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issue 917505

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Issue 891339: Scheduled Notification API (Event Alarms)

Reported by, Oct 2 Project Member

Issue description

Issue 889077 talks about introducing a generic scheduled task API (equivalent of chrome.alarms) which allows performing arbitrary work at some point in the future.

A useful subset that dodges some of the permission issues is a notification-specific API that always shows a notification. 

Sharing the same internal doc for now, but will probably fork it:

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Labels: Target-72 M-74

Comment 5 by, Oct 26

Labels: Proj-Fugu

Comment 6 by, Nov 6

Labels: -Target-72 -M-74 M-76 Target-73
Status: Assigned (was: Available)

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Comment 10 by, Jan 11

Any estimate for when work will start here?

Comment 11 by, Jan 11

We have an API sketch and prototype, so hopefully the first CLs will start landing next week :)

Comment 12 by, Jan 14

Will you share the API sketch Peter?

Comment 13 by, Jan 15

Of course, we'll publish an explainer and share it here.

Comment 14 by, Jan 31

Labels: -Target-73 -M-76 M-77 Target-74

Comment 15 by, Feb 7

Blocking: 917505

Comment 16 by, Feb 12

Status: Started (was: Assigned)
Intent to implement went out yesterday:
Together with the explainer (with an API sketch):
And the draft of the design doc:

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