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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jan 9
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Type: Bug

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Issue 919687: Rotation member list was inaccurate for git-admin, caused issues with shift import when migration rotation to RotaNG.

Reported by, Jan 7 Project Member

Issue description

I'm in the process of migrating the git-admin rotation to RotaNG following the guide here:

1. At the importing shifts step I reviewed the data on shifts to import and it all looked correct, including the remaining unscheduled shifts (5 weeks). 

2. I imported the shifts

3. I clicked on 'manage' imported shifts.

4. I observed that two shifts: 1/14-21 and 1/21-1/28 were in the system but the "oncaller" entry was empty. Their information was correct when I reviewed the import.

5. I tried to manually assign the shifts to the correct people, flyboy@ and ehmaldonado@ but they didn't show up in the list of options.

6. Reviewed the rotation for modification: and see that neither of them are listed there as members.


Imported shifts didn't have the right oncallers, I believe because the oncallers weren't in the system as members of the rotation.


Members of the rotation are correct, and imported data looks like it did when it was up for review (if there was a member problem, it would have been better for it to come up before I imported the data).


Since it's only two shifts (well, I'm not as concerned about past shifts but that data is probably also wrong in RotaNG?) I plan to just manually add the new members and fix the two shifts and continue with migration.

But hopefully you can help figure out where things went wrong.

Comment 1 by, Jan 7

Now that I look at it... it looks like all the existing members for git-admin rotation also had wrong time zones. They are listed as "UTC" rather than "America/Los Angeles". I can fix that at the same time.

Comment 2 by, Jan 7

I notice that the next step was to verify the configuration, which included reviewing members. Perhaps that should happen before shift import?

Comment 3 by, Jan 7

Manually fixing members, time zones, and shifts worked. I believe I have successfully migrated the rotation.

Comment 4 by, Jan 8

Summary: Rotation member list was inaccurate for git-admin, caused issues with shift import when migration rotation to RotaNG. (was: Rotation member list was inaccurate for git-admin, caused issues with shift import.)

Comment 5 by, Jan 8

Labels: -Pri-3 Pri-1
Part of this might be b/c of changes of the JSON files since I did the import beginning of December. 

I'll add some information to the documentation about how to reimort a new JSON file to the documentation as.
Before going full public with this migration process I'll sync up the changed JSON files too. 

- About the TZs, this happens when you in the JSON file is listed in "rotations_list_default". If listed in the "rotation_list_pacific" it puts members into the LA TZ.. 
  - I'll add a note to the documentation about this.
- Moving the order of import and config review makes sense. 

Have this list so far: 
- Not about JSON import/sync and how to upload a newer one. 
- Before opening up for everyone to try, update changed JSON configuration for not yet migrated rotations. 
- Add note about rotation_lists and timezones.
- Change order of shift import and config review.

Thx. for the feedback Andy, highly appreciated!

Comment 6 by, Jan 8

Hmm. Edward and Alan were definitely on the rotation in December and Aaron wasn't (and he was in the file) though there is definitely an earlier time period before I joined when the makeup was as imported. 

Regardless, I think you list of action items to address everything I found sounds great and like it would help address all of the (minor) pains I experienced.

Comment 9 by, Jan 9

Status: Fixed (was: Assigned)
This should now be live in the prod env.

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