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issue 636111

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(debug build) Can't view variables when jumping between methods in the callstack

Project Member Reported by, Aug 7

Issue description

Ever since we switched to Clang on Windows, I've had this issue which makes debugging really hard.

If I set a breakpoint and then try to jump to methods lower in the stack, VS won't show the local variables' content. I have to set a different breakpoint in that method and when it's topmost then it works.

Blocking: 636111
This sounds like it could be a problem with stack unwinding. Are you using 32-bit builds? If so, does the problem go away with x64 builds? Our 64-bit unwind info support is much better.
Correct, I'm using 32 bit builds. I haven't tried 64 bit builds before, since afaik they're slower to build. I also assume they'd use more memory in VS, which already has issues with OOMs?

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