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issue 821991
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Support Win 10 "dark mode" in Chrome

Project Member Reported by, May 1 2018

Issue description

Windows 10 allows users to set their apps to "light" or "dark" mode.  Chrome should respect this.

The most obvious hack is to use the default incognito color scheme in normal mode (as well as incognito) if the system is in dark mode.  Long-term, we should perhaps have a better answer.

This has been a popular external request for some time.
Oh, and ideally in this mode things like dropdown menus, the omnibox, the omnibox dropdown, context menus, etc. all go light-on-dark as well.
This would be awsome one late on the night allways get eyes hurting when man look at white stuff, so would be awsome if man cold lower down the light and  give total dark mode, Firefox support Windows 10 Themes settings light/dark mode. 
always waiting for that feature in chrome.

They could also =provide at least a simple "light or dark" option for each mode in the settings:

Default:    ☑Light ☐Dark
Incognito: ☐Light ☑Dark
Now that macOS Mojave also has dark mode, Chrome should follow the current trend and add a dark mode as well.
I think this is something for the Custom Fit team to consider working on in 2019. Beyond Windows, I've seen requests for an on-demand night mode and would love it if we investigated feasibility x-platform.
+elly, as discussed
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Google! Please add Dark Mode to Chrome. Every app is adopting it.
What more Chrome Team needs above this?

Google finds Dark/Night Mode really Helps battery.

Dark Mode another big advantage is the cool affect on Eye strain. Please introduce Dark mode for Chrome. @google!
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i'd say this is a bigger deal than P3
Just curious, why is dark mode for Mac P1, but dark mode for Windows is P3/P2? There are far more Chrome users on Windows than there are on Mac, and Windows 10 has had a system dark mode since 2016 (Mac didn't get a system dark mode until September of 2018)

Comment 18 Deleted

Also in dark mode, make the about:blank dark until the requested page BG is ready to load, then only switch to white if necessary. 
Building off of what Comment #17 stated, the priority should be increased to "1", as there are more Chrome users on Windows 10 than MacOS or Linux. Complete "dark mode" support should be targeted for M73 which gives them ~70 days until stable.

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