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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jan 2010
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RSS or Atom support needed
Reported by, Sep 2 2008 Back to list
Product Version      : (1583)
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
     Safari 3: OK
    Firefox 3: OK
         IE 7: OK

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Goto a rss-enabled page
2. Try to subscribe the feed
3. You just can't.

What is the expected result?
Being able to subscribe feeds?

What happens instead?
It shows the XML code, unformatted

Comment 1 Deleted
thanks evgeny zislis. this is a very standard behavior that chrome developers 
*missed*. feeds are today something quite used by applications and no support from 
chrome is a mistake.
thanks apostolos.tsakpinis
It would also be nice if Chrome at some point would provide a deeper integration with 
other Google services. In this particular case, Google Reader could provide decent 
feed support.
Agreed - Firefox asks you if you want to subscribe and offers Google Reader as an 
option - this would probably make sense here, no?
Comment 7 by Deleted ...@, Sep 2 2008
Rss support needed
@duncan.lock: yes, the option is important e.g. it should not be google reader *only*
but allow me to subscribe to the feed using other readers as well.
Labels: -Type-Bug -Area-Unknown Type-Feature Area-BrowserUI
Summary: RSS or Atom support needed (was: NULL)
Adding this to our list of feature requests.
Comment 10 Deleted
Great !
A suggestion is to have RSS links in the bookmarks bar and an icon should change when 
updated material is found.
So, this is going to be assigned to anyone? I would love to be able to subscribe 
feeds. You can also give an option to subscribe to google reader or competitors. 
Comment 14 Deleted
Should use "Common Feed List" for integration with Outlook etc.
I dunno if  that's possible... Maybe? Who knows... I was thinking in the Online App
approach... Like giving an option to subscribe to a live service? Or BETTER: provide
syncing between the browser and a GReader account? That would be AMAZING: best of
both worlds. 
No RSS = No Browser
By syncing i dont mean "feed content" i mean that when feeds are added, they are
added in both Online and Offline modes...
By Online Mode i mean Google Reader :P
Like .Mac bookmarks syncing... - i  wouldn't take it that serious, i just think that content
retrieving and live feeds are important these days.
+1, a function similar to live bookmarks in firefox would be nice
Comment 23 by, Sep 4 2008
a rss reader included in the browser is only unneeded bloat.

@dafire: I don#t think the majority here is talking about an "embedded rss reader"
but a way to handle feeds and pass them to external readers (native apps or web pages).
Comment 25 by, Sep 4 2008
@dafire:  The browser needs a way to handle RSS links.  I don't think there needs to
be a reader built into the browser either but I *do* think that when you click on an
RSS link, you should be prompted to add it to your reader of choice (which for many
is Google Reader) instead of unformatted XML text.
@ comment #23: yes, a RSS reader is bloated, I don't think this is what this bug is
about. Read the summary, a simple rss button or indication on the omnibar (like
safari and firefox do) will fix the problem.

I believe the complaints are that setting up an autodiscovery feed on your html is
usefull for chrome, it wont alert anyone that that particular page has rss feeds.
Comment 27 Deleted
The minimum that Chrome needs is feed auto-discovery. It dont even need way to
subscribe to any service - just an orange icon that shows up when it finds a feed,
and that, when clicked, asks if you want to copy the feed url.
True, the minimum that Chrome needs is feed auto-discovery. But it would be awesome 
if it could have a "Live Bookmarks" like functionality. Still not as bloated as a RSS 
reader but way more useful than a simple feed auto-discovery.
I'd rather prefer an integration with Google Reader than a standalone implementation.
I think xslt,, would be the cleanest/lightest way to do 
this.  Additionally, it would allow the possibility of "theming" RSS feeds further 
down the road.  All feedburner feeds already do this, eg,  
Given that FeedBurner is part of Google, there should be lots of knowledge in XSLT 
that some kind Google devs could apply to this situation.

Chrome should use an existing XSLT if provide, and apply a default XSLT otherwise.

oppifjellet, What's I'm proposing is a page that would make the RSS feed readable, 
and have a nice looking box at the top that would basically say, "How would you like 
to subscribe to this news source?".  Options would of course be:
- Outlook
- Thunderbird
- Google Reader/Homepage
- Yahoo


I think this would be the best solution. Let the user choose what to do with it, but 
do not integrate an rss reader in the browser.
Comment #32 says it all :
we need a to choose how we would like to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Plus we also need an icon in the Omnibar to alert people when a feed is available.
Another interesting feature would be to get something similar to FF's livemarks.
And of course, a basic RSS reader !
If  Issue 18  is fixed, then an RSS reader could be an add-on.  But, I'd disagree with 
having a feed reader in the browser.  Also, having an RSS icon in the omnibar would 
be good as well, this is pretty much a standard among browsers now and it adds to the 
social element of the web.

