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Status: WontFix
Owner: ----
Closed: Jun 2011
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Type: Bug-Security

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Arbitrary Code Execution on Windows in Java Deployment Toolkit plugin (npdeployJava1.dll)

Reported by, Jun 17 2011

Issue description

I'm writing to report an arbitrary code execution vulnerability in the Java Deployment Toolkit Plugin.

The details are as follows:
- The plugin allows Javascript in the browser to trigger an installation by calling an installLatestJRE() method. It appears that for this exploit to work in Chrome, the targeted user must select "Always run on this site" when prompted about running Java.
- When a call to installLatestJRE() is made, the plugin makes a request to over HTTP to fetch the installer, which is an EXE.
- In Internet Explorer, the plugin appears to validate the signature on the file itself, which limits what files can be executed. It displays an error message when it does not detect a valid signature.
- In Chrome, however, the downloaded EXE appears to be run without any signature validation. If UAC is disabled, unsigned executables and executables signed by other companies are run without prompt. If it's enabled, the user is prompted to run an executable named JREInstallVERSION.exe (ie: JREInstall160_24.exe).
- As a result, a malicious attacker can cause a user to download and execute an arbitrary executable under certain conditions (the attacker must be able to cause the user's browser to execute JavaScript, and the attacker must be able to substitute their own executable for the Java installer: this requires an attacker on the same network with some degree of control over DNS and/or actual web traffic).

Oracle has told me that they aim to release a fixed version of the plugin in the October Critical Patch Update for Java.

Chrome Version: 12.0.742.100 stable
Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 32-bit
Java Plugin Name: NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
Java Plugin Version:

First, install Java. ;-)

To replicate this easily in a test environment, you can manually set the IP for in your HOSTS file so that it points to a local webserver. You can then configure that webserver so that a request to serves up an executable.

I have a demonstration set up at which serves up an installer for Notepad++. You can trigger it by adding the following line to your HOSTS file:
and browsing to the following URL, which triggers a call to installLatestJRE():
When prompted to run Java, select "Always run on this site"
Status: WontFix
Wow, that's a nasty bug.
Any idea why Oracle are waiting until October to fix this? Seems like a lackluster response.

This is a textbook case for why the Chrome infobar for risky plug-ins is a very useful feature.

I'm going to mark this WontFix for lack of a better status, since it sounds like the bug is fully inside the NPAPI Java Deployment Toolkit module?

Thanks for giving us a heads up.

Comment 2 by, Jun 17 2011

> Any idea why Oracle are waiting until October to fix this? Seems like a lackluster response.
The bug was originally reported to them at the end of February. There were some issues replicating the finding which took until mid-March to resolve. I'm not sure why a fix didn't make it into their June release.

> I'm going to mark this WontFix for lack of a better status, since it sounds like the bug is fully inside the NPAPI Java Deployment Toolkit module?

Actually, I only realized today that Chrome on Windows even had the Deployment Toolkit plugin. I first identified the issue in Firefox, where it's potentially more serious since Java executes automatically. I filed a bug with Mozilla when I originally made the report in case they wanted to add the Deployment Toolkit plugin to their blocklist (It wouldn't be the first time either: When I realized that Chrome users could have the same vulnerable plugin loaded, I figured I should file a bug here as well. :-)
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