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Status: Duplicate
Closed: Nov 2011
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OS: Linux
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Some text is overlapping
Reported by, Sep 2 2011 Back to list
Chrome Version       : 15.0.865.0
OS Version: Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested: Chrome Dev channel on OSX 10.6: OK
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     Safari 5:
  Firefox 4.x:
     IE 7/8/9:

What steps will reproduce the problem?

1. Visit the site

What is the expected result?

On OSX the rendering is done as expected [screenshot-mac.png]

What happens instead?

On Linux some text (blue anchor text) overlaps text before and after.
Some regular text is also overflowing to the right.
See attached image [screenshot-linux.png].

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if

UserAgentString: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/535.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/15.0.865.0 Safari/535.2

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Comment 3 by, Sep 2 2011
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Please test again with the latest version, which is 15.0.869.0
Comment 6 by, Sep 5 2011
> #5

What is the supposed fix for this between 15.0.865 and 15.0.869?
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Works fine on 15.0.874.1 - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Status: Untriaged
Works fine in Linux Ubuntu 10.04 . Build 15.0.874.5 (Official Build 100117) dev
Comment 9 by, Sep 14 2011
Status: Available
I can still reproduce this on my 15.0.874.5 / Ubuntu 10.04.

The font seems dynamically loaded (using webfont), and during the page (font?) load
the page has overlapping text.
Once the whole page (or font?) load is complete, sometimes the re-layout is performed
and all the text is displayed properly, but sometimes it won't.

If the page has overlapping text, window resizing won't fix the overlap, but
I have always succeeded to relayout without overlap by opening developer tools
(right click -> inspect element)
Comment 10 by, Sep 16 2011
I couldn't reproduce on my Linux box with 15.0.865.0.. Have you installed fonts which are used on the page (e.g. adobe-clean-1, adobe-clean-2, Myriad or Mriad Pro) in your machine? What font are you using for "sans-serif" generic font name?
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I also have this bug on Chromium 15.0.865.0 and 15.0.871.0 / Ubuntu 11.04
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Same bug seen here. I think it has been present for several weeks now.

I noted that if I clicked inspect element - then the page re-rendered, the kerning was slightly wider and the text did not over-spill to the right of the white background. i.e. it rendered perfectly.

  Ubuntu 11.04, Chrome 15.0.874.92beta
  Page zoom 100%, font size medium
  Standard => Times New Roman:16
  Serif => Times New Roman:16
  Sans => Arial:16
  Fixed => Courier New

Comment 14 by Deleted ...@, Nov 14 2011
This bug occurs in my personal blog too. If I reload the page sometimes the font rendering is performed well. It is a bit frustrating.

Using: Chrome 15.0.874.106 (Developer Build 107270 Linux) Ubuntu 10.04
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Comment 15 by, Nov 18 2011
Mergedinto: 66073
Status: Duplicate
Looks like the root cause is the same of issue 66073. I didn't see these overlaps with my custom build which disable using FT_Get_Advance().
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Project Member Comment 17 by, Oct 13 2012
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Mergedinto: chromium:66073
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Project Member Comment 18 by, Mar 9 2013
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Project Member Comment 19 by, Mar 10 2013
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