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OS: Chrome
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Type: Bug

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improve overview mode smoothness/responsive-ness

Project Member Reported by, Nov 14

Issue description

meta bug for overview mode improvements
Components: UI>Shell>OverviewMode
Blockedon: 902074
Blockedon: 897387 897870 901555 901402 903486
Blockedon: 905428
See here for some tracing I did on overview mode:

I found it was using huge amounts of memory, 1.5GB in the trace.  
Please also see the attached photo which I just took on my i7/16 GB eve running Version 71.0.3578.85 (Official Build) beta (64-bit).  

Overview mode stutters when rendering, and the render is full of errors.
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Instead of seeing "Chrome" above each Chrome window, could we see the name of the web site instead?
Thank you for the feedback. #7 is known issue and we're working to address it  ( will improve the situation, and we're looking into more.

For #8, we do show the web site info but it's just trancated. We'll investigate
what we can do separately.
In 71.0.3578.85, on a Pixel Slate in tablet mode, with a single Android app open (e.g. GMail), the transition into overview mode is *incredibly* slow. Each animation frame is a second or more. Performance with Android games or video (e.g. YouTube) is especially bad.

This is probably my second biggest complaint with the Slate, after Lock Screen responsiveness.

You should get 30~40FPS with single android apps, unless that is producing a lot of frames. (but you should still get ~15fps)

Could you please file a feedback report? It'd also be nice if you can record 
the video.
Interesting. I restarted Chrome and it isn't nearly as bad now (I checked and the version hasn't changed). I'll keep an eye on things and see if it gets worse over time and file a feedback report if it does.

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