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Status: Fixed
Last visit > 30 days ago
Closed: Jul 13
EstimatedDays: ----
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Pri: 2
Type: Bug-Regression

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6.5%-60.1% regression in xr.browsing.wpr.static at 571476:571575

Project Member Reported by, Jul 9

Issue description

The draw_frame_cpu regressions point to There are memory regressions in the same range, but currently unsure of whether that's caused by this CL or not.
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Components: UI>Browser>VR
Labels: Proj-XR-VR VR-Perf
Project Member

Comment 3 by, Jul 12

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 7b520e5b526c4e1ed0a2344a79e42eb6fcf5c298
Author: Aldo Culquicondor <>
Date: Thu Jul 12 19:38:45 2018

VR: Update textures only if dirty

This prevents from performing unnecessary context switches.

Bug:  861799 
Cq-Include-Trybots: luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_vr;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel
Change-Id: I5da0e41dda9edb0243c9bbc9c944bdc2cdfaaf39
Reviewed-by: Christopher Grant <>
Reviewed-by: Ian Vollick <>
Commit-Queue: Aldo Culquicondor <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#574680}

Status: Fixed (was: Assigned)

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