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Status: WontFix
Closed: Jan 2010
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OS: All
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Type: Bug

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Bookmarks separators not supported

Reported by, Feb 17 2009

Issue description

Chrome Version       :

Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
Safari 3:
    Firefox 3: partially OK (OK with Firefox 2/Mozilla/Seamonkey)
IE 7:

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Import HTML bookmarks with separators (esp. from Mozilla/Firefox 2)
2. Separators are lost
1. Open bookmarks manager
2. Try to get organized
3. No separators available

What is the expected result?
Bookmarks separators should be supported (and imported).
Labeled bookmarks separators should be supported (and imported).

What happens instead?
No separators - no labels.

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if

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Comment 121 by Deleted ...@, Feb 18 2012

Chrome is such a phantastic browser. Unbelievable that it will not get a bookmark separator. Please reconsider. 
I don't understand why this is a 'NoFix' issue.
The coding for a feature like this is so simple, there really is no good reason to disregard it as 'extra clutter'.
Get your stuff together, guys! Deciding not to fix a tiny little issue like this doesn't say much for the developers!

Comment 123 Deleted

I want this feature badly.
Can't switch from FF because of that.
 Issue 118583  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 126 by Deleted ...@, Mar 22 2012

not switching to Chrome browser.. just because of non-availability of SEPARATOR
give us separators! PLEASE!!!
Hard to understand this decision by Google.
I have thousand of bookmarks in my firefox I can not switch to chrome because I do not want to become mad, I need separators,icons to be friendly usable. 
I want bookmark menu file or a bookmark button on the left side not on the right becouse I need all window to display it!
"I spoke with Glen about adding separators. He says separators are used by a small 
percentage of users" - where does Glen get this data from?
I can't understand why they didn't made this already...

The UI will stay exactly the same for non separators users and the rest will be happy.

The browser will stay on my traybar, untouched, until i have this option working.

Sad but true
Chrome devs just confute themselves (no need for separators) by putting no less than 7 separators under the 'wrench' settings drop-down menu list alone.

Its quite a narrow minded, arrogant decision to say that this would make the UI more complex. A whole bunch of unseparated bookmarks are that make it complex, not the separators which many users got used to with other browsers.

Comment 133 Deleted

Explain that bookmark separators must not be implemented because used only by a small amount of people, is rather a stupid argument. Bookmark separators is one of MOST USEFUL FEATURE that a good bookmark manager must have, Firefox of course have it, and i enjoy that so much. I basically still use firefox for bookmarks, and chrome only time by time because have easy to switch profiles (that are a very good idea indeed).

Please, implement BOOKMARK SEPARATORS in chrome. Not having this simple feature is absolutely weird! And start it by removing WONT-FIX flag right now!
Listen to me, dear chrome developers... if you are not able to implement real bookmark separators, then try to take into consideration this idea...

When the user rename a bookmark to a single dash (-) character, just add a standard menu separator to bookmark folders. Simple and easy... also make sure that syncing bookmarks separators does not get scrambled and shuffled. I would like they stuck into desired position.

Now, please, leave that damn WONTFIX to this issue, if you "google" around, you'll understand how this request is OVERHELMING, cant be ignored for long.
I simply hate using my huge bookmark collection (~6000 bookmarks, perfectly organized in folders and with use of separators, synced by Xmarks from Firefox into Chromium Browser) under Chromium, just because the 'great' someone decided not to add bookmark separators support into Chromium.

This limits me not only from using Chromium in a production environment, but even from switching to Chromium Browser at all.

Who really cares if the Chroomium browser is a bit faster than others, if using it on a daily basis is a real pain a makes users feel ignored if it comes to their everyday needs.

The BOOKMARK SEPARATOR feature would be a real UI optimalisation, which makes people using bookmarks less tired, less upset, more productive and thus more eco-efficient.

Please, face up to the fact, that this could save many CO2 emissions if EVERY user saves just a few seconds or minutes per year when listing his bookmarks or using any other feature which has been optimalised to be more 'well-arranged'.

Make love, not war! Think green!

Comment 137 by, Aug 19 2012

Please reconsider this issue, it is needed.

