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Remove sidetabs

Project Member Reported by, Oct 6 2011

Issue description

Sidetabs were an experiment that didn't pan out. They're in a half-working state and should be removed, says Glen.

We'll try to come up with other approaches for this use case.
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Comment 25 by, Oct 14 2011

I'm the 'Glen' referred to in thakis' original posting, and I feel we owe you some explanation.

As an experiment, side tabs weren't a success - a small number of people really passionately loved them, but they ended up not being compelling enough to make the cut. We torture ourselves over stuff like this - it comes down to painful decisions about keeping Chrome lightweight - we know that a feature like this is really important to some number of users (and Chrome developers!), but at the same time we have to continually cut and trim things, knowing that those cuts will annoy people, so that Chrome doesn't turn into bloatware that satisfies no-one.

We do hope to have a better solution to the "I have too many tabs" problem someday soon, but side-tabs wasn't it. I'm really sorry that we let the experiment linger too long - it meant that many of you became dependent on it, making the end of the experiment an even bigger pain than we wanted it to be. 
In reply to Glen (polite):
1.  Thanks for finally speaking up.
2.  A feature that a number of people passionately loved cannot be considered a non-success, particularly since there are far more people who likely used them than the small numbers who know how to participate here.  Google chrome side tabs and you will see how many sites spread the word about them.  Those of us here whining and swearing are likely the tip of the iceberg. 
3.  Since you hope to have a better solution, why not leave the current side tabs alone until such a solution is available?  You could wont-fix any reported problems.
Or, at least make the last side-tab version available to download so those of us who find it extremely useful can stay on it.

By the way, I attempted to find a personal solution by uninstalling the dev version and then installing the standard distribution, hoping it still had side tabs.  (Intending to then disable all google updating).  It ran just long enough to glimpse the "not default browser" line before crashing.  I gave up and went back to the dev version.  

It's been years since I've looked at Firefox.  I'll be installing it as soon as I'm done writing this.  If its tab management works as well as some of the recent posts suggest, well, you'll have chased away an ardent supporter of chrome.   
@Glen : Then, is there plans for third party developers to be able to make changes to the UI? Making possible to have side/tree tabs (or the compact view) from an chrome extension?

Comment 28 by, Oct 14 2011

With widescreen monitors becoming the norm, vertical screen space is becoming very valuable real-estate.  Side tabs provided a nice way to get back some vertical screen space.  I hope that the future solution to "I have too many tabs" can also address the "I need more vertical screen space" problem.


Comment 29 by, Oct 15 2011

What you (all) are asking is to "leave them there" as if it had no cost. To make them no cost means to don't do any testing/validation, which translates to bad bugs appearing. You would then be more upset as they will randomly cause chrome to crash, or do who knows what.

That's not how we roll, every feature is either going to graduate to first class citizen or be kicked out of the island. 

How about a compromise?  Leave them there with minimal testing/validation, with the expectation that they will be pulled if a bug appears?  And if you don't want to implement them long-term, then support allowing extensions to manage them like in Firefox?

BTW, I've just switched my default browser to Firefox, to do a longer evaluation while this issue simmers.  With the Tree Style Tabs extension installed, I've gained back the vertical screen space you took away, and it otherwise seems to work ok.  I've had to add a folder to my bookmarks bar for the links I used to just have on the new tab page, but that didn't hurt because Firefox compresses the bookmarks bar horizontally more than Chrome.
Update that, I've found the Firefox Super Start extension, which gives me a better "new tab" page than chrome, and with the Cookie Monster extension doing a nice job of letting me manage the cookies I need, I'm realizing that I should have been comparing browsers long ago.  But I've learned, so I'll remember to go back and look at chrome now and then.  

Comment 32 by Deleted ...@, Oct 19 2011

Well, I liked Chrome for its speed and memory conservation.

But now with 8GB ram and decent i5 cpus, there's no reason to stay with Chrome that decided to gimp SideTabs. The inability to block Flash-ads is just another point to go back to FireFox.  See you guys when you wise up.

Comment 33 by Deleted ...@, Oct 25 2011

A browser without side tabs is NOT useable ! Chrome was OK until you removed it. Now it's just a useless piece of junk. I'm guessing Google refocusing effort would soon drop this browser as it became useless for most of us. Wise move !
Thanks for the explanation, Glen.

Is there some place we can track how you are planning on dealing with this since this issue is closed?

