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Closed: May 2012
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OS: Windows
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Type: Feature

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Show thumbnails for open tabs on Windows 7 superbar (Aero Peek)

Reported by, Feb 25 2009

Issue description

On Windows 7, we should take advantage of the same OS feature that IE uses 
to show thumbnails of all the open tabs when hovering over the Chrome entry 
in "Superbar" (task bar).

This should not be a requirement for Windows 7 support but it is something 
we'd like to prioritize based on the adoption of Windows 7.  

For mac, we should do the same thing using stacks.
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It would be nice to have a "New Tab" option in the "Tasks" section in the jumplist, 
because if browser window (with more than one tabs opened) is in background and I need 
to switch to it and open a new tab, I have to select one of existing tabs from 
thumbnails, and then click new tab button.
I agree, a new tab option makes sense, not that I find myself using the jumplist much.
A few good suggestions were made in  Issue 37957  , such as, 
Medinasoft's@63, and joesixgig@84 . I happen to like the peek feature, and I thank 
you guys for adding it. That being said, there are unresolved bugs (like the titles 
not always being updated, or no tab image).

So, I think the most useful UI results would be:
1) Toggle options for "on" and "off"
2) Peek for the foreground window, browser for background
3) Peek for all tabs unless more than one window is open, then browser them (I think 
[2] is better than this)
4) "Group" tabs by window with shading (a-la mhm)

I "third", I suppose, LevonKarapettyan@77's suggestion for a "new tab" item on the 
jumplist -- it is the best UI when peek is enabled to quickly add a new tab.

If I recall, Firefox 3.6 pulled out their Peek functionality because it was too slow 
to repaint the thumbnails; this might be partially fixed with hardware acceleration, 
or with whatever speedy thing Opera did with 10.50/10.51 (which is faster than FF's 
3.7prea4 implementation, which is better than FF3.6).

I look forward to this getting better!

Comment 80 by, Mar 25 2010

Two show stoppers (Chrome 5.0.356.2):

1. Small grey windows when screen is resized (comment 58, 59) [press Windows+M]
2. Tabs out of order ( issue 37957  comment 1) [drag & drop tab 2 ahead of tab 1]

Are these already filed as separate bugs? If not, should I file them?

Comment 81 by, Mar 26 2010

Status: Fixed
Thank you for your comments.
I would like to mark this issue as "Fixed". It is a good idea to discuss about better AeroPeek implementation at 
 Issue 37957 .

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 2:57 AM,  <> wrote:

> Comment #80 on  issue 8036  by jsp...: Show thumbnails for open tabs on
> Windows 7 superbar (Aero Peek)
> Two show stoppers (Chrome 5.0.356.2):
> 1. Small grey windows when screen is resized (comment 58, 59) [press Windows+M]

It's  Issue 38587  < >, caused by my bonehead mistake. I wish it is fixed by my r42433.

> 2. Tabs out of order ( issue 37957  comment 1) [drag & drop tab 2 ahead of tab 1]

Yes, it's a part of  Issue 37957 .

I. Hate. This. Feature. One of the reasons I use Chrome and NOT IE or Opera or whatever 
is the fact that Chrome never had this feature before.

God. I hate this.

Delete this bullshit or give me an option to turn it off. Preferably an option to turn 
it off that's on by default, actually. Jesus. Like I need three hundred thumbnails 
showing up when I want to see how many WINDOWS I have open. -.-

Comment 83 by, Mar 26 2010

You can turn off the feature in Windows by turning off "Combine taskbar buttons" in the 
Taskbar Properties dialog.,
"I would like to mark this issue as "Fixed". It is a good idea to discuss about 
better AeroPeek implementation at 
 Issue 37957 ."

That issue has been closed for comments, just FYI.

"You can turn off the feature in Windows by turning off "Combine taskbar buttons" in 
Taskbar Properties dialog."

No you cant. All that does is stop the 'taskbar buttons from combining'. Hence the 
name of the option.

Comment 85 Deleted

Comment 86 by, Mar 26 2010

And then you can see at a glance exactly how many windows you have open, which is what 
some people have said they want.  You also gain the ability to still view all the 
thumbnails of every tab in a specific window if you wish, another requested change...

It may be acceptable to some people as an alternate solution, hence I was simply 
offering it as a suggestion.  A command line switch to turn it off the taskbar tab 
thumbnails entirely would probably be appropriate as well.

