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Closed: Oct 2011
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Chrome/Chromium is missing side/vertical tabs

Reported by, Oct 6 2011

Issue description

Please implement side tabs (vertical tabs) in Chromium as they are (available with add-on) in Firefox.

Do it like this (, or like this will also be fine ( Just do it.

And please make it cross-platform this time. :-)

Oh, and here you go *******, use cases!
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Comment 227 by, May 18 2012

SIDE tabs or back to firefox!
This is the only thing stopping me from switching to Chrome.
AHH! Finally had to update from version 15, now site tabs are gone! I'll miss you Chrome. I'll come back when you have side tabs again. This is and has been a requirement for me since I started using tree style tabs back in 2009. No amount of bookmark sync, fast, stable, chrome goodness can make up for this missing feature.
  " Sidetabs were an experiment that didn’t pan out. "
They worked! Just put them back! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!
P.S. Please bring back sidetabs. Thank you.
Chrome is a non-starter without vertical tabs.  FF FTW!
I'm afraid I cant continue to use chrome so longa s i dont have vertical tabs
Attached is PNG file showing how impractical horizontal tabs are for me.
49.8 KB View Download

Comment 233 by Deleted ...@, May 30 2012

for me side/vertical tabs are must have. i can`t work with chrome without vertical tabs. thanks:)
I have not given up on vertical tabs just because Chrome has. I have been using Firefox since version 8, when I switched from Chrome due to the side tabs being removed from Chrome. Every few months I take another look at Chrome but stick with the browser that has side tabs. Sadly, this means that I stick with Firefox.
The lack of vertical tabs is pretty much the main blocker for me to move over to Chrome/Chromium.

Viewing all issues (open and closed) sorted by stars, there are 3 side/vertical tabs issues in the top 100. So of the top 100 issues of all time for chromium, three are for vertical tabs.
	issues	stars
	#99369	311
	#31763	263
	#100319	226

If you look at only open issues and pretend #99369 was still open, it would be in spot #15 currently.

I'd really like to make Chrome my preferred browser but can't because it does not support vertical tabs.  Please add it.  Thanks!
I work at an internet hosting company. We host many websites. I can tell you that the hundreds of people that work there all use firefox. Not some. Not most. All. We all use firefox because we must have vertical tabs. We keep many tabs open at a time and need the space that vertical tabs provide.

Comment 238 by Deleted ...@, Jun 21 2012

to bad i guess firefox is going to stay my default browser
For me, tree tabs are a must have browser feature. I've been using it for years, and can't live without it. In stead of dismissing the issue, we need some kind of solution.

I like the overall progress in Chrome, but without the tree tabs, it won't become my primary browser. It's almost like being forced to use Windows Explorer if you're used to using Total Commander.

Seems like we're going backwards. At least last time around there was experimental support. So, I guess I'll revisit this in yet another year....
This has bookmarks as required, use Customize mode when installing.

CoolNovo (formerly ChromePlus)
Please add side tabs back.
Just improve them and make this feature visible and people will use it all the time.
Restore vertical tabs.
vertical tabs was really really helpful to me, please restore it!!

Comment 244 by Deleted ...@, Jul 11 2012

I really miss this feature, firefox's tree tab plugin is quite buggy, I love the days I can use vertical tabs with chrome.

Comment 245 by, Jul 11 2012

this thread won't get any attention.....just keep opening new bugs.....
Please add side tabs back.

Comment 247 by, Jul 18 2012

It's just an option, why on earth would you remove this?  Just leave us alone with out vertical tabs, and if you think it's buggy fix it.  I was perfectly happy with my vertical tabs.  I'd rather use Firefox with treesize tabs.

Comment 248 by Deleted ...@, Jul 19 2012

Please add vertical tabs functionality. currenlty using firefox for this functionality...
Please re-add the vertical tabs. I think it is quiet normal for users to have several tabs open and with most computers having a wide-screen display this is the best soluton for a good usability!

... this is the only missing feature for me

still using opera over chrome because of this side tabs thing...
Bring sidebars back please. Starting to become an annoyance having too many tabs open.

Comment 252 by, Aug 10 2012

I've just released a vertical Tree Style Tabs extension for Chrome, with a dockable sidebar. It attempts to implement all the key functionality of Tree Style Tabs for Firefox, plus some extra goodies like Tab Hibernation:

Sidewise Tree Style Tabs
Very impressive work! Sidewise Tree Style Tabs is a great FUNCTIONAL and worthy add-on, despite Chrome's limitations. I might have to ditch Firefox...again. ;) Linking again so everyone sees:

I also found Tabs Outliner, which seems pretty cool:

I have yet to try out both to see which one's better... but the dark sleek interface of Tabs Outliner is appealing to me. I'll have to see tomorrow which has the better features/stability/etc.

