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Issue 9144 Bookmarks disappear after power failure
Starred by 24 users Reported by, Mar 22 2009 Back to list
Status: Assigned
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OS: All
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Type: Bug

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         IE 6: OK

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Begin saving a new bookmark
2. Cut power to your computer before bookmark saving is finished (maybe it 
is enough to just kill the chrome processes, but I'm not sure).
3. Restart your system and chrome.

What is the expected result?

- Chrome should start normally, and all bookmarks should still be there, 
perhaps with or without the one being saved.

What happens instead?

- All bookmarks have disappeared.

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if

- Looks to be the same as  Bug 2892 .
- Not sure if you can replicate this easily, but I and another user have 
seen it, so keep trying.

The C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Local Settings\Application 
Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Bookmarks file is still there.
Comment 2 by Deleted ...@, Mar 23 2009
Bookmarks files exists but is corrupted.  Backup bookmark file is also corrupted
Comment 3 by, Mar 23 2009
We write a temporary file, then rename. What ended up corrupt? Both the real and 
Yes, both were corrupt, suggesting a rename happened after corruption
Comment 5 by Deleted ...@, Mar 29 2009
I just experienced this issue. I was creating a bookmark, bluescreened (not sure if 
the BS was related to Chrome or not), and restarted the machine. Bookmarks were gone, 
and .bak file was corrupted. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to have at least 2 
levels of backup files?
Comment 6 by Deleted ...@, Mar 29 2009
Oh, and this is currently Chrome (shouldn't the beta About dialog 
indicate that this is beta channel? Or am I missing something. Or did I miss a 
release, and this is no longer beta?
My version is, so the bug appears in both versions
It seems that the error results from the following sequence of events:

1) User updates bookmark list
2) Bookmark file is erased
3) Updated bookmark file begins to be written in its place
4) System crash or other untoward event prevents completion of bookmark file, 
resulting in a corrupted bookmark file
5) User restarts Chrome
6) Bookmark file is backed up upon restart, resulting in two corrupt bookmark files
7) User notices corrupted bookmarks after restarting Chrome, but at this point it it 
too late as both bookmark files are already corrupted

Comment 9 by Deleted ...@, Jun 11 2009
Any progress on this?  I'm quite afraid that I might lose my bookmarks again...
Comment 10 by, Jun 11 2009
Making *definitely* sure you don't lose data is the purpose of making backups!

How about making regular backups of only the _important_ files from:
  C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

(or whatever the corresponding directory in Vista is.....)
Yes, I had considered making backups of my bookmark file.

Then I considered that I update my bookmarks many times a day.

Then I considered what a pain in the ass it would be to backup my bookmarks many 
times a day.

Then I decided against this idea.

I further considered that bookmark backups are done automatically in Firefox and IE 
with an app like Foxmarks.

I therefore decided that my best course of action would be to encourage Chorme to fix 
this bug, or enable automatic backups, rather than kill myself trying to backup the 
bookmarks manually every day.

Comment 12 by, Jun 11 2009
Wow.... if you really update your bookmarks "many times a day", you might as well go 
all out and have these multiply-daily-updated changes automatically and immediately 
replicated and also available from whichever browser you use wherever you go.

You might as well use or Google Bookmarks/iGoogle Bookmarks 
gadget, etc.
I would love if that were possible.  I used to manage my Firefox bookmarks that way.  
But as far as I know there is no way to automatically backup bookmarks in Chrome.
Comment 14 by, Jun 11 2009
First of all, I'm not sure what you mean by "if that were possible".  Do you mean 
Delicious and Google Bookmarks?  Of course those are possible.  Those are web 
services that run regardless of your browser, computer, or location.  If you have 
used those services, you can continue to use them with Chrome or *any* browser.

Secondly, I assume you mean export Chrome bookmarks.  (To backup Chrome bookmarks, 
you just need to copy the Default\Bookmarks file somewhere else.)

You can export Chrome bookmarks by:
   Wrench menu > Bookmark manager > Tools > Export bookmarks
  No No No..! I don't want to have to follow a menu five levels deep every time I add 
a new bookmark!  I add new bookmarks 10-30 times a day.  So this plan would be very inconvenient!!  It would be inconvenient to export my bookmarks once a day!

  I used to use Foxmarks with Firefox.  That was the right way to go.  It backed up 
my bookmarks to a server.  Then I could sync them from anywhere.  Best of all this 
happened automatically!  But unfortunately there is no Foxmarks for Chrome...

  I have visited the Delicious website several times.  Each time I receive a great 
lesson on what a horrible service delicious must be.

  Where do I begin?  When I look at the main page it does not make any sense.  There 
things I can see:  It's free, I can join now, or I can login.  Below that there 
appears to be a list of spam messages with links to random news articles.  What the 
hell kind of service is that?  I still have no idea what it does, why I should use 
it, or why I should even care!  

