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Status: Duplicate
Merged: issue 602023
Last visit > 30 days ago
Closed: Sep 27
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OS: Windows
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Type: Bug

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Issue 865041: Windows Canary 64 is auto-updated to x86 on restart

Reported by, Jul 18 2018 Project Member

Issue description

Chrome Version: 69.0.3494.0 - 69.0.3495.1
OS: Win10

What steps will reproduce the problem?
(1) Install Canary from consumer website ( installer
(2) Open and use broser to watch YouTube video
(3) Close browser
(4) Wait until tomorrow
(5) Start up canary again
(6) Check version: chrome://version

What is the expected result?
Version should increment but still have a trailing .0

What happens instead?
Version does increment but has a trailing .1
Checking the application folder in windows explorer shows that the new version folder has the x86 installed instead of the 64 bit

I've been seeing the Chrome updater and crash reporter staying open as well as a couple of threads of chrome browser when I have no running chrome. 

This has blocked the chrome://chrome manual update page a few times. It took me killing processes in Task Manager to get it to update successfully. 

This time I did NOT have to do that. This was a background update.

Comment 1 by, Jul 18 2018

This has happened twice this week. I have not seen this issue prior to these two times.

Comment 2 by, Jul 18 2018

I see that you have three issues all reported in one bug:

1. The trailing .1 is expected. That's a normal version number for Chrome.

2. The change from x86_32 to x86_64 may or may not be expected. I could imagine that someone is running an experiment comparing 64bit Chrome to 32bit Chrome so they are putting you in buckets for that.

3. I don't know if Chrome update is meant to stay open after you close Chrome or not.

Could you please file specific bugs for each of your issues? Otherwise it confuses the devs. If you want to you can add links from one issue to another.

Comment 3 by, Sep 25

was this a corp profile you're using on corp network? 

I think this bug could be repurposed to just investigate the 64bit->32bit that's unexpected. is this still happening now?

Comment 4 by, Sep 27

Mergedinto: 602023
Status: Duplicate (was: Assigned)
We ship a 32-bit build randomly to 5% of the canary population to help us make Chrome more stable for everyone. Your next update should bring you back to a 64-bit build. If this is problematic for you, you can opt-out of these via the registry trick here: Thanks for helping make Chrome awesome by running Canary and reporting issues!

Comment 5 by, Sep 27

OK, so I wasn't crazy. I have not seen this for a while and it was on a non-Corp device.

@grt explanation sounds like what likely happened.

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