Comment 138 Deleted

how many comments and stars are required to proof "separators are used by a small 
percentage of users" statement is not true?

Comment 140 by Deleted ...@, Oct 17 2012

Please reconsider adding in dividers.

Comment 141 by Deleted ...@, Nov 8 2012

I can't believe there's an email chain going back 3 years on this topic.  Rather simple solutions have been proposed and good arguments have been made on how this feature improves usability.  And yet they have been consistently rejected with apparently no real thought on the issue.  On top of that, it is clear that this is a reason several users, including myself, will not switch to Chrome as my main browser.  The current "won't fix" status and answer that "I don't use it so it must not be common" is more appropriate for a Microsoft product than the Chrome team.
For me too this is the reason why I still use Firefox. I would use Chrome instead if it would be possible to organize my bookmarks in the same way as I do in Firefox. I do not understand this totally ignorant position of the Chrome team...

Comment 143 by Deleted ...@, Dec 10 2012

Dear Chrome Dev Team,

So how many people would be enough to convince you that this is an important and popular feature that should be implemented. Is a petition in order? The lack of dividers is the one thing that keeps me from leaving Firefox. Somebody there needs to set ego and personal bias aside (this can't be that hard to implement, so there's no other explanation), and make this an option.

Comment 144 by Deleted ...@, Dec 18 2012

Import bookmarks from firefox to chrome is useless because i lose all my separators.

Until this problem is fixed Chrome will be my secondary browser.

Look. I'm annoyed. The arguments it's making the gui less complex from the point of view of users apply and you haven't disproved them. I am a programmer and I know how much time it would take me to add separators into a code, I worked with on a personal basis, so don't lie to me. It's not complex even from this point of view. Provided that your bookmark module is well coded, concerns are well separated, and your employees are not lazy, it wouldn't take more than one manday. More likely half a day for a person. I could do it in a few minutes in my projects. So pleeeeeaaasse, please, please, hear out this tiny plea repeated so many times by so many users and potential users for such a long time, spend those few dollars on this issue and earn a lot of respect. Thank you.

Comment 146 by Deleted ...@, Jan 14 2013

Please reconsider adding in dividers.

Comment 147 by, Feb 10 2013

please reconsider to add dividers plz. from Japan,

Comment 148 by, Feb 10 2013

I am from Japan, And I have been taking a survey in this regard in Japan.
This survey may not be statistically valid, though.
But, as information, i will write the URL of this survey. 3A% 2F% 2Fqa% 2F7937772.html

(by Google Translate)

Original is in Japanese.


Comment 149 by, Feb 10 2013

sorry but the URL is cut in the half.
So i will write down the URL converted by

Project Member

Comment 150 by, Mar 11 2013

Labels: -Area-UI -Feature-Bookmarks Cr-UI-Browser-Bookmarks Cr-UI
Please implement! Thanks

Comment 152 by Deleted ...@, Mar 17 2013

Dear Chrome Team,

For the sake of power users, PLEASE add support for bookmark dividers!

I am a designer/developer, and I have been wanting to switch to Chrome as my primary browser for over a year now. One of the very few things holding me back has been the lack of support for bookmark dividers. I'm not joking, this should have been supported from day one. I use tons of bookmarks, it's incredibly important to me. I would like to transfer my bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome, and losing the dividers would leave my bookmarks feeling disorganized and harder to read. The hacky solutions that exist out there are inefficient and unsustainable.

I love Chrome and I want to switch over to it... So please make it easier for me and other power-users to make the switch.


Comment 153 Deleted

I wanted to switch to Chrome. Installed it. Imported bookmarks. Found out that bookmarks separators were not possible. Searched the web for hours for a solution, not workarounds. Found this thread. Laughed. Uninstalled Chrome. Lived happily ever after.

Comment 155 by, Apr 6 2013

I switched from Firefox to Chrome a year ago, due to the increased speed and reliability. My main issue with it has been the lack of bookmark separators, coupled with the extremely generous space between bookmarks, both in the bookmark bar and the bookmark folders (Chrome's latest upgrade further increased the said space). Since Firefox has caught up with Chrome in terms of speed, reliability and memory usage, I will soo consider moving back to it if these options are not included in Chrome.
Menus have separators for grouping like items.  The Windows GUI has them, all the Linux GUIs have them, all the Apple GUIs have them.  They are a standard part of menus in all applications and pretty much always have been.  Even Chrome has them on its own menus.  

