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Issue 98100 net/disk_cache/ fails licensecheck
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Status: Duplicate
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Closed: Mar 2014
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Type: Bug

issue 28291

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$ tools/checklicenses/ --ignore-suppressions net/disk_cache/
'net/disk_cache/' has non-whitelisted license 'UNKNOWN'

Please make sure those files have license headers and make third_party/devscripts/ recognize them. Patches to that script should be submitted upstream.
Blocking: 28291
A clarifying update:

1. Make sure all files in question have license headers that identify the license. It doesn't have to contain full text of the license, but it should identify the license type precisely enough, e.g. "APSL" or "BSD (3-clause)".

   - if the project in question is developed by Google, there is no excuse; go and fix it
   - if it's a third party project, we should ask them to add license headers (a bug should be filed); then you can put the third party bug link in the Chromium bug and change the Chromium bug status to ExternalDependency

2. We don't add the license headers ourselves to code we didn't write. Added because people asked about that.

3. If the files have license headers but they're still not recognized, third_party/devscripts/ should be patched. Please remember to also update chromium-1.patch (you can get original by reverse-applying that patch). You _don't_ need to upstream your changes, I'll take care of that. In fact, if you don't feel like messing with perl or reverse-applying things, just send me your regular expressions (make sure they're good).

4. Finnally, the suppression should be removed from tools/checklicenses/ . Please respect OWNERS of that file.

That should be it, thank you for your feedback and work on the bugs (11 bugs have already been fixed).
Project Member Comment 4 by, Mar 10 2013
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Status: Duplicate
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