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Status: Untriaged
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Allow remapping Assistant key on Pixelbook

Reported by, Nov 14 2017

Issue description

UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Ubuntu Chromium/62.0.3202.75 Chrome/62.0.3202.75 Safari/537.36

Steps to reproduce the problem:
There a number of use-cases for having a "Super" key AKA Windows key. The Assistant Key would be the natural choice to remap to this, but there's currently no option to do this. 

Some use cases for having a Windows key:

1. One of the most popular use-cases for Developer mode is to run Ubuntu in a chroot with Crouton. The Unity desktop makes extensive use of shortcuts of keyboard shortcuts prefixed with the Super key.
2. CrossOver is working on Windows application through CrossOver for Android. Having a Windows key for Windows apps would be welcome.
3. Without using developer mode, the Android app Termux is another way to access a Linux environment where being able to use "Super key" would be welcome.
4. crosvm is on the horizon to run more things in containers. Perhaps some of these things would also like to use the Super/Windows key?

Also, not everyone who uses the a Pixelbook will want to use the Assistant due to privacy considerations, making it effectively a dead key if it can't be remapped to another purpose. 

What is the expected behavior?

What went wrong?
Tried to remap the Super key and failed. 


Did this work before? N/A 

Chrome version: 62.0.3202.75  Channel: stable
OS Version: 62
Flash Version:
Components: IO>Keyboard UI>Shell
Components: -UI>Shell
<triage> zalcorn@ to review
Status: Assigned (was: Unconfirmed)

Comment 4 Deleted

Comment 5 Deleted

Interacting with anything remotely through webex/joinme/gotomeeting/teamviewer/rdp would be much easier with a Super/windows key mapping.

Comment 7 Deleted

Comment 8 by, Feb 1 2018

Assistant also requires ARC++ to be enabled, which can be disabled by policy. 

When this is the case, hitting the assistant button brings up an annoying window prompting you to set it up, which cannot be cancelled using ESC, and cannot be disabled (note the setup fails because ARC++ is disabled!

This gets very annoying very quickly. Being able to remap or disable the assistant key is essential.
> When this is the case, hitting the assistant button brings up an annoying window prompting you to set it up

I have run into this quite a bit on my corpified eve.  It seems that if Assistant is enabled, hitting the Assistant key a second time will make the window go away (similar to bumping the Search key).  But if Assistant is disabled, you need to click Skip on the dialog.

On a fresh M66 canary installation I did the following:

1) Skipped opting in to ARC++
2) Hit the Assistant button
3) Enabled Assistant
4) Opted out of "use what's on your screen"
5) Asked Assistant a couple of questions
6) Went to Settings and noticed that "Let assistant use what's on your screen" was re-enabled.  Weird.
7) Disabled Assistant

Now when I hit the Assistant key it doesn't pop up the dialog.  It looks like this is documented in bug 807961.  I also found some issues asking questions about how to disable Assistant (bug 808766).

Comment 11 by, Apr 26 2018

Status: Untriaged (was: Assigned)
Summary: Allow remapping Assistant key on Pixelbook (was: Allow remapping Assistant key as "Super/Windows" on Pixelbook)
Zach, can you prioritize this? I see no reason why the Assistant key shouldn't be remappable like all of its neighbors.
This feature would add polish for Crostini, as people try to run apps within containers that expect a "Windows" or "Super" key to work. 
 Issue 835016  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 15 Deleted

Hi there, I am trialing a Pixelbook as a potentially primary development machine for my organization and this is one of the last items to suggest a move. As a developer, and primarily an Emacs one coming from a Macbook Pro, I would like to ease the transition by re-mapping the "Google Assistant" button (which is disallowed by our admins anyway) to Super/Windows key. 

I just wanted to ask what the status on this feature is? This was previously assigned and (although slightly different) suggests there is already an owner for this.

the focus stealing from accidentally hitting this key is a real drag. please allow a remap.
I've just discovered that going to Settings > Google Assistant and disabling it there will prevent the popup from occurring. This does not occur if you just say you say 'No thanks' or want to disable it within the popup itself.

This is good, but not as helpful as this request for a remap feature which would be very useful in this location of the keyboard.
Adding to Comment 18: I had to enable the "Assistent", then disable it again. Now the key seems to be off. Thank goodness.

Can someone please write an extension to repurpose that key? :-)
+glevin I thought we fixed the issue that the assistant prompt doesn't have a way to say "no, never"?
I don't recall any specific conversations about Assistant prompts.  +maajid@, as he lead the original Assistant review.

maajid@ or zalcorn@, does this (Comment #20) ring a bell?
We are about to have the convergence of a new round of Pixel devices being announced at that same time solid support for Linux desktop apps is landing in ChromeOS. It also appears dual-booting Windows on some ChromeOS devices is around the corner. 

Being able to make full use of the Assistant key for other purposes would definitely make these new devices more enticing for a certain segment, myself included. 
Please allow remapping of this key in the same way the Launcher key can be remapped. I frequently hit it accidentally while typing, though I'll hopefully retrain my muscle memory coming from a Mac (it's where the Option key is on that keyboard). Thanks.

I too would also love a super key. I'm not sure how anyone is developing without it.
This issue is now almost a year old, so I'm providing a status update as a kind of annual review.

The issue has attracted 150 stars, putting it the top 0.01% of most starred issues (58th out of 58,954 open issues). In addition to public support, 4 developers from Google or the Chromium project have added a comment of support, while no one has objected. 

The Issue is currently assigned to Google Project manager Zach Alcorn, although he has not yet commented on the issue. did the original work on keyboard remapping. If you are interested in submitting a patch for this yourself. You can see the original issue ticket for keyboard remapping at:

There you'll see all the files involved that might need to be changed. Considering there are several pre-existing examples of remapping keys, adding one more remapping option for the Assistant key is hopefully a fairly straightforward addition.

With the Pixel Slate launching with advertised Linux support, being able to use the "Super" key in those apps would add timely polish.


While researching this status, I found one related ticket which be closed as a dupe of this one.

I would like to upvote this issue. I have just switched over from macbook to pixelbook, and love it, but accidently pressing the assistant key (especially in emacs) is my biggest pet peeve - it is surprisingly annoying. I would like to remap it, or failing that, disable it.
Here is another use case enabled by remapping the assistant key:

I use Colemak keyboard layout (which is supported by ChromeOS). Normally, in Colemak, the CapsLock key is mapped to backspace, and my fingers are trained for that. So I have mapped the launcher key to backspace. Now I don't have a launcher key anymore. Thus, I would like to remap the assistant key to work as a launcher key.

IMHO, the assistant key should just be another key that can be remapped the same way as Esc, Backspace, Launcher, Ctrl and Alt.

I would like to be able to remap the assistant key to be the launcher key instead.  I have the launcher key on my pixelbook remapped to Caps Lock and am now missing a launcher key.  I use Caps Lock frequently when coding and asking me to switch to alt+launcher is a big ask considering my heavily ingrained muscle memory.
I'd really like to be able to remap this as well. I'm not interested in using the assistant, and accidentally pressing the key brings up this full screen thing that I can't even escape from with ctrl+w. Being able to remap it would allow me to use the key for something useful. It's a shame to just have a key that's an annoyance for the people who don't use assistant.
Would love to see the ability to remap this to Super for Crostini.
One thing I discovered: to disable the Assistant key, you first need to go through the initial Assistant setup process. 

Once you've done that, you can disable Assistant from Settings.

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