Comment 35 by Deleted ...@, Oct 28 2011

side tabs is only way how y can use internet at 16:9 screen whitout lots of scroling ...BACK 

Comment 36 by, Oct 29 2011

So I guess this refusal to put vertical tabs back means I am stuck at Chrome 16.0.899.0, or I go back to Firefox.
Again, Chrome without Vertical Tabs is NOT usable for me, managing 80+ tabs. So I disabled update and stay with V16.0.899.0 until a better solution - Firefox or Chrome - comes along.

I start to worry about your decision making? First hiding the feature, making it almost impossible to enable and then complaining about the small user base! Bring it back, publicize it, scale it and enjoy bragging rights compared to other browsers. 

Someone make a strategic executive decision fast!
Agree, I'm back also to  V16.0.899.0
> Comment 37 by
>Again, Chrome without Vertical Tabs is NOT usable for me, managing 80+ tabs. 
>So I disabled update and stay with V16.0.899.0 until a better solution - Firefox or Chrome - comes along.

Try FireFox 7.01 with the Tree Style Tabs extension.  I'm now using it not so much because I have a lot of tabs open, but because I have a widescreen monitor, and vertical screen space is at a premium.  I've also found that the Cookie Monster extension (the one that says "comprehensive cookie management") to be superior to what can be done in chrome. 

By the way, I found it much easier to relocate firefox's cache from my SSD to my ramdisk than it was to coerce chrome into doing so.   

The lack of a response to comment 34 suggests that the chrome developers have just decided to hunker down and hope the issue will go away.  It won't, but many of the widescreen users will... 
Augggg. So painful.

I understand that "We do hope to have a better solution to the "I have too many tabs" problem someday soon, but side-tabs wasn't it." but since you've left them in this long couldn't you leave them in a bit longer until "soon" arrives?

Comment 41 by Deleted ...@, Nov 3 2011

It is arrogant and insensitive to remove a function rather than provide a means to disable it for people who don't use it. This change also makes chrome unusable for me. I will revert to an older version or to Firefox immediately. Let me know when you guys pull your heads out of your sweaters and re-enable this valued feature. Seriously, bad move.
All of a sudden chrome has been updated and my vertical tabs are gone, and it's a mess with tabs again. Please get it back, it might be a small userbase, mostly because people haven't tried and found out how incredibly well it works, and it's bullshit that it was buggy, it worked perfectly!
Glen: "but they ended up not being compelling enough to make the cut"

What is being measured and how?  Is it the number of people using the feature?  What about those that opt not to send data back?  What would it take to make the feature compelling?  I fear you're underestimating the value of this feature and removing it has alienated some of your most passionate users.

I have been an active Chrome advocate, but this change made me dust off Firefox to see how Vertical Tabs was working.  It's a critical feature that was working perfectly for my needs.
I cant live without sidetabs now, If i have the same number of tabs open in the traditional way they become useless as i cant see what any of the pages are since the text become hidden, or they scroll off the page.

Don't be stupid chromium team, add it back until you think you find a better way.

Comment 45 by Deleted ...@, Nov 10 2011

I am to reverting back to V16.0.899.0 version.
What was limiting from you to leave it experimental for longer period (until other solution is found) in dev channel?

Comment 46 by, Nov 10 2011

> What was limiting from you to leave it experimental...?

Brain capacity. >_<
I am to reverting back to V16.0.899.0 version. >>>>> is there any easy to do this and stay on this version till something is done? Any info or help is appreciated.

Comment 49 by, Nov 13 2011

Went back to Firefox... You guys are a bunch of a$$holes! What was I ever hoping for? Nothing changed since scroll buttons were added, but with chrome toolbox extension I was able to scroll through all opened tabs and I was happy and satisfied with that. Now what you just remove it all together?

Comment 50 by, Nov 13 2011

This sucks. Side tabs not compelling????? Insanity.
The biggest reason people didn't use it was because it was insanely deeply hidden, of course people are not gonna use a feature they don't know about. 
There are several "vertical tabs" plugins, and they all suck compared to how this now removed feature worked, yet people give those plugins the thumb up. Like the extension "tab menu", with 57000 users and 4.5 stars, it fucking blows ass compared to how the vertical tab feature worked. 
What exactly was the problem? Apart from not beeing able to set the width of it, i had literally zero problems with it, on windows 7 x64.
I actually must says to the devs thank you for making this change. I have rediscovered Firefox with Tree Style Tabs and I love it: Firefox 8 is _fast_ and the tab hierarchy in Tree Style Tabs is terrific. Thank you for prompting me to check out the newest Firefox, it is magnificent!
I'm unstarring this.  I used to run the Dev stream so I could contribute by testing and reporting anything interesting.  I've found that Firefox 11.0a1's Nightly x64 build is fast and stable.  Tree Style tabs gives me what chrome took away, the Super Start extension gives me a better new tab page, and Cookie Monster 1.1.0 is the best integrated manager I've ever seen.  I'm also running Compatibility Reporter so I can contribute how the other extensions fare on the bleeding edge release.  

