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Status: Fixed
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Closed: Jan 12
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OS: Android
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Type: Feature

issue 894619

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Issue 902140: Add an attention-getter to the Sneak Peek Context Menu

Reported by, Nov 6 Project Member

Issue description

It would be nice to have an IPH bubble to draw attention to the "Sneak peek" menu item for users that use "Open in new tab" for the same purpose.  I think we can start gathering the data for this now, by tracking users that "Open in new tab" and then immediately navigate to that tab.  OTOH we may not need it if Sneak peek gets enough traction without the bubble.

Comment 1 by, Nov 6

Theresa, thanks for the tip about highlighting views.  I tried to make this work with a single menu item but it seems that the context menu is all one view without sub-views.
Becky, do you know if the above is correct?  Maybe we can use a pager-view (ViewPageAdapter) to create a view for the single menu item we want to highlight?

Using an IPH bubble for a single menu item seem problematic because it will cover up other items, so using the highlight Theresa mentioned seems best.

twellington@ wrote on the other issue: I'd look at the in-product help for the download manager that highlights a menu item as a good example of how to do in-product help for a list item. Checkout the code in related to higlightedItemId.

Another approach would be to just use the text of the menu item to draw attention, e.g. "*Try*: Sneak peek" until the user selects it, then revert to the normal wording.

Comment 2 by, Nov 17

Labels: -OS-Chrome

Comment 3 by, Jan 9

Summary: Add an attention-getter to the Sneak Peek Context Menu (was: Consider adding IPH for Sneak Peek Context Menu)
This change should have been applied to this bug:

commit 7f7c3fbf144d5e84ac32bb4cfa5c054753b88457
Author: Donn Denman <>
Date: Fri Nov 30 01:53:52 2018

[Ephemeral Tab] Add "*New*" to the menu title.

Changes the title of the menu item from "Sneak peek" to
"*New* Sneak peek" to help draw attention to the new choice.


Change-Id: I1446b191e8891f17452762b5dda4d6203c332510
Reviewed-by: Ted Choc <>
Commit-Queue: Donn Denman <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#612504}

Comment 4 by, Jan 12

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 57d6795942fc4636a53a092b46363aaa7a93a34e
Author: Donn Denman <>
Date: Sat Jan 12 02:10:21 2019

[ET] Update *New* text styling in the context menu.

This makes the "New" text be a superscript, smaller, and colored.

This also makes some minor updates to the SpanApplier:
1) Ability to apply multiple spans to the same region.
2) Changes the doc to say that applying a null span does nothing.

BUG= 902140 

Change-Id: Ifb49fa091d7a2f8a0e07e5ab8b12299eba33d585
Commit-Queue: Donn Denman <>
Reviewed-by: Ted Choc <>
Reviewed-by: Theresa <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#622265}

Comment 5 by, Jan 12

Status: Fixed (was: Assigned)
Fixed.  We will probably want to remove the "New" either before full rollout or before going Beta.  Once we have UX help we can start addressing questions like this.

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