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Issue 884413: Fix chrome_public_test_apk on Oreo

Reported by, Sep 14 Project Member

Issue description

The majority of tests instrumentation tests in chrome_public_test_apk run fine on Oreo devices. However, a handful fail:

These should be fixed so that the experimental flag can be unset for the tests on O.

The majority seem to be under preferences.privacy, so assigning to that component.

Comment 1 by, Sep 14

Sample failed build

Looks like the privacy tests are consistently crashing for some reason.

Comment 2 by, Dec 7

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 0183346307f959af42efec29b8ee773c15a8b00c
Author: bsheedy <>
Date: Fri Dec 07 01:05:57 2018

Disable standard instrumentation tests on O

chrome_public_test_apk and webview_instrumentation_test_apk have always
failed on O and end up burning a lot of device time with no one actively
monitoring them or trying to fix them. This combined with the few number
of devices that have Oreo means that the other tests that run on Oreo
that are monitored can end up not running due to capacity issues. So,
disable these tests on Oreo until they're either fixed or more capacity
is added.

Bug: 884413
Change-Id: Ica3a501ed078075dfb462f9cbcd7b3f26cb8dcad
Reviewed-by: Ben Pastene <>
Commit-Queue: Brian Sheedy <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#614521}

Comment 3 by bugdroid, Jan 30

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit f3878c07b1c5501e27ea0964d8a0ba0196cf7680
Author: bsheedy <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 08:08:56 2019

Fix ClearBrowsingDataPreferencesTest on O+

Changes the way that ClearBrowsingDataPreferencesTest disables the
automatic granting of notification permissions to the default search

Previously, it tried to manually set the permission to blocked,
which didn't work on O+ due to it automatically granting the permission
unconditionally as long as the GrantNotificationsToDSE feature was
enabled, causing a DCHECK to be hit due to attempting to change the
notification channel from allowed to blocked.

Instead, simply disable the feature that causes the DSE to get
notification permissions via the command line.

Also drive-by changes the EmbeddedTestServer usage to use the one
provided by the test rule that's automatically spun up and cleaned up
instead of trying to manage it manually within the test.

Bug: 884413
Change-Id: I23867c3374966a9cca4112d614a4710565717096
Auto-Submit: Brian Sheedy <>
Commit-Queue: Christian Dullweber <>
Reviewed-by: Christian Dullweber <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#627349}

Comment 4 by bugdroid, Feb 5

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit ecf63b04590883d5124c7ff13e011598ee7a27e3
Author: bsheedy <>
Date: Tue Feb 05 22:23:37 2019

Fix ExploreSitesBridgeExperimentalTest on O+

Fixes ExploreSitesBridgeExperimentalTest#testGetIcon which was failing
100% of the time on O+ due to a bug in Android's Bitmap.sameAs.

Also moves some asserts around so that failures in this test show up
properly as assertion errors instead of inducing a browser crash.

Bug: 927014, 884413
Change-Id: Iff6122932c4a1c4df32aa2104f14960908fd90e2
Reviewed-by: Justin DeWitt <>
Commit-Queue: Brian Sheedy <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#629336}

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