Of course, unstarring this means the chrome developers will think one less person is interested in vertical tabs.  They'd be right.  I no longer care about any chrome issues.  

Comment 54 by, Nov 20 2011

Unfortunately, back to Firefox for me :( I have been using Chrome since it came out and haven't looked back. Absolutely amazing browser. First browser I made extensions for also. Side tabs are just too important and had no issues at all with the Chrome implementation.

Hopefully Chrome gets them back before Firefox smooths out the edges and people don't switch back to Chrome later.

Comment 55 by, Nov 21 2011

Half-working?! You guys are half-retarded. Just bring it back or put out a "half-working" extension.

Comment 56 by, Nov 21 2011

Why remove something that's not broken, at least for the end user perspective? I've found side-tabs very useful and actually better implemented than Firefox (with the respective extension).

I wonder how you guys take such decisions? Who woke up in a morning and said, "I want to piss someone off today"?

Anyhow, please bring this feature back, even if it's half done it's 100% usable.

please restore sidetabs.

Comment 58 Deleted

Comment 59 Deleted

Vertical tabs are such a popular feature with FF. How can you say that side tabs weren't compelling enough? 

"a small number of people really passionately loved them"

Sure, chop the flea's legs and it won't jump.

Since the vertical tabs option is hidden in Chrome, it's hard to find. Asking a non geek to use "about:flags" to set up options in Chrome is plain silly. Vertical tabs are supposed to be a popular feature, not an option for computer engineers only.

It reminds me of the Google Labs services you're dumping for the same reason: it's not that they are not compelling enough, it's because you don't market them at all.

"Build it and they will come" is a worthless attitude when it translates into "Hide it and they might come".

I wonder who's in charge of marketing and user experience at Google.
Please forbid Google engineers to make marketing decisions.

Get a lesson from Apple or go down the Yahoo! way.
Addendum: how come FF extensions built by private individuals in their free time have better and fuller features than the ones developed for Chrome by paid employees at Google?

Side tabs need a revamp, it's about time. We do not only need them, we want them to be better. 

The way you're awkwardly handling this issue makes you sound like a bored freeware developer dumping a useful piece of software because he's moved on to other things.
Very frustrating. Even more so, coming from Google. A company whose CEO's personal wealth is around $ 17 billion thanks to us, users, should respect us a bit more.

Make it open source if you don't want to do it yourself. 
I'm disappointed at this.  I have never had problems with side tabs, and they are a good usability feature for me.  I have frequent sore wrists, and the compacted vertical strip of tabs takes less navigation than the fuller horizontal strip.

Hopefully this feature will reappear.
The only people I know who don't use vertical tabs, are those who don't know it's possible (or don't use more than 3 tabs a day).

Take a look at our screens => they're wide
Take a look at 90%+ web pages => they're vertical

We won't miss 50% margins...

Vertical tabs just exploit unexploited space. Any browser should implement this natively.

I'm a FF user but I "want" Chrome speed. I was about to move to Chrome at work since I've discovered vertical tabs feature (knowing that I missed hierarchical sorting as in FF's Tree Style Tab). But now that I see, at home, that the feature will be removed in next versions...sorry, I stay on FF.

Could side tabs slow down or break Chrome ? Well, in Chrome 15 it did not.

At work, all my team use FF's Tree Style Tab (ok, I'm in a geek company). I use it for about 2 years, and I don't imagine using horizontal tabs anymore.

(oh, and please make a bookmarks icon that doesn't take a full wide bar...I won't make an issue for that but it's a shame...)
I don't have the time right now to check the latest build of Chrome that I'm using at work.

But I noticed a machine that lost side-tabs due to an update, suddenly had the side-tabs option reappear under chrome://flags !

Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to check the version number nor update this issue thread with any information on this.

Anyone here with more ability to play with upgrading and downgrading chrome versions want to verify this, it would certainly help the community.