  To make it worse, there is an annoying graphic at the top, which keeps changing, 
which gives me a headache.  If this is the best main page that Delicious can make, 
then I hate to think about the quality of whatever service it is they provide.

  Anyhow, to get back on the subject.  I still don't know of any way to automatically 
backup bookmarks with Chrome.  Thanks to your post I now know how to do this 
manually.  But I don't think manual backups are a reliable long term way to go.

Comment 16 by, Jun 11 2009
dwagndwagn, you do understand that Foxmarks/Xmarks is just another web service that 
does exactly the same things as Delicious and Google Bookmarks and many other online 
bookmarking services right?

Everything you mentioned: "backed up my bookmarks to a server, sync them from 
anywhere, happens automatically", is the same for all online bookmarking services.
I'm not telling you to export your bookmarks every time you add a new bookmark; I'm 
saying stop using Chrome bookmarks altogether and use an online bookmark service (for 
now, by always having one tab open to that bookmark service).

At the moment, there is no Xmarks for Chrome.  However, there probably will be when 
the currently in-progress Chrome Extensions systems is finished.  And so you don't 
like Delicious; that's fine.  Care to try Google Bookmarks or other online bookmark 
  Haha... I understand that Foxmarks and Google Bookmarks both backed up my Firefox 
bookmarks to a server before I started using Chrome.  But everything I've read about 
them all says I can't use them to backup my Chrome bookmarks.

  By Chrome bookmarks, I mean the menus that I manage from day to day under the 
"omnibox".  And also, by the way, the little star next to the omnibox.  That is there 
for the purpose of saving a bookmark right?  But that bookmark I saved by clicking on 
that star will never find its way to Foxmarks, Google Bookmarks, or I gather, 

So... you would instead recommend I keep a tab with an online list of bookmarks?  I 
wonder how that is supposed to work...  I find a page I like.  I bookmark it by... 
switching to and doing something in this tab?  Cut and paste into some box on the 
tab?  Export and Upload my bookmark file?  Sounds like a lot of jumping through 
hoops.  I might as well write my own web page from scratch in HTML, put all my 
bookmarks on that page, and keep that in its own window.  Oh wait... that's what I 
did back in 1998 in Netscape before I knew what a bookmark was....

Comment 18 by, Jun 11 2009
No... Foxmarks and Google Bookmarks do *NOT* backup your _Firefox_ bookmarks.  You 
use Foxmarks or Google Bookmarks to _be_ the storage for your bookmarks.  The 
Foxmarks plugin will re-update your Firefox bookmark list periodically, but you need 
to view them as your *Foxmarks* bookmarks, which are downloaded into Firefox.  As 
well, they can be your own Foxmarks bookmarks even if you go to someone else's house 
and perhaps use their Chrome or Firefox, login to your Foxmarks account, and still 
have access to all your same Foxmarks bookmarks.

Since Chrome Extensions are not finished yet, yes I still recommend keeping a tab 
open for bookmarks.  And in case I wasn't clear, that tab is opened and logged in to 
your own account on Foxmarks/Google Bookmarks/whatever.  Then yes, when you want to 
bookmark a page, you switch to this tab and paste the URL into your already logged in 
account (of Foxmarks/Google Bookmarks/whatever).  Definitely a much more updated 
solution than updating your own HTML file.

After all, this is just the same procedure that is automated by the Foxmarks plugin.  
And since the plugin remembers your account details and does it all automatically, 
you don't need the extra tab.  Yes, an extra tab is the current limitation which I 
expect will go away once Chrome Extensions are done, when I'm sure there will be 
Foxmarks/Xmarks/Chromemarks for Chrome too.
Comment 19 by, Jun 23 2009
I just experienced this issue as well.... Laptop battery ran out of juice... Chrome
was open after I rearranged some bookmarks... Upon restart, I opened Chrome and all
bookmarks were gone...

I have a backup of the bookmark file from a month ago, but bookmarks made between now
and then are lost...

Any chance of repair of the corrupt file... it looks like the file size is larger
than my backed up copy, so it seems it does contain the new bookmarks since last month...

Labels: Feature-Bookmarks
Labels: -Area-Misc Area-Feature
Just lost my bookmarks too. Both 'Bookmarks' file and 'Bookmarks.bak' are corrupted. 
Windows XP SP2 was unstable at the time and crashed. Current version of Chrome is (36714). Possible solution: keep one or two dated backup from a previous 
day, 'Bookmarks20091215.bak'.

Comment 23 by, Feb 16 2010
Status: Assigned
I'm still unsure as to how this could happen. We write to a temporary file, then 
rename. So the only way corruption can happen is if we write a corrupt file.

