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Status: Started
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OS: Chrome
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Type: Feature

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issue 781604

issue 854933

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crosvm: implement emulated AC97 codec

Project Member Reported by, Nov 3 2017

Issue description

Support audio playback/capture in crosvm with an emulated AC97 codec.
Blockedon: 781604
Owner: ----
Status: Available (was: Assigned)
Not starting this one quite yet. PCI emulation is a bit bigger than I wanted to chew on this week.
Components: OS>Kernel>Audio
Components: OS>Systems>Containers
Labels: Type-Feature
Labels: Hotlist-Crostini-Platform
Status: Started (was: Available)
 Issue 851185  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 851221  has been merged into this issue.
Blocking: 854933
Labels: M-70
Should we change the subject line more generic for end users to easily recognize it? :-)
As an alternative to emulating an AC97 codec have we considered writing an ALSA or PulseAudio backend that talks to the CRAS daemon on the host system similar to how we proxy the Wayland protocol?
i don't think we should cater to any userland daemon (e.g. PulseAudio).  an ALSA plugin might be the lowest common denominator that would work, but i'm not sure that extra complexity would be worth it.  we'd have to make sure people have our custom plugin bind mounted in to the container and configured in their alsa settings (either in /etc or in the user's ~/) which is a bit fragile.  it's more complex than our existing daemons because we'd have to be in-process for all processes that want to talk directly to the ALSA streams.

doing an AC97 codec would isolate us from all that because it'd just be the guest VM kernel exposing the ALSA nodes to userland which is what all userlands/containers expect out of the box.  and if we wanted, could add OSS shims.
any progress?
Labels: -M-70 M-73
i think there's a PoC, but unlikely to land for R72.  Dylan might be able to post more details or relabel the milestone target.

Comment 17 by, Nov 13 (4 days ago)

Just throwing in a thumbs-up of support for this, since it would allow my daughter to play basic Steam games with sound on her Chromebook in Crostini.  
Thanks for all the hard work on this awesome project.

Comment 18 by, Nov 13 (3 days ago)

same here.
and play windows games from wine

På 13 november 2018 2:24:01 fm markmack… via monorail 
<> skrev:

Comment 19 by, Nov 13 (3 days ago)

Desperately awaiting this functionality, such that I can use ardour on my Pixelbook for multitrack recording. Happy to help with any testing.

Comment 20 by, Nov 13 (3 days ago)

The first version will be stereo playback only. Microphone access will come later, we want to make sure the access controls are just right before we allow untrusted code to use the microphone.

Comment 21 by, Nov 13 (3 days ago)

what do you meen with stereo play back?

På 13 november 2018 12:25:29 em dgr… via monorail 
<> skrev:

Comment 22 by, Nov 13 (3 days ago)

@dgreid - thanks, and understood. For my purposes, sound will enter via outboard ADC/DAC using USB, and I don't really have any need for mic input. I'll be delighted with stereo output only. Do you have a rough timeline (I see elsewhere 72 is unlikely - is 73 probable?)?

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