Comment 87 by, Mar 29 2010

Sorry, I forgot writing a workaround that stops my AeroPeek code. My custom AeroPeek 
code is enabled only when GetVersionEx() returns 6.1 (Windows 7). So, we can disable it 
if we launch Chrome in compatibility mode for Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) as shown 
in the attached picture.

49.9 KB View Download
938 KB View Download

Comment 88 by, Mar 29 2010

My thoughts on this:
- Won't automatically work on newer versions of Windows.  I believe it was mentioned 
it doesn't work on Server 2008.
- Doesn't follow Microsoft's guidelines for this sort of thing.  They recommend you 
check for the presence of the feature rather than a specific OS version, to decide 
whether or not to use the feature.  Unfortunately I can't find where I read this.
- Compatibility features are for legacy programs and should not be relied on by new 
programs to operate. 
(  IMO at least a 
simple command line switch would be nice.

Comment 89 by Deleted ...@, Mar 31 2010

Please see screenshot - noting Windows Version 6.1, with aero enabled.

I get no aero peek with any number of tabs open. Chrome is NOT opening in compatibility 
mode. Aero Peek works fine in IE. 
24.5 KB View Download
Labels: -Mstone-5 Mstone-6
Status: Started
Thank you for your feedback.

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 9:11 PM,  <> wrote:

> Comment #89 on  issue 8036  by dek...: Show thumbnails for open tabs on
> Windows 7 superbar (Aero Peek)
> @hnobo:
> Please see screenshot - noting Windows Version 6.1, with aero enabled.
> I get no aero peek with any number of tabs open. Chrome is NOT opening in
> compatibility mode. Aero Peek works fine in IE.

Unfortunately, it is the expected behavior now because my AeroPeek code had a lot of 
problems and I disabled it until I fix all of them. Sorry for your inconvenience.

hbono if you want to review your code can you take care of this two issues related to 
the old code too? thanks!

IE handles that two situation fine...

have a nice day!

Comment 92 by, Apr 6 2010

I hope you fix these issues. Thanks for your time. 
Please reconsider offering Aero Peek in Chrome 5

Comment 93 by Deleted ...@, Apr 9 2010

In the latest Dev build 5.0.371.0 the Aero Peek feature has disappeared. This has made 
Chrome unusable for me. Aero Peek is a killer feature of Windows 7. Can it be turned on 
by a command-line switch? If not, please provide us a way to turn it back on. EVERY 
other browser supports Aero Peek on Windows 7. So, why should Chrome not support it?

Comment 94 by, Apr 9 2010

Lol you guys are funny.

Some of you are like "In the latest Chrome this feature turned on, I hate it so 
Chrome is unusable for me."

Others are like "In the latest Chrome this feature turned off, I liked it so Chrome 
is unusable for me."

FYI jonas a couple posts up the author of the Aero Peek support said he disabled 
them.  Is it really called "Aero Peek" though?  I'm pretty sure that's just the name 
of the feature when you hover to the right of the clock, or maybe also when you hover 
over a thumbnail.  Not sure if it has a real name, maybe "custom superbar window 

Comment 95 by Deleted ...@, Apr 9 2010

I've found the command line switch --enable-aero-peek-tabs. So everything is fine now.

@megazzt, you are right. This isn't really "Aero Peek". "Tabs preview on taskbar" could 
be the right term.
I prefer to call it Aero Preview. Aero peek is for viewing the desktop without going 
straight too it.

Also please when you re-add it. Add a option box to disable it when we don't want it 
(So people can disable it when they are going to have tons of tabs open for like 
projects etc)
Just to end this stupid discussion of what Aero Peek is or isn't, read here:

"Aero Peek - hovering over a taskbar icon shows the thumbnail of that program. 
Hovering over the thumbnail shows a preview of that program in full view. Aero Peek 
also refers to the "Show desktop" button to the far right of the new taskbar."

In short, Aero Peek is ALL of the features that allow you to view something that 
isn't active.

Comment 98 by, Apr 10 2010

1st: Aero Peek is the functionality that previews the hovered thumbnail's window and 
clears all others, thus allowing you to take a 'peek' at a window.

