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issue 831531

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Deprecate the chrome.gcm API

Project Member Reported by, Apr 11 2018

Issue description

The Firebase team has announced that the services supporting the chrome.gcm extension APIs are being turned down in April 2019. (See Issue 831531 for full context.)

We've supported the chrome.instanceID API since Chrome 46, its successor. Developers should upgrade to that instead.

Rough plan of action:
  * Mark the chrome.gcm APIs as deprecated, informing developers to use chrome.instanceID instead.
  * Understand the existing usage of chrome.gcm and provide migration documentation as appropriate.
  * Reach out to affected extension owners in line with additional Firebase reach out.
  * Disable the APIs for ~M73.
Any update on what is the alternative to receive message events in a Chrome extension? if chrome.gcm.onMessage is deprecated.
April 2019 seems to be getting closer and closer. What is the alternative to the chrome.gcm.onMessage? The chrome.instanceID API does not contain similar method to receive messages.

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