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Status: Duplicate
Merged: issue 797849
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Closed: Dec 29
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bvt-arc times out across boards
Project Member Reported by, Dec 19 Back to list
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The bvt-arc suite is timing out on quite a few boards.  General symptoms:

* There is a 15-60 minute gap between scheduling the tests and the first test starting.
* Once the tests start, they seem to run normally.  None fail.
* The suite is aborted after a timeout.  How far it gets before the timeout seems to be correlated with the length of the scheduling delay.

- cave-release:
- celes-release:
- lulu-release:
- poppy-release:
- relm-release:
- sentry-release:
- ultima-release:

Components: Infra>Client>ChromeOS
Another one today:


4:46: 38 tests scheduled
5:15: First test starts running
6:21: 34th test finishes successfully
7:48: Suite is aborted because it times out.

There are no log messages between 6:26 and 7:48.  This sounds at least superficially similar to .

A bunch more today:

There may be two separate bugs here, because the delay happens in two places:

1. A long delay between scheduling all the suites and starting the first test.  These usually run until the timeout once they start.

2. Some of the tests run fairly soon after scheduling, and then there's a long delay with no output before the timeout.
Labels: OS-Chrome
Mergedinto: 797849
Status: Duplicate
By mistake we started working on this on  issue 797849 .
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