2nd: What about just making control over this preview system available to extensions, 
then we may have a lot more possibilities for the # of ways it could work?
Comment 98 makes a great (2nd) point. Adding this feature as an extension would be 
I don't know about an extension; seems like the hard work is done and there just need 
to be a few kinks worked out: the method of checking whether Aero Peek is available, 
the bug where tabs minimize to the screen instead of the taskbar, and especially the 
missing configuration option.

I have vociferously opposed this feature in the past in this and other issue pages, 
but only because it lacked an option to disable.  I love Aero Peek in Chrome at home, 
where I rarely open more than 5 tabs.  I hate it with a passion at work, where I 
usually open more than 30.
I've avoided weighing in much with this topic. However, I feel that I have to say 
something. I like the Peek function, if I had to leave Chromium for something else 
(check a download, look for notes, etc), so it was easy to find the web page I needed 
and get to it directly. However, most of the time, unviewed webpages showed as a 
blank or with the Aero Busy ring rather than actual content. So it made Peek somewhat 
useless. Also sometimes the Peek would show older content (presumably from the 
thumbnails) rather than what was actually being displayed on the page. 
Still there were times that Peeking is useful.
As to the command line switch option, that means I can only have Peek enabled when I 
remember to use the shortcut that I placed on my desktop (and modified to have the 
switch). Is there a way to modify the icon that I've pinned to the taskbar. If yes, 
leave it as a command-line switch. If no (and I suspect this to be the case) then 
give Windows 7 users an option to disable it AND options to modify how many 
thumbnails are shown before it defaults to a list.

Comment 102 by Deleted ...@, Apr 11 2010

@thaumb, you can modify the pinned icon in the taskbar by right-clicking on the icon to  
open the jumplist. Then right-click on "Google Chrome" which is the third item from the 
bottom. Click on Properties and add the command-line switch.
 Issue 41100  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 104 by Deleted ...@, Apr 16 2010

Chrome just lost me back to firefox because of this feature :(
This is just for your information.
For those who like AeroPeek, Chrome has the '--enable-aero-peek-tabs' option. Even 
though the current AeroPeek code has lots of bugs, it is definitely helpful to use it 
and give us your feedback. 


Comment 106 by Deleted ...@, May 23 2010

Thanks for that parameter; I had yet to find one that actually worked on chromium.
Just want to add. When it does work. They should have a option (In Options) to turn it 
on and off like IE 8. Even Opera 10.60 alpha has just got that option...

Comment 108 by, Jun 9 2010

Labels: -Mstone-6 Mstone-X
Please please PLEASE PLEASE make the Aero Peek thing a checkbox in Options. I don't care if it's on or off by default.

I can't put the --enable-aero-peek-tabs commandline switch in the file association for web document. Meaning I have to manually copy every link from (for instance) Skype, or I'm only going to have one result on my Chrome button.
I don't like aero-peek-tabs on Windows 7 superbar.I prefer tab overview for chrome/windows such as expose on mac ,ie8's quick tabs and firefox 's tab candy.

 Issue 64629  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 112 by Deleted ...@, Dec 5 2010

' --enable-aero-peek-tabs' option make canary build crash for 2 weeks.
Bug re-tested w/ rev. 9.0.597.7
#112, That's  issue 63854 .
 Issue 88633  has been merged into this issue.
Why isn't this supported yet?
It's a basic feature and should really be supported...
And obviously it should be an option in the settings like it is in IE and Firefox.
is this issue still worked on or died?
I don't think anyone is working on this.
Labels: -OS-Win7 OS-Windows
Status: Assigned
Status: WontFix
We decided to discontinue the development of this feature.
--enable-aero-peek-tabs flag will not be supported from Chrome version 20.
Can you please let us know why the team decided to drop support and development for one of Windows 7's best features? Even with the --enable-aero-peek-tabs flag enabled, though limited in that it didn't support live thumbnail preview, was something.

I can (yes, not can't) wait 'til Chrome 20 comes out.

Comment 122 by Deleted ...@, May 20 2012

The tabs preview is still glitchy with a large number of tabs. I'm guessing they triaged the amount of work to figure out what's wrong vs. demand and decided it wasn't worth fixing, so they'll just pull it out. 

It's a shame - peek tabs is a huge feature for me when I have a number of tabs and browsers open. This is enough for me to move back to Firefox. 
Same here. I'm hoping IE10 will come out in beta form at the same time or shortly after next month's drop of Windows 8 Release Preview and take it out for a spin.