I propose that this bug should remain for "making Chrome show UI for RSS feeds 
attached to a page", and a new bug created for "making Chrome render the content of 
RSS feeds to the user".

If the second is not wanted, it can be wontfix'd, but imho it's an entirely separate 
issue and talking about both here is definitely not productive.

Comment 37 by, Sep 5 2008
I think the RSS handler functionality missing is two-fold.  1) Basic handling of 
clicking on an RSS link in a web page and getting garbage.  This should be handled 
better and prompted to add it to a feed reader.  2) Auto-discovery of feeds and 
notification in the omnibox.  

Neither one of these issues has anything to do with the actual rendering of a feed. 
However a browser *should* be able to handle an RSS link.
Comment 38 by, Sep 8 2008
You can use these bookmarklets to render and subscribe feeds in Chrome:,403.0.html

Suggestion to devs: leverage V8 and JS to make a simple (but very cool and google-
inovation-like) rss reader in chrome (imho, advanced features should be left to 
specialized readers).

Comment 39 Deleted
Comment 40 Deleted
Comment 41 by, Oct 2 2008
Status: Untriaged
I like the formatting of RSS feeds when you click on them in Chrome. Is that new in 
the 0.3.1 release?
But yeah ... totally with #34. At the very least, just an rss feed icon in the url 
bar when an rss/atom feed is present is absolutely needed.
Comment 43 by Deleted ...@, Oct 13 2008
Love this bookmarklet..
Comment 44 by, Oct 20 2008
Just integrate with Google Reader.
Comment 45 by, Oct 20 2008
I think Google has made it quite clear that they won't tightly integrate Chrome with
any of their services.  But I might be wrong.
Comment 46 by, Oct 20 2008
But, at least, they can make some shortcut to the mostly used RSS agreggators, like 
Firefox do.
to #45: Adding RSS detection is hardly "tightly integrating". Currently Chrome is 
completely oblivious to RSS meta-links on pages, which is unforgivable on modern 
Comment 48 by, Oct 20 2008
I igree with #47.
Comment 49 by, Oct 20 2008
@riku.lindblad: When I mentioned "tightly intergrating", I was referring to comment 
Ok..ok.. we understand it's completely "unforgivable".

STOP COMPLAIN and make it...
Comment 51 by, Oct 20 2008
Just if we are not drivers, don't make us bad guides ;).
Labels: DesignDocNeeded Mstone-X
Status: Available
Comment 53 by, Oct 22 2008
What "Avaliable" status mean?
Comment 54 by, Oct 22 2008
I believe that means this bug is Available for any dev to work on it.  I suppose that 
includes open source contributions too.
I was suggesting for Google to include a subscribe option that would display last 
news on the homepage. I would love to check last news directly on the homepage.
I mean, a simple "Subscribe" button that would automagically add an entry to the 
Google "new tab"/"home" page. I am looking for something like that for Internet 
Explorer, but i can't find it...
It's a simple solution, no futher "chrome" required, just make the homepage 
a "favorites"/"recent pages"/"search" AND "news" aggregator.
Comment 57 by, Nov 16 2008
Has there been any work done on this?  It's nearly three months on now...  Still 
waiting for an automatic feed discovery function.  Having to open up Firefox or IE 
whenever I need to find a feed for a page is getting very old.
Thanks for the good work google. :D
Do it on your own time ... Chrome is awesome.

 Issue 4959  has been merged into this issue.
Status: Assigned
Comment 62 by, Dec 15 2008
I agree with #22 and #29, the live bookmarks of Firefox are a very nice tool, I 
stopped being aware of the world around me when I changed to Chrome because of the 
lack of this little button with my news... Now I have to open Google News and check 
all the news myself, not just the titles like before :(
Besides this and the lack of a master password, Chrome is great!
Personally, I want Chrome to be feed aware, but I do not want my browser application 
to be my feed reader (huge mistake in Firefox & Safari). The ability for Chrome to 
see RSS+Atom+Podcast feeds in the meta and in page content (not everyone properly 
codes in meta), and then allow me to subscribe in the web or desktop-based reader of 
my choice (Google Reader) would be all I really want. Keep Chrome lean and mean!
Comment 64 by, Dec 15 2008
Agreed with #63. Make it feed aware, but do not make RSS reading part of the actual 
I agree with #63 and #64 ... 
But it should style xml ... so you can view an xml file in chrome. (like in ie6)
Comment 66 by, Dec 17 2008
A design doc has been created -
The doc looks great. Had a couple of thoughts...

