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Status: Fixed
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Closed: Aug 2012
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Type: Feature

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Issue 82125: Add Afrikaans spell checking dictionary

Reported by, May 10 2011

Issue description

Chrome Version       : 11.0.696.65 (Official Build 84435)
OS Version: OS X 10.6

Chrome/Chromium do not include the Afrikaans spell checker.  These are maintained by at

The best approach to getting the latest release is to get the .aff and .dic files from the Mozilla Firefox addon at:

Comment 1 by, May 11 2011

please address this issue

thank you

Comment 2 by, May 19 2011

Labels: -Area-Undefined Area-Compat Feature-Spellcheck

Comment 3 by, May 20 2011

Labels: -Area-Compat Area-UI

Comment 4 by, May 24 2011

Labels: Feature-I18N feaure-request

Comment 5 by, May 25 2011

Status: Untriaged

Comment 6 by, May 26 2011

Labels: -OS-Mac OS-All
Status: Assigned

Comment 7 by, Jul 1 2011

Ja toe nou ouens, maak hierdie ding beitjie meer ondersteunend vir onse mense.

Comment 8 by, Aug 9 2011

please help with this issue I am a dedicated chrome user and would really like this added function thank you in advance

Comment 9 by, Sep 14 2011

 Issue 96543  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 10 by Deleted ...@, Sep 20 2011

Will be great to use my first language in Chrome like I do in FireFox!

Comment 11 by Deleted ...@, Oct 12 2011

The only reason I am still using Firefox is because Chrome does not have an Afrikaans spell-checker like Firefox.

Comment 12 by Deleted ...@, Nov 22 2011

Jip it would be lekker to have an Afrikaans spellchecker

Comment 13 by Deleted ...@, Jan 26 2012

The generic solution to this problem would be to make the chromium spell check dictionaries configurable. Then the community can easily compile and add the dictionary for their favourite language. And the devs wouldn't have to be responsible for maintaining all the languages/dictionaries.

I switched from Firefox to Chrome but I dearly miss the Afrikaans spell checker in Firefox.

Comment 14 by Deleted ...@, Apr 26 2012

Please add the Afrikaans language in chrome, if firefox can do it, I'm sure you can !!

Comment 15 by, May 17 2012

Any updates on Afrikaans spell checker for chrome...?

A workaround for now:!

Comment 16 by, May 17 2012


Sorry, I haven not noticed this issue. Even though we are happy to add an Afrikaans dictionary, I would like to clarify its license: does this dictionary provided under the LGPL license as written in "README-af-ZA.txt"?


Hironori Bono

Comment 17 by, May 17 2012

Looking forward to an Afrikaans dictionary in Chrome.

Comment 18 by, May 18 2012

@Hironori.  I work for the non-profit that makes this spell checkers for the community.

It would have been extremely helpful if Chrome provided a spell checker plugin interface like Firefox as we could have solved this ourselves. Making the bdict is painfully easy, so it is frustrating that we've been unable to help the Chrome users at all.

Any chance of an interface happening?  We update the checker from time to time and it would be great if we didn't have to go through THIS process ever again :)  It's also helpful for us as it helps to communicate to the Afrikaans spell checker users that its actually a small NGO that is making this... not cough cough, Google.

But to your question:
The license is LGPL as you can see here in the COPYING file in the source tree for the dictionary itself:

However, we do include wordlists with other licenses, e.g. Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 South Africa license which are probably incompatible with the LGPL.

Comment 19 by, May 18 2012


Thank you for your feedback.
In fact, we have been taking with Firefox people to create a JavaScript API that allows user to implement a spellchecker in JavaScript as listed in this ML: <!topic/>. (We have been waiting for responses from Firefox people.)


Hironori Bono

(In response to comment #18)
> It would have been extremely helpful if Chrome provided a spell checker plugin interface like Firefox as we could have solved this ourselves.

Comment 20 by, May 18 2012

Hi Hironori,

No that thread is not the same thing.  The thread you point to is talking about the consumer API, i.e. how the browser can expose a JavaScript API that allows access to the underlying spell checkers that are provided by the browser.  It is talking about exposure to things such as adding a word to a dictionary, check a word, etc.  This would be useful for the browser itself but also for webapps.  (If I've interpreted this wrong then please point me to a comment in the thread that does deal with this.)

What I'm talking about is exposure of the provider to allow installation of new complete dictionaries by the user.  In our case our checker uses the hunspell provider, which is what Chrome uses, and Firefox, Thunderbird, Linux, etc use.  The difference is that the others expose the provider through an API for addons to allow the addon to supply a new hunspell based dictionary.  Which is really just two files! So in Chrome because there is no exposure of an API to install these it is not possible to make an addon that can use that provider.  Thus no easy way to supply an Afrikaans dictionary for our users and thus the hacks people have suggested.