Other cool experimental extensions for consideration:
Chrome Tab Panel - Expose Tabs:
Lazarus: Form Recovery:

This is so cool. I am so glad I randomly Googled for one of Chrome's biggest annoyances, wondering if there would ever be a fix. Well, there is [are] a lovely one just waiting to be installed above.

Thank you, joelpt!
85.5 KB View Download
167 KB View Download
Am planning to install older version which had vertical tabs :(
The problem with all of these solutions is that they aren't grouped with your open browser window and you don't get back the vertical space. Of course that is no fault of the developers of those extensions but does show how rigid chrome is. How hard would it have been for the chrome developers to release the side tabs functionality as an unsupported crx extension or otherwise packaged chrome add on. Would that really have caused them so much physical pain? Oh but wait, then their egos would be bruised and we wouldn't be allowed choices over their ugly and obtrusive ui. There are so many great things about chrome and the team behind it but this unwillingness to listen to and help their users is just indicative of a larger cultural issue within google as a whole.


Reported by, Oct 6, 2011

Please implement side tabs (vertical tabs) in Chromium as they are (available with add-on) in Firefox.

Do it like this (, or like this will also be fine ( Just do it.

And please make it cross-platform this time. :-)

Oh, and here you go *******, use cases!

Comment 1 by, Oct 11, 2011

This is the logged comment from   Issue 99332   regarding Side Tabs from the dev team:
"Sidetabs were an experiment that didn't pan out. They're in a half-working state and
should be removed, says Glen.  We'll try to come up with other approaches for this use case."

I've waited long enough.  Back to firefox.  Stupid, stupid, STUPID decision, you ivory tower wankers.

Comment 258 by Deleted ...@, Oct 3 2012

I just want to add my 2 cents.
Please add vertical tabs with tabtreestyle.
I use firefox exclusively for this.

Comment 259 by Deleted ...@, Oct 11 2012

I thought Google was run by the hackers. If so, then there would surely exist a VERTICAL TABS OPTION in Chrome. Please prove me right and rebel against the suits by making this right.

Comment 260 by, Oct 13 2012

I hope you can reconsider this decision and allow vertical tabs in Chrome.  With widescreen monitors today, there's no reason to lose more vertical space to a tab bar.  There's plenty of horizontal space.
I browse with 100+ tabs open all the time and managing with that is impossible with horizontal tabs Chrome forces to use. With Firefox it's a breeze with Tree Style Tabs addon which arranges tabs according to the site they were opened from and most importantly keeps them on the side so that I can see what is their title.

I think it was a bad decision to remove vertical tabs. I think it's bad that a browser forces you to use a certain browsing style i.e. "you can only use 15 tabs at a time".

Comment 262 by Deleted ...@, Oct 14 2012

I know I'm not the only person out there who likes to have 100+ tabs open.
Just making another comment, it's just too bad Chrome doesn't have this feature
I've just had a look at Chrome, since Flash with Firefox under Linux is (again) carefully nudged to suck more and more.

Mostly, I like the faster browsing experience of Chrome (though no real comparison, see below).

Unfortunately, without tree-style tabs I do not see how I can get my "normal" browsing environment - 5 windows with 10 to 40 tabs each (developer documentation for 3-5 simultaneous ongoing unrelated projects + all the other everyday stuff) - usable in chrome.

See horizontal-tabs.png above (by danher...).

The available extensions are a joke - the sidebar doesn't dock INTO the browser window, if it docks TO the window at all it turns up in the wrong place being partially covered, and no matter what cutting edge tab management tool you try to use Chrome forces a completely useless and distracting horizontal tab bar to be visible at all times.

Now, IF there were some interest on your side to get this improved - but WONTFIX.

OK, so I'll rather direct my energies to improve other browsers.

Nice try, google.

I'm always checking this issue to see if I can come back to chrome. Seems like I'll still be using Firefox for another month.
It's unfortunate that you removed this feature. Please consider re-adding it. In the meanwhile, I, too, will switch back to Firefox, since it generally has better support for plugins.

Comment 267 by, Nov 15 2012

Eagerly awaiting the inevitable return of this feature, as it is unusable for me in its current form. Chrome is very fast but Google is insistent on shepherding users and telling them "No, you shouldnt like to use it that way" Well, I do use it that way and I'll just have to deal with inferior speed for superior functionality and useability in another browser that has a tree style tab interface. 