As a developer with more than 25 years experience, a response from the Bookmarks developers claiming that menu separators don't have broad-based appeal and complicate the GUI is, well, it's a lie.  They're working over their heads and can't figure out how to implement separators because of bad code already in place.  I've been in those meetings where the guy who wrote the bad code has lots of seniority, so everyone simply keeps quiet while he makes excuses.  

This isn't a bug, it's a choice. It exists because of someone who retains his position based on seniority rather than knowledge or expertise.  No amount of "stars" will change this.  It'll get fixed when the moron responsible for it retires and somebody who knows how to code is hired to fix all his mistakes.


Comment 157 by Deleted ...@, Apr 25 2013

It's quite fascinating how incredibly complex programs can leave out trivial, but indispensable features, isn't it? And what makes it even odder is that: (1) It's Google; (2) users have been complaining (reasonably, clearly) about it for years. 

Strange ... 

Maybe Richard (#156) is right? 

Comment 158 by Deleted ...@, May 9 2013

Good God, just add separators. A small percentage of people use developer tools but it's still there. What is the big freaking deal??
I couldn't have said it better than Richard (#156). I'm not sure what the situation is with the code base and developer politics, but surely adding separator support would do more good than harm. I'd wager that very few folks not specifically looking for a way to add a separator would even notice the menu option.

Comment 160 by Deleted ...@, May 29 2013

What is wrong with you arrogant, elitist, Google pricks? How many thousands of users have made it clear they want bookmark separators? How many users have to tell you that the reason they do not (an will not) use chrome is because of this ONE ISSUE? When will  you finally give your supporters what they clearly want, and prove that you are human beings, not geek robots?

Comment 161 by Deleted ...@, May 30 2013

Found this page searching for a solution to have separators in bookmarks. I was really surprised about the feedback from developer telling us that separators use only a few people. I asked me: how do you know this? I do not find any statistics about the use of separators in bookmarks! And I am sure there are no statistics.
What about this statistic:
- Only 0,001% of Google Chrome users who needs separators do a lookup for that feature and try in an active way to get that feature.
- With me it is the #161:
  0,001% are 161 people
    1% = 161 / 0,001 = 161.000 people
  100% = 161.000.000 people would like to use separators! That are not just "some"!!!

Comment 162 Deleted

Comment 163 by Deleted ...@, May 31 2013

Fuck you Glen.

Comment 164 Deleted

Comment 165 by Deleted ...@, Jun 24 2013

No bookmark separators in Chrome... 
I'm not a robot...
I need visual structure elements...
Hey Google! You know that users NEED separators and that a large percentage of users are using workarounds in Chrome and Safari, so stop using poor excuses and implement the damn thing already. This is not much work and will satisfy MANY users. Thanks in advance. 
Open letter to Google:

Every built-in Chrome menu uses separators. Right-click in the bookmark manager, again there are separators. So we agree that separators are useful, right?

Saying that only a small % of users create their own separators also misses the point. Many users also don't bother to even create bookmarks-- they just leave tabs open to their favorite pages. Of those that do, many don't create folders, they just let bookmarks stack up. Etc. That doesn't mean you wouldn't support such basic features.

Google engineers could also ask themselves WHY many users don't create bookmarks, folders, and/or separators. Maybe the process could be made easier? (That's why users can now click on the star to "favorite" a page, instead of creating bookmarks.) So maybe there are ways to make it more intuitive to create folders and separators for bookmarks? Feel free to invent that.

In the meantime, please, let's at least have the ability to separate our bookmarks in the menu SOMEHOW. As long as users have the ability to put bookmarks in a menu, it seems reasonable to let users organize them the same ways built-in menus are organized.

What's the status of work on this feature? Looks like this bug has been open since 2009 and still hasn't been implemented. I wouldn't think it was that hard to of a feature to add!
Please add separators. Will provide a visual demonstration of the simpler UI it affords if asked.

