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Issue 927473: Implement change-password-url ./well-known/change-password-url

Reported by, Jan 31 Project Member

Issue description

Safari has a really neat feature that makes it easy for users to quickly change the password on services that support the change-password-url spec.

I like the feature because it is easy for a developer to implement and it also means they don't have to mark up a page.

There are a number of large sites that support this now, see tldr - Twitter, Spotify and quite a few others.

I imagine that if we detect this file we could surface up a link in a number of places in Chrome such as chrome://settings/passwords or even in the omni-bar.

I also had some ideas about where else this type of thing could be used:

Comment 1 by, Feb 1

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Status: Available (was: Untriaged)

Comment 2 by, Feb 1


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