1) Did not see anything concerning format and handling of multiple feeds in 
autodiscovery tags (ex: FF displays a dropdown).
2) Many hand-made blogs handle auto-discovery poorly, if at all, necessitating 
content discovery.
3) Many blogs using a service like Feedburner fail to forward their blog software 
(Wordpress or Drupal) feeds, meaning that there are multiple feed choices (Feedburner 
in page content; native feeds in auto-discovery).
4) Additional new, page specific, or content related feeds may not be listed in auto-
discovery tags.

Gotta say, content discovery of feeds would be a leg up on the Firefox 
implementation, in my book.
Lets not drown this bug in comments about the design doc. There is a separate thread 
already where you can post your comments.

We have a bug for this internally (b/625764)

Which (for those watching at home), we've now closed, since we are tracking this on 
the external tracker.
First patch dropped covering the "feed autodetection" and "feed icon in address bar" 
from the design document (

 Issue 6478  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 6624  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 74 by *, Jan 22 2009
 Issue 6786  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 75 by, Jan 25 2009
Chrome MUST be feed aware. For me, it's a top priority matter for a modern web 
browser. I don't want Chrome to be my feed reader. Instead, i want it to be able to 
notify me for any feeds that are on the web page which i'm currently browsing and 
give me the capability to subscribe on those feeds via Google Reader or any other 
feedreader (or just take the feed's url). I think something similar to FeedBurner's 
"subscribe to a feed" page would be great.
Comment 76 Deleted
When will you include that patch into chromium?
Comment 78 by, Feb 19 2009
 Issue 7766  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 79 by, Feb 19 2009
If you look at 7766 you will see that the BBC does the right thing in their RSS 
generation by providing a stylesheet.  As a result Chromium can display their RSS 
feeds, although we don't subscribe.

Perhaps we could just provide a default stylesheet so these things at least look 
nicer in the interim.
A default stylesheet would be nice as a very temporary fix, however I think an
important feature is to be able to detect a feed embedded into a blog, similar to how
Firefox/Safari/IE put an RSS icon in the URL if a feed is on the page. 

To tie in with this, a feed should be able to be subscribed to using either "live
bookmarks" or a subscription to online readers such as Google Reader.
if google reader really is designed as an "application" 
i think its offline copy should be able to load any feed on demand temporarily. 
& that's great for us Reader fans.^_^
Comment 82 by, Mar 10 2009
I'm using build 169 and I do not see an RSS icon in the address bar when I know RSS 
feeds are available. They show up in FF3 but not Chrome. When will this be fixed?
Labels: -Mstone-X Mstone-2.1
The first part* of this has been implemented and checked in (albeit disabled).

* This is the Feed Auto-discovery part that parses the HTML header to see if there 
are feeds available. 

Note: I disabled showing the RSS icon because we need to implement a default 
stylesheet for XML feeds that don't have any stylesheet specified (in those cases we 
would just render the XML without any formatting or linebreaks, which is not a good 
user experience).

So, until we have a good landing page for RSS feed, this will remain disabled. See: 

Hopefully, I'll get to finish the rest of this soon.
Comment 84 by, Mar 18 2009
Maybe Ricardo Ferreira (the guy from ) is willing to donate 
his stylesheet. I think it fits the Google Chrome look 'n feel pretty well, and it's 
a good place to start at least...
Comment 85 by, Mar 18 2009
"we need to implement a default 
stylesheet for XML feeds that don't have any stylesheet specified"

Good news, if i understand correctly, you won't do like the folks at Mozilla and 
Microsoft who don't care if the feeds define a stylesheet or not as long as it is 
defined as rss. (although there are tricks to fool them, firefox only looks for the 
rss tag on the first 512 bytes or so)
For firefox that is described as an intended behaviour, and raised some discussion.
If the first part has been implemented already..shouldn't this be labeled as Started?
Status: Started
Good point. :)
Comment 88 by, Mar 20 2009
Ad dictionary please.
Comment 89 by Deleted ...@, Mar 21 2009
No RSS, no CHROME.  Welcome back Firefox
Comment 90 by, Mar 21 2009
Chromium Admins, please make this issue read-only (like  issue 18 ) until a patch is 
checked in.  Then people who actually want to add value, can comment.
Comment 91 by, Mar 21 2009

And your posts are adding any value?
May be as a temporary fix, you dont really need to show the feed , but just a page 
saying that this is a feed and a list of aggregators in which we can subscribe to the 
feed much like a addtoany or addthis subscribe button. Or may be just that.
i have a stupid idea, what about just adopting the bookmark manager to be a rss 

