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scarlet-release: Not enough DUTS available

Project Member Reported by, Apr 11 2018

Issue description

Filed by on behalf of

scarlet-release:1256 failed

Builders failed on: 
- scarlet-release: 

  TestLabException: Not enough DUTs for board: scarlet, pool: bvt; required: 4, found: 1

Scarlet releases have been failing for a while usually related to not having enough DUTS available for the test (like the snippet above).


Comment 1 by, Apr 11 2018

Components: Infra>Client>ChromeOS
jkop, please have a look at these. That smells like an infra issue to me.

Comment 2 by, Apr 11 2018


Comment 3 by, Apr 11 2018

There are bugs in the servo for scarlet, checks had been manually bypassed. Work is ongoing.
Specifically, there's a lot of ongoing work for scarlet on b/71489288.
Until that gets settled, there's not much point in asking for scarlet

Comment 5 by, Apr 11 2018

That's fair enough. But I figured that as sheriff I'm supposed to highlight those things. I wasn't aware of the bug you've pointed me to, since I don't normally deal with  scarlet.

Comment 6 by, Apr 13 2018

Owner: ----
Blocked On b/77967202

Comment 7 by, Apr 13 2018

I'm setting this as experimental in When this (presumably) gets fixed, that needs to be removed !

Comment 8 by, Apr 13 2018

Labels: Hotlist-CrOS-Sheriffing

Comment 9 by, May 23 2018

I am assuming this was fixed since b/ seems to be marked as verified.

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