Comment 65 by Deleted ...@, Dec 13 2011

moving back to ff after few years of using chrome ;/

Comment 66 by Deleted ...@, Dec 13 2011     alrite guys enjoy and dont forget to click Uninstall Google Chrome !

Comment 67 by Deleted ...@, Dec 13 2011

Glen and others, 

I guess you certainly have a right to cancel features. The point you seem to miss is that people actually used this feature, and you removed it without offering *any* alternatives. Looking through this thread, this seems to have resulted in a whole bunch of people immediately leaving Chrome (including myself). Guess when they are going to come back, and what opinion they (we) will have in the meantime.

Sure, it's not a lot of folk. You'll probably not even notice us missing. We, users, will notice the lack of attention.

(Yes, I'm writing this from Chrome. I'll have to migrate all my tabs to FF now. It's a PITA, but the current layout is useless, so I'll have to do it. I'm not sure I'll want to do it again, back from FF, even if you roll back to where we were.)


Comment 68 by Deleted ...@, Dec 13 2011

Oh, and the status is "fixed". That's a bit ironic.
Extremely disappointed side tabs got removed.  I loved this feature and did not have any problems with it whatsoever.  Bring them back! 
"Status: 	Fixed"

No, not fixed, side tabs are still missing!

Comment 71 by Deleted ...@, Dec 14 2011

I echo the sentiment of the above. Apparently my Chrome and updated today, and gone are my sidebars. I'm gone from being a Chrome user too, back to FF, side bars are crucial.

Comment 72 by Deleted ...@, Dec 14 2011

You killed the Christmas spirit. Please, return sidetabs back.

Comment 73 Deleted

Comment 74 by Deleted ...@, Dec 14 2011

Side tabs are very useful on wide-screen laptops. Please bring this feature back.

Comment 75 by, Dec 14 2011

correction, hierarchical tabs are useful everywhere!

but Chromium devs are like Ubuntu's -- dumb fucks.

I think this issue(s) needs to be reopened. several times.
until one stays open, at least. :-)
Oh man. You guys look so desperate about begging this feature. Are you so dependent on Google?

The side tabs were always a hack. They were never part of the plan. Chrome wants to keep a minimalist approach where too many options is bad. This is what Chrome is.

If you want lots of configurability, Opera could be a good choice. It has all the bells and whistles. Firefox has side tabs too.
> The side tabs were always a hack. They were never part of the plan.

Speak for yourself, side tabs were part of my plan.  I want Chrome with side tabs, not FF, not Opera.  Bring them back.
> The side tabs were always a hack. They were never part of the plan.

Speak for yourself, side tabs were part of my plan.  I want Chrome with side tabs, not FF, not Opera.  Bring them back.

Comment 79 by, Dec 14 2011

as far as we're concerned, Chromium can have only one minimalist interface: side tabs. :)

Comment 80 by, Dec 14 2011

Sidetabs are in my opinion are more minimalistic for most people since they make better use of wide screen space.
If you want Chrome with side tabs, I think the best option right now would be to find (or create) a Chromium fork which has them.
No, the best option is to install an old version :

Comment 83 by Deleted ...@, Dec 15 2011

Brutal choice guys.  Bring this back!  Just updated and really annoyed.  The other major benefit was that wide laptop screens would actually get more vertical real estate.

Comment 84 by, Dec 15 2011

I've switched from Beta to Stable because of side tabs. I've updated Chrome today, and guess what? No more side tabs, but I was using them since they appeared.

Many above pointed true reason — vertical space is priceless, horizontal is not. And many more tabs suit left side, than top of the screen.

If you are so concerned about Chrome being compact, please make this option as extension. So people can choose, how to use Chrome, not just developers.

Also, how you can see wide adoptions of this feature, if it was hidden behind about:flags?

Switching to Firefox or older Chrome versions sucks :(

Comment 85 by, Dec 15 2011

Please reconsider side tabs. They worked 100% in my experience and significantly improved not only daily use with tabs (who wants to look at 50 to 100+ tiny gray boxes at the top of the screen vs. side tabs in unused space that had room for the icon and enough text to choose which tab is which?!?), but made using Chrome with multiple windows that all restored and 50 to 200 tabs across them, quite possible comfortably using Chrome because it's fast enough, actually doable. Now you're losing the power users who push the browser because it is so fast and agile into a horrible UI, since there's no way to display many tabs at once without them shrinking into tiny undifferentiated pellets at the top of the screen :-(

With widescreen monitors everywhere, side tabs should be the default, only tab view, not ripped out.