I like Chrome, and it's my default browser, at least at the moment -- but in using it, I've noticed it's shortcoming compared to IE9. One example is IE9's OneBox, it is far superior to Chrome's Omnibox. The former finds history and bookmarks entry faster and better than Chrome.

Ugh! Chrome 20 was just pushed out to the beta channel.
if u will not add it to future versions, this will force me move to Firefox. aero peek is a MUST HAVE feature for modern browser.

Comment 125 by Deleted ...@, Jun 1 2012

Please bring back aero peek in one form or another! It makes Chrome feel significantly feel less cutting edge.
It is very disappointing that Chrome integration with Aero Peek was removed in Chrome 20. As others have commented, being able to peek at tabs has become an accepted need in Windows 7 for applications to be competitive, because of its great utility to the user.
Please bring this back.

Comment 128 by Deleted ...@, Jun 29 2012

ok I won't auto-update any part of Chrome anymore. I'm going to stay with 19 Ver. I may update plugins by myself... I prefer to have aero-peek... I'm wondering who is the genius had this great idea to remove this necessary function...

Comment 129 by Deleted ...@, Jul 6 2012

I couldn't agree more. This development is most disappointing.

Comment 130 by Deleted ...@, Jul 6 2012

are you kidding? I waited to move to chrome just because it hasn't aero support and now  that I found how to have it you disable it?? Why??? Really can't understand

Comment 131 by Deleted ...@, Jul 9 2012

Frankly, that is horrible coding mentality.  Remove a feature that has been in there without any issues, with no warning or other ways of doing the same functionality.

This alone may get me to move back to IE.

Comment 132 by, Jul 11 2012

If comment 120 it's true, then goodbye chrome.
I'm also extremely disappointed by the fact that support for Aero Peek was removed, and will most likely move to other browsers because of this. Ever since I started using Windows 7 with a browser that supported Aero Peek, it has been extremely useful feature that I used all the time. Only fault in Chrome's implementation of it I found was that the tabs in Aero Peek were ordered differently than they actually were in browser (IE had both in same position) but that's it. Rest worked fine.

But as has been said, if something is not working, why don't you fix it instead of taking it away from the people actually using it?

Comment 134 by Deleted ...@, Jul 19 2012

Mark me down as another user going back to Firefox because of this issue. My use of complicated cloud apps requires tab peek to navigate efficiently through my workflow.
Chrome has, unfortunately, rendered itself unfit for my purposes.
I'll have to go back to IE.  Aero peek is absolutely essential.
Chrome is unusable for me as well without this feature. Too bad.

Comment 137 Deleted

Comment 138 by, Aug 12 2012

I just made the switch from IE9 to Chrome and after realizing that there aero peek is not possible I'll be immediately switching back to IE9 again!  How could you not support this!  I tried to use Chrome without it for a few hours but my work flow is severely disrupted.  I liked everything else about Chrome except this.  I'll be uninstalling now...

Comment 139 by Deleted ...@, Aug 14 2012

Every damn browser support this function, WHY NOT CHROME?? Are you stupids?
For some odd reason, this isn't working on Firefox either... Anyone else seeing this feature gone in both chrome AND firefox?
Pretty astounding to remove this feature. I really liked Chrome until the feature went away. Aero peek is an essential feature for me. I usually use IE and Chrome together, but now will use IE and FF. Why on earth did Google think it was smart to remove this? 

Comment 142 by Deleted ...@, Aug 25 2012

I was about to switch to chrome full time i wont now.. Thanks Google 

Comment 143 Deleted

Comment 144 by, Aug 29 2012

Thanks Google, i rediscovered Firefox, all features working good.

Comment 145 by Deleted ...@, Sep 2 2012

Ridiculous decision! Makes Chrome useless to me. Need to downgrade to 19.x, otherwise it's time to check out Opera again.
Seriously?!?! The only browser that does not support aero peek. Well done.

Comment 147 by Deleted ...@, Sep 11 2012

Was switching from Opera to Chrome. No peek? Good bye Chrome, Opera welcome back.
Disabling Aero Peek support without explaining the reason why is ridiculous. This approach does alienate users and the product group must be aware of that.