In Chrome the spell checker has to be built into the checker, unlike the others that I've listed.  Thus this bug :(  Unfortunately it also seems to mean reporting bugs for each small change we make to the checker.

To understand our frustration consider the fact that we have not been able to supply Zulu, South African English or Afrikaans dictionaries since the day we heard Chrome was using hunspell. That's a lot of years of frustration :)

So if you could answer about the likelihood of exposing some API that would allow us to install the checker.  Or point to some docs we've missed that would allow us to do that now that would be amazing.


Comment 21 by, May 18 2012


In fact, Mac Chrome uses the spellchecker provided by OS X, i.e. it causes a compatibility problem on Mac to provide a method that adds hunspell dictionaries. We decided to add a JavaScript API so users can add a spellchecker without considering such platform-specific issues.
Thus, unfortunately, it is hard for me to provide a method that depends on some platform-specific implementation. Sorry not to satisfy your request.


Hironori Bono

Comment 22 by, May 18 2012

OK so my quick investigation shows that Mac Chrome doesn't bundle hunspell dictionaries. But Mac would be unique as it has a system wide spell checker API. So  what about Windows?  Or more to the point, why are we then even bothering with this bug report if Chrome doesn't bundle spellcheckers... Retorical, it clearly does, so all I'm asking is exactly why there is no easy way to make one as an addon.

I'm a bit lost.  The JavaScript API to which you point does not allow a user to add a spellchecker, from my reading it allows an website to use a spell checker exposed by the web browser.  So great for a website or a webapp but not for what we want to do.  Of course I could have missed that in the discussion but that is what I see.

I'm doubly lost. The implementations aren't platform specific.  Google specifically used hunspell in Chrome and made some extensions to the format.  So I'm not sure how this suddenly became platform specific.  The Chrome browser has a spell checker built in.  I'm just not sure why it is so hard to make it possible for an addon to supply the .dic and .aff files that make up a hunspell checker.

I understand if there are no plans, but I'd really like to know we are talking about the same thing.  From this discussion it seems like we're talking about two very different things and red herrings like the Mac issue.

So one way forward, at least on Mac, would be to ignore Chrome and focus on getting our checker available on the platform.  On Linux we probably get that already, but I haven't checked.  But on Windows we are stuck.

Comment 23 by, May 18 2012


Sorry for my confusing description. But, I would like to stop this discussion because this issue is adding a hunspell dictionary for Afrikaans, but about adding an API that allows you to add your own spellchecker. (My time is finite. If I spend more time for writing comments here, I cannot afford to spend my time for adding a dictionary. I wonder if it is your expected situation.)


Hironori Bono

Comment 24 by, May 18 2012

Sure, my time is also finite.  So I'll leave you to do the Afrikaans dictionary for us.  Much appreciated.

But perhaps you'd be kind enough to point us in a direction were we are able to have this discussion so that we can actually help ourselves instead of relying on other people's benevolence? As grateful as we are we really do wish to not have to wait a year to add an existing dictionary.

Comment 25 by, May 18 2012

How can Chrome users add the Afrikaans dictionary to Chrome?

Comment 26 by, May 18 2012

Labels: -Type-Bug -feaure-request Type-Feature
@dwaynebailey and @joran : you can file a feature request bug for that generic issue and refer to it here so that we can triage as appropriate.

Comment 27 by, May 18 2012

@jshin Filed:

Hope that's done right, if not please would you correct. Is it hard to add the Afrikaans dictionary to Chrome?

Comment 28 by, May 18 2012

joran: You got me wrong. This bug is ABOUT adding Afrikanns dictionary. You don't need to file a new bug for that. What I meant is to file a feature request to do what  dwaynebailey has been talking about. 

Anyway, I changed your bug to do that.

Comment 29 Deleted

Comment 30 by, May 24 2012

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

r138760 | | Thu May 24 02:31:46 PDT 2012

Changed paths:

Add an Afrikaans dictionary and a Faroese one.
This change adds a couple of spellchecker dictionaries (Afrikaans and Faroese).

BUG= 82125 , 124599 
Review URL:

Comment 31 by, Jun 4 2012

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

r140258 | | Sun Jun 03 19:42:27 PDT 2012

Changed paths:

Pull spellchecker dictionaries.
This change pulls a couple of update spellchecker dictionaries (Catalan and Swidish) to the Chromium tree and use them.

BUG= 108933 , 111322 , 82125 , 124599 

Review URL:

Comment 32 by, Aug 1 2012


I'm passing this issue to Tyler to transfer all spellchecker issues to a new team.


Hironori Bono

Comment 33 by, Aug 14 2012

Status: Fixed

Comment 34 by, Oct 13 2012

Project Member
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Comment 35 by, Mar 11 2013

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Comment 36 by, Mar 20 2013

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Comment 37 by, Apr 27 2017

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