If someone can send me a corrupt bookmark file I can investigate where we're failing: 
sky at google dot com.
Labels: -Area-Feature Area-UI
I just checked the Both 'Bookmarks' and 'Bookmarks.bak' file in a hex viewer and the 
files are both 39227 bytes long and the content of both is *ALL* null characters.
38.3 KB Download
38.3 KB Download
Comment 26 by, Feb 17 2010
I suspect some sort of corruption or bad disk/driver. We can work around this by 
reading back in the temporary file and verifying the checksum matches. If the checksum 
differs, then we don't rename and possibly warn the user.
  I would beg to disagree with the bad disk/driver theory.  If I had a bad disk or a 
bad driver, I would be seeing corrupt files in more places than just this.  Instead 
I've seen Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak corrupted multiple times but not other files.

  This happens after a process or computer crash, when chrome is in the middle of 
saving bookmarks.  It seems more likely that the bookmark file was halfway written.  
Are you sure that you're writing a temp file with a different name?  It looks to me 
like you are writing to Bookmarks directly, with Bookmarks.bak as the backup in case 
of crash.  But then on startup, Bookmarks overwrites Bookmarks.bak

  My corrupt Bookmarks file begins with 20% of my previously existing bookmarks, 
followed by a bunch of null characters.

Comment 28 by, Feb 18 2010
I have no way to explain why this would happen so often for a handful of folks. That 
it happens right before a crash seems to indicate something wrong with the machine 

Does this problem only happen with Chrome?

Yes, we write to a temp file (.Bak) then move it. I'll change the sequence to:

write to temp
verify temp

If 2 fails then we won't move and I'll log a failure.
  Thank you for finally suggesting a way to fix this problem (I filed this bug almost 
a year ago).

  Before I comment on your fix.  I would again beg to disagree with your theory that 
there is something wrong with the machine.  In support of this, I will refer you to 
comment 19.  User naskovz reports that this problem happened when the battery died.  
A dead battery does not indicate that something is wrong with the machine, except 
that the battery is dead.

  I would also disagree with your assessment that this is only happening to a handful 
of folks.  The handful of folks who are reporting this here are the handful who 
figured out how to find this bug and comment on it.  I'm sure there are orders of 
magnitude more people who are experiencing this, but have no idea how to file a bug, 
or do not know that they can even do such a thing.

  I also sympathize with how you cannot explain why this is happening.  I have been a 
software engineer myself for 25 years, including working at Google for a time.  I 
realize that it is difficult work and you are busy with 100 other things to do.

  So here I will explain how you can figure out how this is happening.

1) First of all give chrome a substantial bookmark file using whatever method you 
think easiest.
2) Next load chrome into a debugger.
3) Add a breakpoint in a debugger after the point where you are saving a bookmark
4) Save a bookmark, so that you hit the breakpoint
5) Step through the debugger until the new bookmark file is halfway saved
6) Break out of the debugger.
7) Restart Chrome
8) Look at the Bookmarks file and the Bookmarks.bak file.  Do they look corrupted?
9) If they look corrupted, it is because you have overwritten the bookmark file which 
you worked so hard to create with the halfway written version.

Okay, so thanks to your explanation, now I understand you are writing directly to 
Bookmarks.bak, and then you are renaming this to Bookmarks after you finish writing 
it.  I'm not sure why there still exists a Bookmarks.bak file after this move, but 
anyhow, I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation.  I'm also not sure how this is 
any different from writing to Bookmarks and renaming it to Bookmarks.bak, but I stand 

So then, finally, I will now suggest that I do not think your proposed fix will 
actually fix this problem.  Please do not take offense at my suggestion.  I would 
instead consider looking at what are you doing to the bookmarks file when Chrome 
starts up and/or shuts down.  Are you copying Bookmarks.bak to Bookmarks or visa 
versa?  If one of these is corrupted, could you be clobbering the other good file?  
Here would be a good place to verify the temp file before copying.

Oh, and to answer your question, yes, this problem only happens with Chrome.  I have 
never see this happen with Firefox, Flock, IE, Safari, Opera, Netscape, Lynx, 
Mozilla, or any of the other browsers I have used in my lifetime.


I just recovered my Bookmarks using disk recovery software. YAY :)

The Bookmark file (and backup) were completely filled with null's. But somehow the 
software recovered it 11 days afterwards :-) I first tried Handy Recovery 1 ('cos it is 
free) and that didn't find anything. Then tried the trial version of Handy Recovery 4 
and that fixed it. I know I sound like a walking advertisement now (sigh) but hey it 
didn't cost me anything ;-). My file system is NTFS btw, don't know if that helps.

