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Status: Duplicate
Closed: Nov 2017
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OS: Chrome
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daisy_skate-release:1910 failed

Project Member Reported by, Nov 1 2017

Issue description

daisy_skate-release:1910 failed

Builders failed on: 
- daisy_skate-release:

It looks like maybe this failed due to verify/repair failing?

Do we have logs from the verify/repair attempts failing? It feels like something is broken here since daisy_skate-release has been broken for 14 builds in a row.

The paygen suites themselves passed.
I'm only really familiar with, the Autotest part.

This line in the log is printing at the very end of

   Will return from run_suite with status: OK

Thus, the result is correct at the moment it is leaving (Autotest)

If you check the Report stdout:

   ** PASS PaygenTestDev (1:44:00)

So it looks good there.  I don't know why it shows up as red in Luci

I think the actual failure is this:

Failed in stage Paygen:
<class 'chromite.lib.parallel.ProcessSilentTimeout'>: No output from <_BackgroundTask(_BackgroundTask-7:6:6:3, started)> for 8610 seconds
01:39:14: INFO: RunCommand: python /b/c/goma_client/ stop
using /b/c/cbuild/repository/chroot/tmp/goma_tmp_dir.oep3Ug as tmpdir
Killing compiler proxy.
compiler proxy status:  goma is not running.
01:39:14: INFO: Goma log directory is: /b/c/cbuild/repository/chroot/tmp/goma_tmp_dir.oep3Ug/log_dir
01:39:14: INFO: Goma log upload destination: gs://chrome-goma-log/2017/11/01/cros-beefy26-c2
01:39:14: INFO: BuilderInfo: {"builder": "daisy_skate-release", "master": "chromeos", "slave": "cros-beefy26-c2", "clobber": false, "os": "chromeos"}
01:39:14: INFO: Uploading /b/c/cbuild/repository/chroot/tmp/goma_tmp_dir.oep3Ug/log_dir/
01:39:14: INFO: RunCommand: /b/c/cbuild/repository/.cache/common/gsutil_4.27.tar.gz/gsutil/gsutil -o 'Boto:num_retries=10' -h 'x-goog-meta-builderinfo:{"builder": "daisy_skate-release", "master": "chromeos", "slave": "cros-beefy26-c2", "clobber": false, "os": "chromeos"}' cp -v -Z -- /b/c/cbuild/repository/chroot/tmp/goma_tmp_dir.oep3Ug/log_dir/ gs://chrome-goma-log/2017/11/01/cros-beefy26-c2/
01:39:16: INFO: Uploading /b/c/cbuild/repository/chroot/tmp/goma_tmp_dir.oep3Ug/log_dir/
01:39:16: INFO: RunCommand: /b/c/cbuild/repository/.cache/common/gsutil_4.27.tar.gz/gsutil/gsutil -o 'Boto:num_retries=10' -h 'x-goog-meta-builderinfo:{"builder": "daisy_skate-release", "master": "chromeos", "slave": "cros-beefy26-c2", "clobber": false, "os": "chromeos"}' cp -v -Z -- /b/c/cbuild/repository/chroot/tmp/goma_tmp_dir.oep3Ug/log_dir/ gs://chrome-goma-log/2017/11/01/cros-beefy26-c2/
01:39:34: INFO: No gomacc logs found

To clarify, PaygenTestCanary failed, failing Paygen
 Issue 780639  has been merged into this issue.
Mergedinto: 781682
Status: Duplicate (was: Available)

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