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GerritSite.css loaded before built-in CSS, making it close to useless
Reported by, Mar 15 2012 Back to list
Affected Version: 2.2.1

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Create review-site/etc/GerritSite.css with contents .GCLMTUVDKF { background: #FFF; }
2. Restart Gerrit

What is the expected output?
The elements with class="GCLMTUVDKF" (including the top menu) have a white background.

What do you see instead?
Their background is still green.

This is because GerritSite.css is loaded BEFORE Gerrit's built-in CSS, rather than after, so custom rules are overridden by Gerrit's rules unless the custom stylesheet uses !important throughout. This makes the custom stylesheet feature close to useless.

Attached is a screenshot of the Chrome web inspector showing the custom rule being overridden by the built-in rule.
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we (Openstack, worked around this by using !important but we are in the process of adding a couple of options so that skinning from config file should be easier.
Project Member Comment 3 by, Aug 8 2012
But adding !important is kinda annoying. In talking with Shawn yesterday, it turns out this is way harder than I'd originally anticipated, and is actually an issue with GWT upstream.

I've taken the liberty of filing said bug: 
Project Member Comment 4 by, Aug 17 2016
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