Comment 149 by Deleted ...@, Oct 15 2012

Fuck! I want Aero Peek!
You guys are idiots. Chrome is off my computer.
I have to agree with all the above comments. Really stupid design decision. Chrome is a superb browser in so many ways but using Aero Peek is standard Win 7 functionality that IE9 uses very effectively. I'm back to IE9.
So sad to have removed this feature. Please, give it back!

Comment 153 by Deleted ...@, Nov 21 2012

Yes, this is the only reason that Chrome is not my default browser.
Seriously, you guys are profoundly stupid. Go shave your neckbeards and get a freaking clue. Back to firefox.

Comment 155 by Deleted ...@, Dec 12 2012

A shame, love chrome, but not to have this feature is enough for me to stay with IE
Status: WontFix

I'm so deeply offended...

Comment 157 Deleted

Guys, reconsider! This is the direction the windows desktop moves and it makes sense. So, please fix or redevelop.

Comment 159 by, Feb 2 2013

Seriously, reconsider this. How come it will be so difficult when all the other browsers support it all along!
too many "one sided" updates that remove features instead of adding new ones.
firefox +1

Project Member

Comment 161 by, Mar 11 2013

Labels: -Area-UI Cr-UI

Comment 162 by, Mar 23 2013

Still using firefox since my post #144, waiting that some day you may fix this, now I am on win8 firefox, aero-peek and all features working good, google? this it's a shame...
I really wish you'd fix this. I loved this feature and pretty much every other proper Windows software supports this.

Comment 164 by Deleted ...@, May 13 2013

This really is a basic feature these days and should be working by now in my opinion. I'll continue using IE10 mainly because of this, sorry people.
is there some way that this feature comes back now with blink and opera also working on blink?

Comment 166 by Deleted ...@, Aug 20 2013

The removal of this feature, or the refusal to continue working on it, functionally relegates Chrome to an "amateur" status, despite Google's economic prowess.  As an administrator of Google Apps for my organization, I cannot, in good conscience, recommend Chrome to my users.  Neither can I recommend purchase of Chromebooks for our users so long as those devices are hamstrung by a technologically inferior browser.

Remember, feature decisions come with economic consequences.  Do not fail to learn the lesson of Microsoft's Surface RT debacle.


D. Michael Paxton, Captain
Acting Assistant Chief of Staff - Information Systems/G-6
Indiana Guard Reserve
I love it that I've found so many voices that echo my puzzlement over the loss of the aero peek feature in Chrome 20! I thought it was just me! I've been using IE instead to compensate.

Comment 168 by, Nov 20 2013

Yes, please reintroduce the feature - it's very handy.

Comment 170 by Deleted ...@, May 3 2014

Please bring Aero Peek previews back! I need it!
Actually that was a good feature, why not reintroduce it ?

Comment 172 Deleted

Comment 173 Deleted

Comment 174 by Deleted ...@, Jun 7 2014

I love the chrome browser and our company has been using it at all of our client sites for years.

The issue that my techs keep running into are situations where they spend extra time and frustration finding the appropriate tabs that they need go back and forth between while online with another tech. Because they can't quickly find the needed site, my techs are telling me that they continually end up resorting back to using the default installed browser, IE, just so they can use the aero peek feature to switch back and forth to the exact sites they need during the call.

The additional time factor and frustration is too costly for my employees and our clients, so as president of our organization, I am going to have to initiate a policy where we remove chrome from all our clients servers and client PC's and replace it with Firefox.

This cost to me is real non-billable time for my techs to perform the switch, but the long term cost to our clients and frustration of my techs is too much. You are forcing my hand by refusing to add back in the --enable-aero-peek-tabs functionality.


Rick Lindberg
InterLink Network Services, Inc.

Comment 175 by Deleted ...@, Dec 18 2014

@nd opinion that other programs work this way and yet Chrome does not. They are saying we are above doing something that works with modern oS!
Pity as program operation is spoiled by missing STANDARD features. 

Comment 176 by, Dec 18 2014

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As you can see from the 2010 comments this feature has it detractors and not a few drawbacks.

At its core we can't make it function reliably without thumbnailing very often each tab. This uses a significant amount of cpu and ram, which are better spent rendering the pages fast.  Basically it only works well with 5 or less tabs and that is the case which the feature is not needed.

Please look at extensions that help you manage/find tabs.

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