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Closed: Dec 18

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Gerrit doesn't build with Bazel 0.21.0

Project Member Reported by, Nov 29

Issue description

Bazel is switching the flag "incompatible_package_name_is_a_function" to true. This breaks gerrit:

`$ bazel test --incompatible_package_name_is_a_function`

I expect this will be fixed by updating the dependency on protobuf, like we did for other rules (
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Comment 1 by, Nov 29

Components: Build
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Comment 2 by, Nov 30

Status: Accepted (was: New)
I fixed it already in rules_closure: [1].

* [1]
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Comment 3 by, Dec 3

Status: ChangeUnderReview (was: Accepted)
Summary: Gerrit doesn't build with Bazel 0.20.0 (was: Gerrit doesn't build with future Bazel changes)
Summary: Gerrit doesn't build with Bazel 0.21.0 (was: Gerrit doesn't build with Bazel 0.20.0)
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Comment 6 by, Dec 5

It worth noting, there is a trivial workaround:

 $ bazel test --incompatible_package_name_is_a_function=false :release
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Comment 7 by, Dec 6

Status: New (was: ChangeUnderReview)
Changing status to new again, because the change linked to this issue doesn't work and was abandoned.
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Comment 8 by, Dec 6

Status: ChangeUnderReview (was: New)
I've put CR+1 on it, but it needs to get the Library-Compliance vote from a googler.
^^ I meant CR+2, of course.
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Comment 12 by, Dec 18

Status: Submitted (was: ChangeUnderReview)
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Comment 13 by, Dec 21

Labels: FixedIn-2.16.2
Status: Released (was: Submitted)

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