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issue 106
issue 194

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Offer side by side patch view for an n-way merge
Reported by, Sep 24 2009 Back to list
Reported by Shawn Pearce <> on Tue Jan 13 10:30:36 PST 2009
Source: JIRA GERRIT-10
Affected Version: 2.0

In an n-way merge we should display a column for each base file, and a column
for the final file.  In a 2-way merge commit this would show 3 columns in the
side-by-side patch display.
Labels: -Priority-Major Priority-Minor
Update by Shawn Pearce <> on Tue Jan 13 10:30:55 PST 2009
Comment by Christopher Tate <> on Tue Jun 30 17:06:01 PDT 2009

In general, if unified diff display is available, side-by-side diff should
also be available.  The before-submitting-the-patch and after-submitting-the-
patch states are well defined from Gerrit's point of view.
Comment by Shawn Pearce <> on Tue Jun 30 17:09:28 PDT 2009

When viewing a merge, against which before-submitting-the-patch state should
we look at?

commit^1 ?
commit^2 ?
commit^15 if its an octopus ?
Comment 4 by, Sep 24 2009
Blockedon: 194
Status: Accepted
Likely related to 194 where we want to support different diffs between patch sets,
which is quit similar to diffs between parents.
Comment 5 by, Sep 24 2009
Blockedon: 106
Also related to  issue 106 .
Project Member Comment 6 by, Aug 17 2016
Labels: Priority-3
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