90% of the work is there, just need to add a rss parser, and some salt and its ready to 
be served!
Comment 94 by Deleted ...@, May 3 2009
I'm still disappointed that Chrome has no RSS feed support.  Uninstalling it AGAIN!
Update: The first part which was implemented has (emphasis on the word "has") to be 
removed because they are using a different scheme for RSS support now...
Update: The first part which was implemented (the old code which has to be 
removed..see comment 95) has been removed. See  Issue 9812  for details.
Labels: OKR-2Q
Comment 98 by, May 20 2009
I love minimum realisation work with RSS as Opera 10.
Comment 99 by Deleted ...@, May 21 2009
I would much appreciate an RSS capability
Labels: -mstone-2.1 mstone-3
Eagerly awaiting RSS support too. Lets hope your implementation simple but powerful!
it should show it formated like in Firefox, with an option to subscribe with Google 
reader or add to iGoogle (like with the Google toolbar for Firefox)
Comment 103 by, Jun 1 2009
Can't completely switch to Chrome because it's missing RSS support. 
Labels: -mstone-3 Mstone-4
There is a page action located which allows 
you to subscribe rss in GoogleReader. RSS icon appears on the right of OmniBox.
May be switching on dev-channel and appending --enable-extensions to parametrs is 
Should the RSS feature be a top priority, especially with the impending launch of 
Google's Wave system, that allows seamless text transactions between blogs and feeds?  
How can we use feeds if we can't see them being present on a page.  Flipping back and 
forth between FF and Chrome to get RSS addresses is tiresome and needs to be addressed 
as a top priority.
Full patch have been available for more than 5 months (see: There is also an extension, but it's 
They just doesn't want to implement it. If we want it, we will have to put a lot of 
pressure on them.
If a full patch has been available, why would it matter if they implement it? Is that 
not the purpose of the patch?

Not wanting RSS support is like saying I don't want my browser to load web pages. It's 
probably Google.Wave expected as replacement for "basic" RSS operations?
Please stop commenting here. about 340 people have starred this bug and may get mails, 
when someone comments. The Bug has the Status: Started, which means they started to fix 
the bug.

Then maybe they should unstar the issue. There has been no trolling here, everyone has 
remained on topic. I see nothing wrong with having discussions about the feature.

With all do respect, please get over it or unstar the issue.
For everyone complaining about how the patch has been available for months 
(, please read the Messages at the bottom of 
the page. There is a good reason it has not been included yet. As the previous 
commenter mentioned, they're working on it.
I would just like to add that I quite like getting update emails. Lets me know what's 
going on and when I expect new feature to be added to the build.

One question for a Chromium developer:
This issue/ticket is set for Milestone #4. What Milestone are we currently at?

Comment 114 by, Jun 10 2009
My understanding is we're past Milestone 2 (the 2.0 stable release) and heading toward 
3 (with the 3.x dev builds).  That makes this bug's delay to Milestone 4 a bit 
discouraging.  Personally, all I want are Firefox-style live bookmarks.  Hopefully the 
upcoming extensions system will make that possible sooner.
 Issue 14254  has been merged into this issue.
Chrome also doesn't seem to support other namespaces in the RSS or Atom feed, such as, 
for example, Open Search  ( You can see the 
effects at
8&num=10&output=atom , in the bit that says, "### results for google - showing 1 
through 10###110". Here the text inside the opensearch tags is being appended onto the 
"10" that should be the only thing there.
Comment 117 by Deleted ...@, Jun 30 2009
Google Chrome still cannot read atom feeds, i using Google Chrome version
 Issue 16585  has been merged into this issue.
God, is this so difficult to implement? This "bug" has been reported almost a year 

I just can not believe it... And as it seems, it has been postponed once again.
You're refering to this:
"This patch was checked in to r11672, but is disabled for now until we implement
a default stylesheet for feeds that lack a stylesheet (otherwise we'll dump xml
on the user when s/he is trying to subscribe, instead of a nice page with a
subscribe button)."

