
Comment 2 by, Sep 24 2009
Comment 3 by, Feb 6 2010
This would be a great feature to have. Today in our team someone approved a change by mistake because the 
comments over the mail weren't visible on Gerrit.
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Project Member Comment 7 by, Aug 17 2016
Labels: Priority-2
Project Member Comment 8 by, Oct 20 2016
Comment 9 by, Mar 6 2017
Status: Submitted
Changing this submitted, as inbound email is working on gerrit-review.
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