You cannot force users through dumbing down of the UI  to accept lack of customability especially when the only option is blatantly unusable beyond 15 tabs. 
the decision to remove and not put back in vertical tabs is so batshit stupid, that i have trouble trusting any decision these devs make.
I just started at a new employer where Chrome is the browser of choice. But I can't work this way. I'm back to Firefox until such time as Chrome can implement this. None of the add-ons for Chrome are satisfactory.

Comment 270 by Deleted ...@, Dec 12 2012

+1 for side tabs please

Google: its time to move past your filefolder image of what chrome is now to the obvious, more efficient solution staring you in the face.

Hell the design is already implemented for many menus in standard apps (with a button to open and close them in a sliding on and off the screen fashion).

Bring back side tabs.
+1 retarded top tabs... tree style tabs rule!
4.4 KB View Download
A maximum of 1 single row of tabs? That is really stupid. I know you have lovely tab ripping but sometimes you still want many tabs in the 1 window. Again this is really stupid. Multi row tabs or vertical tabs. Implement at least 1 of these.
Goodbye Chrome... It was fun while it lasted. 

But really, if only one out of every 1000 people that this removal has affected complained, which I consider a conservative estimate, then that means there are a *ton* of people who are mad about this one.

Comment 274 by Deleted ...@, Jan 17 2013

star is not enough to express outrage over this deprivation "+1"
> FireFox

Comment 275 by Deleted ...@, Jan 24 2013

Consider me another user lost to Firefox until side-tabs are brought back.
Please return the vertical tabs!!!
Vertical tabs are a must in 16:9 world!
Please implement side tabs (vertical tabs) in Chromium as they are (available with add-on) in Firefox.

Do it like this (, or like this will also be fine ( Just do it.

And please make it cross-platform this time. :-)

Oh, and here you go *******, use cases!

Getting by with Tabs Outliner extension for now.  The tabs-in-a-separate-window idea holds promise.  In fact, I don't quite see why the title/favicon collection view widget (i.e. tabs) has to be so rigidly coupled to the current page view widget.
Project Member

Comment 280 by, Mar 11 2013

Labels: -Area-Undefined

Comment 281 by Deleted ...@, Mar 29 2013

Ok... Joel Thornton is my personal Hero of the year!

check out his extension:

I demand everyone who ever commented on this thread: go over to
and donate at least 10 bucks - imho he deserves 100 - but make your pick...
If you can help that guy to get a job right now! (But Make sure he can work part time on that extension....)

@Google you should hire that guy...

I tried it for about an hour and a half now and this thing is the "Firefox killer" I was looking for.

Comment 282 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2013

bring back the vertical tabs please.  that is all
Seriously, bring back the vertical tabs option. I've been a long time Chrome user but I may try out FireFox for a week because they do have the vertical tabs and if I like it I'll stick with it. 

C'mon Chrome, we want it, give it to us! :-D 

Comment 284 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2013

Please bring back vertical tabs, the Tree Style Tabs in Firefox are beastly, and put Chrome to shame.  

Comment 285 by, Jun 29 2013

I want chrome side tabs! Please!

Comment 286 by Deleted ...@, Jun 29 2013

Please bring back vertical tabs to chrome, I am a long time chrome user but I still keep firefox installed and in use with tree style tab as it is just so useful. All modern monitors use a widescreen aspect ratio so let us make the best use of this space.

Comment 287 by Deleted ...@, Jun 29 2013

bring back the vertical tabs please
I'd like to let the developers know that there is yet another user who would like the option to have the tabs listed vertically on the side of the browser.
Most users have wide screens. Most reaching the high 20's for size. Any user has the real estate to field the side tabs which offer the feasibility to see what the tabs actually are. As this program is free, leaving it for another browser I assume is irrelevant to the development staff, but that is the course it seems more and more will take. 

I haven't had Firefox in years, may be time to visit an old friend I once gave up for your wonderful program. 

Comment 290 by Deleted ...@, Jun 29 2013

Please put vertical tabs back.
This is *literally* the only reason I still use Firefox.

The current vertical tab extensions for Chrome just don't cut it.
I'd love to use chrome/chromium full-time, but the lack of vertical tabs keeps me away from it.

Comment 293 by Deleted ...@, Nov 6 2013

Please give back vertical tabs.
Just adding another to the pile: I would love to switch to Chrome from Firefox. This is literally THE ONLY reason I won't.
I use Chromium only for testing, as it lacks vertical tabs. Due to that, Firefox is the only real option... I would like to see some competition, though.

