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Direct push to a branch doesn't send email to subscribers
Reported by, Sep 24 2009 Back to list
Reported by Shawn Pearce <> on Fri Mar 27 20:24:43 PDT 2009
Source: JIRA GERRIT-118
Affected Version: 2.0.9

If a user directly pushes into a branch (bypassing review), we never email
users who have watched the project and set "Email Notifications - Submitted
Changes".  We may want to do that as the purpose of the submitted changes
check is to watch what has happened in the project.
Comment 1 by, Sep 24 2009
Status: Accepted
Comment 2 by, Sep 1 2010
 Issue 697  has been merged into this issue.
Status: Started
Project Member Comment 5 by, Jul 18 2012
 Issue 1465  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 6 by, Jul 25 2012
The direct push handling seems somewhat inconsistent in general, as 'fresh' pushes do not generate gerrit changes, while direct pushes of existing changes appear as new patchset in the change. 
Is there any plan to fix this? I'm assuming work isn't still progressing on it?

As a workaround is there a ref-updated hook that will send an email?
Thanks. I'm going to try applying that patch.
So I didn't have luck with this patch for whatever reason (Gerrit version shows up as 2.5-253-g4761aa1) so I decided to write a ref-updated hook instead:
Project Member Comment 12 by, Aug 17 2016
Labels: Priority-2
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