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Archive stage fails in build_image
Project Member Reported by, Dec 19 Back to list
Filed by on behalf of

The Archive stage fails in build_image with messages related to the filesystem inside factory_install_shim.bin:

INFO    : The following images will be built            factory_install_shim.bin.
INFO    : Clearing shadow utils lockfiles under /build/winky
INFO    : Verifying that the base image does not contain a blacklisted package.
INFO    : Generating list of packages for virtual/target-os-factory-shim.
INFO    : No blacklisted packages found.
INFO    : Using image type factory_install
INFO    : Using disk layout /mnt/host/source/src/overlays/overlay-winky/scripts/disk_layout.json
WARNING: Primary GPT header is invalid
WARNING: Secondary GPT header is invalid
INFO    : Creating FS for partition 8 with format ext4.
INFO    : Creating FS for partition 12 with format vfat.
INFO    : Creating FS for partition 3 with format ext2.
INFO    : Creating FS for partition 1 with format ext4.
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop3,
       missing codepage or helper program, or other error
       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
       dmesg | tail or so.
ERROR   : mount failed: device=/mnt/host/source/src/build/images/winky/R65-10229.0.0-a3/factory_install_shim.bin target=/mnt/host/source/src/build/images/winky/R65-10229.0.0-a3/esp format=vfat ro/rw=rw options=offset=127926272
ERROR   : Tue Dec 19 05:24:10 PST 2017
ERROR   : Arguments of 911:  '--from' '/mnt/host/source/src/build/images/winky/R65-10229.0.0-a3/factory_install_shim.bin' '--rootfs_mountpt' '/mnt/host/source/src/build/images/winky/R65-10229.0.0-a3/rootfs' '--stateful_mountpt' '/mnt/host/source/src/build/images/winky/R65-10229.0.0-a3/stateful' '--esp_mountpt' '/mnt/host/source/src/build/images/winky/R65-10229.0.0-a3/esp'
ERROR   : Backtrace:  (most recent call is last)
ERROR   :, called: mount_image  
ERROR   :, called: die 'Failed to mount all partitions in /mnt/host/source/src/build/images/winky/R65-10229.0.0-a3/factory_install_shim.bin' 
ERROR   : 
ERROR   : Error was:
ERROR   :   Failed to mount all partitions in /mnt/host/source/src/build/images/winky/R65-10229.0.0-a3/factory_install_shim.bin

This is showing up sporadically across boards:

Labels: -Pri-2 M-64 Pri-1
We also see this on the release branch for 64:

And this happened to Soraka on 10225:

Gwendal, given this seems to be dying around the filesystem stuff is this something in your jurisdiction? If not please feel free to reassign.

We really need to fix this as if it happens on releases it means we will be skipping boards when it does.
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