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Display diffs inline
Reported by, Sep 23 2011 Back to list
When viewing a change/revision in Gerrit, diffs should be visible inline, like in Github.

The current situation is that, in order to see the diff, you have to click a link that takes you to a different URL. Moreover, you have to do this for every file separately unless you can find the somewhat hidden (due to lack of color) "Diff all" buttons that also forcibly open a new tab, or magically figure out that clicking the file name as opposed to one of the diff links will open the diff in the same tab (but still take you away from the change page).

Github's interface is very different, and includes the diff as the primary part of the revision view. I understand why this may not be totally desirable for Gerrit, but the user should at least be /able/ to view the diff in a convenient way. My suggestion would be to make the diff a subitem of the file paths list, such that the diff for each file is displayed right below the file name in the "File Paths" table. These diffs could be made collapsible and be collapsed by default to reduce clutter.

I'd be happy to implement this myself and offer a patch, but I will not have time to do this until October 14th.
Looking forward to a patch.
Comment 2 by, Dec 7 2011
duplicates  Issue 93 
This is not a duplicate.  Issue 93  asks for inline *comments* to be shown on the main change page, this issue asks for the *combined diff of all changes* to be shown on the main change page. It would probably be useful to include comments here, but that's not primarily what I filed this issue for.
Depends on  issue 938 
Project Member Comment 5 by, Aug 17 2016
Labels: Priority-3
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