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Type: Bug

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coral release hasn't passed since build 599

Project Member Reported by, Dec 20 2017

Issue description

Every coral release build since build 599 has failed.  This build is building for astronaut, nasher, nasher360, robo, robo360, and santa.  The platforms are failing for different reasons.

In build 618, we had one ssh failure on robo360, and this killed all the other tests.
Labels: Hotlist-CrOS-Sheriffing
Status: Assigned (was: Untriaged)
Sheriffs, PTAL
Labels: -Pri-3 OS-Chrome Pri-2
I have noticed the coral failures and I suspect issue 788584, which is currently assigned to an engineer who is OOO and will be back on Jan 8.  I asked (on the bug) if someone else can take a look.  I can escalate.

I am not sure where the failures for the other platforms can be seen.  Can someone comment?

I don't think this is an infrastructure bug, but we'll leave this in that category for now.
Also note  issue 783832  for the cheets_StartAndroid.stress test failures.  I am not sure if it is related to issue 788584.

This bug is too generic and is not adding any information.  As long as you're looking at logs, please open a bug for each separate failure?

Just a friendly nudge, the coral-release is still failing. Only one success at build 678. It looks like it has a ton of different failures.

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