What I did:
* Close Chrome
* Load up the recovery program and start analysing drive C
* Find the file - eg: C:\Documents and Settings\userName\Local Settings\Application 
Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Bookmarks
* Once you select the Bookmarks file you should see the preview of it's content below. 
I wasn't able to copy and paste from the preview, and the preview only showed part of 
the file.
* Right click Bookmarks file >> Recover >> 
  - output C:\Backup\Recovered
  - the only thing ticked was 'recover alternate data streams'
  - click OK
* It warned me of possible data loss for some reason.. oh well it worked fine anyway
* Copy the new Bookmarks file back (maybe you will want to rename the existing one 

OK, I take back part of what I said. Handy recovery 1 (which is completely free) did 
work. Just recover the file using the same instructions as in the previous post, except 
that there is no file preview in the free version.
Comment 32 by Deleted ...@, Jan 30 2011
Hi! I was able to restore my bookmarks by using Microsoft Windows 7's Shadow Copy feature.

I simply navigated the Chrome Folder (In C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data) and Right-clicked the Default folder(the profile folder) and clicked on Properties. Then Chose the Previous Versions tab, Selected the most recent valid date (before the incident) And Clicked on Copy (Below the dates list). I navigated to the Exported(copied) previous version of the folder and found the Bookmark file just as good as it was before the incident. Copied the file and placed it in Chrome's current profile folder.

Try it; Might just work for you.

Thank God I was able to restore my bookmarks 7amdella, I know it's very important for most of us. Google should fix a bug like this one. I still use Firefox because sometimes I feel like Chome isn't as featured, but still great for browsing and bookmarking.

Thanks and Good luck! :) :D
Comment 33 by Deleted ...@, Mar 25 2011
I had the same issue and a Bluescreen of Death, which I hadn't seen in 12 years.

Anyway, there's got to be a better way to run a railroad. The elite is not so elite after all, eh.
Comment 34 by Deleted ...@, May 18 2011
bleh. my computer didnt even bluescreen. they just stopped showing up both on my computer, and when i try to sync them onto it from google chrome sync :(((
Comment 35 by Deleted ...@, Jun 25 2011
Ah crap - I just lost all my bookmarks after a computer reboot too... grrr...
Comment 36 by Deleted ...@, Sep 24 2011
Seriously! This sh!t is STILL not fixed???

2 years!!

Google come on man, this STILL is a bug! It happens only with Chrome. Never seen something like this before on pc crashes. So I'd suggest asking other companies how they get around this because obviously they can, and you can't.


Just lost a whole lot of bookmarks and restore point is not going to help me.
Also the bookmarks and bookmarks.bak are both empty except some null characters, so nothing to recover. Great. Switching to Firefox then, bb.
Comment 37 by Deleted ...@, Oct 13 2011

That said, I'm VERY thankful for this thread. Both the following solutions worked (I recommend the latter as it's quicker in Windows 7):

Thanks to both these contributors for spotting workarounds, and thanks for NOTHING to Google for not fixing this obvious problem - the web's littered with complaints about it.
Everyone, please make sure you STAR this issue as that is how Google ranks its importance.
If Google shows that much disrespect toward their users (the same non-response is true for their Youtube /the buggiest software ever/)
So, back to Firefox.
Too bad there is not a good replacement for YT.
Comment 40 by Deleted ...@, May 9 2012
how can recover bookmark manager save data because delete my data
Fix for crashes,
  This is what worked for me when my machine (desktop) crashed ( either power supply went off or the machine re-started itself some how.) 

  After looking for solution on-line for the bookmark file restore / error, I notices that since the crash, there was a new folder created "found.000". I presume that the chkdisk utility that windows runs after a crash re-start creates this folder / file. (Maybe one has to let this chkdisk utility run by itself and not abort it midway as some people do. This is still just a hunch as to how this could have happened. Advanced users please comment if this is possible).

  Looking closely at this found.000 directory, noticed it had all the files of "User Data" under Chrome C:\Documents and Settings\UN\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data

  Did a restore of the Bookmark file and restarted chrome and ...
  Will test the rest of the files for restore and hope to have positive results. Hope this helps.
  Members please comment as to the conditions in which such a "found.000" folder is created. This will help on a larger scale I guess.
Project Member Comment 42 by, Mar 10 2013
Labels: -Feature-Bookmarks -Area-UI Cr-UI-Browser-Bookmarks Cr-UI
Apparently this is STILL an issue almost four and a half years after it was initially reported (in this thread, anyway).
In case it wasn't clear by my first comment, I am having the same problem - 2/3 of my bookmarks disappeared, and I have yet to find a successful fix.
Comment 45 by, Aug 26 2013
Just lost 90% of my bookmarks, can't believe the internet is littered with report of this happening for several years.  <sigh>  
Comment 46 by, Aug 30 2013
 Issue 280934  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 47 Deleted
Comment 48 by Deleted ...@, Nov 26 2013
Thank you Hsas (#32)! Your Sollution worked!
Comment 49 by Deleted ...@, Aug 19 2014
TY for this bug google
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