Comment 86 by, Dec 15 2011

Thakis and Glen, you are wrong. Side tabs were working fine until you killed them. Good job guys, please resurrect them!
Until side tabs are back, I will return to Firefox.

All the good points have been made by others above, I just want to add to the chorus of voices that cannot use a browser that doesn't support side tabs.

Comment 88 by Deleted ...@, Dec 15 2011

Removing the vertical tab option is a bad choice.

With multiple tabs open on a wide screen it makes the task of seeing what’s open more problematic. When tabs are displayed vertically you look at one location on your monitor and quickly scan with a vertical look. With tabs on top you have to read from left to right as if you are reading a sentence. Reading is different than scanning.

On small monitors this is the price you pay for not having ample screen space. When you go to wide screen monitor there is no need to conserve screen space horizontally and tabs on the side make you more efficient. 

Hopefully this will be reconsidered or someone will make an extension to replace this functionally. An extension is less desirable because this is a basic function that belongs in a browser.

Comment 89 by, Dec 15 2011

what a wonderful voice you have, mpoole.
unfortunately no dev heard you because this issue is Fixed. :}
would you consider opening a new one?
This is a really bad move, please bring back side tabs. If you need to make it a "supported feature" rather than a flag, please do so.

It is really not practical to have anything more than 15 or so tabs opened with the tiny thumbnails at the top of the screen. I makes me wonder if you actually do any real world testing and who looks at usability for your product!

Chrome is possibly better than Firefox, etc., but without side tabs that "betterness" disappears... I'm moving back to Firefox until side tabs are available again.

Comment 91 by, Dec 15 2011

What just happened to my browser!!!

I am another user that have found the side tabs to be the winning point that moved me over from Firefox - I even gave up No Script to get this feature. Until side tabs are back, I will return to Firefox and it's somewhat clunky Tree Style Tabs.

Very disappointed.

Comment 92 by Deleted ...@, Dec 15 2011

This will dramatically (further) decrease my usage of chrome, since I can now only have a dozen or so tabs open with usability.    

Comment 93 by Deleted ...@, Dec 15 2011

Side tabs were the deciding factor in my deciding to use Chrome.  Bring them back.  I'm heading back to Firefox in the mean time.

Comment 94 by, Dec 15 2011

We're talking here alone and for ourselves. We should reopen an issue,
probably will have more chances to be seen.

It's sad to see this much ignorance.
sadly I shall be using FF from now on as I cannot manage without sidetabs

Thankyou and good bye !

Comment 96 by, Dec 15 2011

This isn't JUST about screen aspect ratio.  Top tabs generally only have room for the icon and maybe two or three letter of the page title if you are lucky. With side tabs, you can actually read a few words of the page title of all tabs!

This was a crazy decision.   I understand the need for simple and reduced-bloat.  Have you considered ditching top tabs and going with side-only?  If not, why not?

Comment 97 by, Dec 15 2011

Just want to echo everyone and express my sadness at the loss of the side tabs feature. Honestly, it truly was an incomplete feature and I was hoping for increased support, such as mouse-wheel scrolling. This feature, optimized for my shiny new widescreen monitor, really brought me to Chrome from years of using only Firefox.

I don't know what the future for me holds, but I will be considering my options, including the possibility of installing an old Chrome version to tide me over. I hope when there are new developments, such as opening a new issue, that they will be posted here to keep people appraised.

Comment 98 Deleted

Comment 99 by Deleted ...@, Dec 15 2011

"Sidetabs were an experiment that didn't pan out."?!? Hunh?!? If when Chrome first loaded the user was prompted to select side tabs vs top tabs, you'd probably get a 50-50 split. Most things point to the fact that side tabs are more usable than top tabs, especially for the power users who make up more of the Chrome user base. (Are there ANY power users that use Internet Explorer?)

Switching back to FireFox until it's put back in or someone develops an add-on (if possible).

Comment 100 Deleted

Comment 101 by Deleted ...@, Dec 15 2011

Want side tabs back?  Pile onto the issue opened in October:

Comment 102 by Deleted ...@, Dec 15 2011

Glen, thank you for ruining my experience with chrome. Right now you really suggested that I can go fsck myself and switch to another browser if I want to have side tabs, which really solved "too many tab" problem nicely. I give you the right to think otherwise, but right now you made many people unhappy. Hope it was worth it.

Comment 103 by Deleted ...@, Dec 15 2011

Back to FF.