Does it mean we're stuck because of a stylesheet? Anyone with the skills to produce 
For now, I think just styling the xml the way IE does it should be fine.
But the important thing is showing the feed icons and redirecting the call to a 
program on the computer that can handle it or Google reader.
I'm sure we can roll out fancy shmancy styling iteratively.
The Google Reader plugin is available somewhere around, for that - what people want is 
native support.
Comment 124 by, Jul 21 2009
Unfortunately, what I really want are Firefox-style live bookmarks, which the
extensions do not provide.
 Issue 9452  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 126 by, Sep 1 2009
 Issue 20761  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 127 by, Oct 5 2009
 Issue 23742  has been merged into this issue.
Labels: -Mstone-4 Mstone-5
Comment 129 by, Oct 26 2009
 Issue 25780  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 130 by, Nov 18 2009
Labels: -OKR-2Q -Mstone-5 Mstone-6
From Mstone-6? *sigh*.. :'(
Been a long time coming but the new google chrome rss feed extension (version 1.6.2) 
should resolve this problem!
Thanks Google!
Yes the extension works well. I think this issue has now been fixed.
They are planning to include that extension in chrome by default. 
they should have included it in the browser itself..even the parsing problem is now 
fixed(see sample extension in the above link by ikecofili)

and for those who are interested in live bookmarks like firefox use this extension
Comment 136 by Deleted ...@, Nov 27 2009
Por que no funcionan en chrome los rss?
Labels: -DesignDocNeeded
This has gone from Milestone 2.1 > Mstone 3 > Mstone 4 > Mstone 5 > Mstone 6. Next 
thing we know it will be 2012 and Chrome still won't have basic RSS functionality.
There is now an official RSS detection provided in an extension
Labels: -Area-BrowserUI Area-UI-Features
Area-UI-Features label replaces Area-BrowserUI label
 Issue 19142  has been merged into this issue.
The RSS Extenstion 
still need some work. Version 1.8.3 within Chrome (On XP SP3) seems not to 
work correctly with URL: 

It shows the raw XML.
IE 8.0 on same XP SP3 works fine.
There is certainly a challenge with xml parsing. I recorded an issue @

The rss from ycombinator results in modification of head tag, rss from reddit parses 
15.1 KB View Download
Hey guys, I hope you'll like my improvement:
Labels: -Area-UI-Features Area-Feature
The problem is solved this with a plugin, you got to be kidding!  This bug is open
since 9/2/2008, a plugin is the best we can have in chrome ?

Can someone just follow how firefox works and make it so in chrome?
@Dannyschan: The point is that only an extension is what is WANTED: I personally do 
care about rss integration, but I know about 75% of the people around me don't. So the 
point of chrome is that you choose yourself what you do and don't need and chrome 
itself should be as lightweight as possible. (I however AM currently lobbying on some 
new features allowing for the theoretical creation of a better rss extension)
Yeah. Please keep rss and bookmark sync and stuff like that out of chrome.
What makes chrome great is that it is light weight and not stuffed with useless 
features like firefox or IE.
If you really think rss is needed then bundle the plugin with chrome. That way i can at 
least uninstall unwanted components.
Status: Fixed
This has been a long time coming (sorry to keep you waiting) but I'm finally ready to 
close this bug.

I've published the RSS Subscription Extension by Google 
( that 
implements this feature. We've been holding off announcing this for extension support 
to be released, which happened with Chrome v4.0.

The new extension includes RSS features such as detecting when a page has/is a feed, 
showing the RSS icon in the Omnibox, previewing the feed contents and subscribing to 
the feed using one of the predefined (and customizable list of) feed readers. We'll 
probably be adding some more features to it as time goes on. Plus, it is also open 
source, checked in and we listen to proposals for improvement by the community (see

We originally intended to include RSS support by default as a native feature of Google 
Chrome (and we still might in the future) but we decided instead to implement this as 
an extension. This decision was made based on our philosophy of trying to limit 
ourselves to adding only the UI features that a vast majority of users need and allow 
each user to customize the browsers to fit their needs with Extensions. Given that 
most people are not familiar with and don't consume RSS feeds, we thought that RSS 
support would be a better fit as an extension, at least to begin with.

Another reason to close this bug is because I think many people who starred the bug 
are simply interested in knowing how they can view RSS feeds in the browser, and not 
necessarily interested in the technical details of whether this is implemented 
natively vs. as an extension or whether it is shipped by default with Chrome or not. 

Those of you who just want to view RSS feeds and subscribe to them in Chrome can use 
the first link in this comment to install it. Note: currently Extensions are only 
available to Chrome 4.0 and higher (which at the time of this writing means installing 
the Google Chrome Beta on Linux and Google Chrome Dev on the Mac -- although soon this 
will make it to the stable channel for all platforms, not just Windows).

Those of you who would like to follow the discussion on implementing this natively in 
Chrome (doing away with the extension) I suggest you star  issue 33181 .

Everyone else, you can install the RSS extension here:

Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy this extension. Don't forget to rate it. 

And with that, I am closing this bug.

- Finnur

 Issue 73708  has been merged into this issue.
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Project Member Comment 152 by, Mar 10 2013
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Project Member Comment 153 by, Mar 13 2013
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