Btw, tabs outliner is a nice extension, but the tab bar being in a separate window is a pain in the neck, I suppose this is due to plugin API limitations, so if you could work on those I would be just as happy...
Just give us the fucking vertical tabs (side tabs) back! I'm sick and tired of those tiny crappy tabs where even icons disappear. I can't work like this! No title no icon, nothing! Crap! It's like fishing, click and see what you've caught.
I can't believe this hasn't been added back in yet.  When you do please add the ability to group tabs in vertical format in a collapsable fashion for easier visibility.  VERTICAL TABS.  TAB GROUPS.  PLEASE.

Comment 300 by Deleted ...@, Aug 16 2014

That makes me very sad that such useful feature was removed while it could have been just stayed as experimental feature you can turn on. Everyone understand that experimental features may be bugg and otherwise problematic. Yes, removing is also usual thing about them, but why to do that when obviously many of us use them and find them satisfactory. 

Please assign some development time for reintroducing them or equal feature for people with many tabs open.
Dear Colleagues,

have you ever used the Tree Style Tab in Firefox? It is such an amazing feature, which makes you more efficient in everything you have to do with the browser.

I am a developer for an ALM platform and it is normal to have many tabs opened, especially if you trying different customizing settings... I think you know that...
With Tree Style Tab, I am able to group the related tabs together and to minimize them, if they are currently not needed. If I need them again, I can open the parent and I will find the related tab very quick...

How many time did you spend by looking for a special tab in a row of many tabs with the same favicon? Let me estimate, hours?

It would be awesome to get this feature. Without I am not able to use chrome for my work... I spend definitely too much time...

Kind Regards,
3 years of using Firefox... sometimes I install chrome hoping that anything has changed, but still nothing. They just don't listen to us anymore. We should do some class suit or something, but i know they won't give a $h!t saying that it was experimental and b$. I hate Google for that very reason, they change everything as they please, they don't care about customers.

Comment 303 by Deleted ...@, Oct 29 2014


Comment 305 by, Nov 22 2014

It's unbelievable that Chrome doesn't have this feature
pls, just add the vertical tabs to chrome, is it such a big problem? I would love to use chrome for my work, but i can't, it's slowing me down too much.

Comment 307 by, Dec 16 2014

bring it back!

Comment 308 by Deleted ...@, Jan 5 2015

yes! bring it back, please!
no extension is able to bring the feature at its full, because of no side panel support. two windows side by side with top tabs visible are just ugly

Comment 309 by, Feb 7 2015

I want them too!

Comment 311 by Deleted ...@, Mar 14 2015

This is still wrong? Oh well, still using Firefox.

Comment 313 by Deleted ...@, Apr 13 2015

C'mon Chrome, tab location choice seems a pretty simple request. maximising screen real-estate is a no-brainer. no wonder we all want it. dB

Comment 315 by, May 19 2015

Any update?

Comment 316 by Deleted ...@, Jun 13 2015

Add vertical tabs back in and I will start using Chrome again.  Until then, Helloooooo Firefox!

Comment 317 by Deleted ...@, Dec 3 2015

Any update?

Comment 319 by Deleted ...@, Dec 17 2015

I want to move to chrome instead of firefox but tree tab plugin in firefox or vertical tabs don't let me. Please, Chrome dev's help me

Comment 320 by Deleted ...@, Dec 17 2015

I want to move to chrome instead of firefox but tree tab plugin in firefox or vertical tabs don't let me. Please, Chrome dev's help me
 Issue 137786  has been merged into this issue.
I hope they will bring it back. It seems it will be possible with Edge with new extension API, so Edge will continue to be my secondary browser (Firefox is primary) until Chrom* team decides to give me good enough reason to switch. Vertical tabs as with Tree Style Tabs for FF would be enough.
I hope this will be brought back sometime soon.  I'm back to using Tree Style tabs in Firefox until then......
On todays monitors and screens space is a premium and like a lot of users I have a lot of tabs open at one time.  Vertical tabs are a must in my browsing experience.  Please, please, please bring back vertical tabs.  If vertical tabs were part of the browser, Chrome would stand out from the crowd.
Is there any decent alternative to the side bar vertical tabs?  This is a huge feature but I have to use chrome for work as we use talkdesk and it works in chrome.  I need to have the vertical tab bar. Please either bring it back or create a new better version
I stopped using google chrome when whey disabled vertical tab bar. Now I'm using vivaldi which is also based on chromium, allows to use chrome extension and has vertical tab bar !!!
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