Comment 104 Deleted

Comment 105 by, Dec 15 2011

R.I.P. Chrome 16

Comment 106 by Deleted ...@, Dec 15 2011

I want my side tabs back :(
Well, aside from the little bit of research it will require me to change firefox back to my default browser, I have made the switch (back to firefox). I can tell you all that once you have looked into the firefox addons that are now available and tweaked firefox a bit for your preferences, it isn't THAT big of a deal. For me (and I suspect for many of you), not having the side tabs is out of the question as I simply can't read the tabs at the top. It took me a good long time to switch over to firefox today and for that I hold the chrome people responsible. The significant amount of workday time that they wasted for me will not soon be forgotten. At this point, they will have to create one hell of a browser advantage to ever get me back since I would fear that they might just take it away again and say that "it didn't pan out". Bye bye Chrome.

Comment 108 by, Dec 16 2011

Developers, please think about side tabs as a user interface design issue. People are accustomed to working with things in vertical lists. (Do you write your grocery list in a horizontal line? I don't know anyone who does.) It is easier to scan vertically an aligned column of information. (Not to mention how useless horizontal tabs become when there are so many that they become quite narrow.)

To those considering a return to Firefox (as am I), an alternative is SRWare Iron -- -- based on the Chromium source code (which version?) but minus some Chrome tracking that causes privacy heartburn for some.

Comment 109 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2011

Looks like it is back to firefox for me. side tabs are a must for me. 

Comment 110 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2011

It's remarkably GNOME-like of this development team to say "we don't have a replacement for this functionality, and we have no idea when or what that replacement will eventually be, but our focus group testing has suggested that you're not in our target demographic so we're axing this feature."
You should only axe a feature if you have a better replacement (e.g. tree tab control).

The reason why many people didn't use it, is because they didn't even know it existed or where to find flags!

Please bring it back, until you have a better solution!
first of all, it was EXPERIMENTAL. so you can remove it anytime you want, without giving alternatives. BUT...i agree, it was a stupid thing to remove the sidetabs. it was the feature that got me using chrome. i am pretty sure if you would roll it out as standard, instead of hiding it in the flags config, it would fast be a well used feature and other browsers would very fast add it to their standard. a unique browser feature you let to others. 
please estimate the use/cost again, with not only current user numbers, but also with the possible long term effects a feature like this brings

Comment 114 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2011

I've been using Chrome a lot more than Firefox as of late. Largely this was because of the sidebar (vertical tabs.) I'm using Firefox more when I just "browse" or have to research something because I like having "hierarchical tabs". Parent and child tabs are great!

Add this feature back, please. Now if only Firefox can crawl out of it's single process...

Comment 115 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2011

This is a major feature. The development team is out of touch.

Comment 116 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2011

I really love Chrome, but find it frustrating and unusable with its default tab behavior once you have more than a handful of tabs open.  I'm switching back to Firefox for now, but I'm eager to return when a new tab solution is in place.

Comment 117 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2011

The experience of browsing with and without vertical tabs is fundamentally different, since vertical tabs allow the user to keep track of a much greater volume of content. Like others have said, I wonder if the low adoption rate has to do with the fact that this feature has always been relatively hard for a regular user to enable. In any case, please bring this feature back. Indeed, bring it back and make it better, a la Tree Style Tabs in Firefox. Focusing on things like faster JS performance and lower memory consumption is nice, but tab management is something that every user has to deal with constantly.

As a side note, this is the second time in just the last month that a Google UI change has frustrated me: the other one was adding so much white space to Google Reader, which has fortunately now been fixed by options for display density. I've been using Google products since the early 2000s and this is the first time that I've ever been forced to ask "why did they do that?"
there is an open bug for this... please bring your effort there!!  issue 100319 

Comment 119 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2011

Chalk up someone else switching back to Firefox from Chrome.  Bye-bye for good, Chrome. I won't be back. Uninstalling Chrome.  *PLONK*

Comment 120 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2011

I'm not a geek. I'm a middle-aged working mother of two geeks who set up Chrome for me with side tabs and I thought it was wonderful. Overnight last night my machine updated and now I can't read any of the tabs across the top of my wide screen monitor. The geeks don't live at home and I cannot imagine why I should have to struggle with complicated instructions about flags in order to retrieve a feature which was USEFUL!!!
Oh well back to firefox.  Their Ad Block Pro works better as well.  Side tabs is an absolute deal breaker.  What a moronic decision.
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Comment 123 Deleted

Project Member

Comment 124 by, Mar 11 2013

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