Comment 170 by Deleted ...@, Oct 28 2013

This is a deal breaker issue for me. The lack of bookmarks separators is what is preventing me from switching to Chrome. 
I am sticking to FF as long as Chrome does not allow me to organize my bookmarks in a sensible way with separator. 

Come on, adding separator is such an obvious necessary feature, there are separators/dividers in your own Chrome menu, as well as in Mac OSX and Windows interface menus. 

Comment 171 by Deleted ...@, Nov 9 2013

The lack of bookmark separators have been the only issue I haven't given up FF as my primary browser. I use xmarks to sync all my bookmarks across browsers because I work in Web and I have to QA all browsers. But, the simple lack of bookmark separators give me a headache when searching for a bookmark among a long list inside a folder.

Bookmark separator is a must for good organization and UX.

Comment 172 by, Dec 5 2013

"I spoke with Glen about adding separators. He says separators are used by a small 
percentage of users and that it's not worth adding the extra complexity to the UI to 
support an option used by a small percentage."

So, even if it's small percentage, we do not matter? That's Google's stance on this matter? How do they even know it's a small percentage without implementing the feature? Once it's added I am sure many users will be using it. This is sad and pathetic at Google's end to behave in this manner. Day by day they are becoming arrogant and forceful on users. Google + is an example of it. I see that thing pretty much EVERYWHERE and POPS up in every service I use from Google asking me to sign up. So fregging annoying. Sick and tired of this kind of treatment and behavior.

Comment 173 Deleted

wow, first time encountering this thread, as part of my search for a way to add bookmark separators, unsurprisingly.

what a colossal fuck up. 

just want to add that something awfully similar to a separator already exists to this day in chrome, just left of the "Other bookmarks" button..
(see attachment: based on earlier image in this thread)
237 KB View Download

Comment 175 Deleted

Separator please. 

Comment 177 by Deleted ...@, May 15 2014

I'm switching to FireFox.  Chrome needs separators

Comment 178 by Deleted ...@, May 15 2014

I'm switching to FireFox.  Chrome needs separators
Comment #174 ( ) is absolutely correct: 
<< just want to add that something awfully similar to a separator already exists to this day in chrome, just left of the "Other bookmarks" button.. >> 

I am using Google Chrome 34 (Version 34.0.1847.137 m) and do confirm that there is indeed a "special vertical separator" to the left of "Other bookmarks" item on the right side of the "bookmarks bar". 

Does anyone know how to access this existing "special vertical separator" and use it as a normal separator?
Google Chrome team should fire Glen and add separators. Simple as that.

Comment 181 Deleted

Comment 182 by Deleted ...@, Jul 31 2014

So, the designers think it's fine to use separators in the menus but it would be useless to allow us to do the same in our bookmarks.  Curious...

Comment 183 by Deleted ...@, Sep 26 2014

I cannot believe separators are still unsupported in Chrome. I need them to have clean bookmarks.

Came on!

Comment 184 by Deleted ...@, Oct 24 2014

Seriously, this argument is archaic... Chrome bookmarks are terrible and they're holding a lot of people back... it's been almost 6 years now... just allow an addon to recreate the Firefox functionality and stop being such a stick-in-the-mud.

I would gladly switch to Chrome from a decade of using Firefox, but I use bookmark properties to save login information (right click on bookmark > properties), as well as separators extensively to stay organized... I simply can't jump ship without that functionality being included in Chrome.

It's almost 2015 guys... please stop arguing and at least let developers create addons that replicate one of the MOST USEFUL features a web browser has to offer... *face/palm*

The bookmarks toolbar can only hold a certain number of bookmark folders. So, users are forced to organize their bookmarks in one way or another.

With separators, toplevel bookmark folders could contain more bookmarks and still be easily grasped.

Without separators, we have to create a deeper hierarchies of folders which is a usability nightmare.

Please reconsider adding separators in bookmark folders.
This issue alone makes Chrome obsolete. Users NEED separators. Your developers acknowledge this by the fact THEY have used one & already added the extra complexity (yet- *we* don't need them). 

Summing up:
1. Hypocrisy ("it's not worth" adding one for user purposes, yet you use one)
2. Unsubstantiated claim (option used by a small %)
3. Insults users - assumes users lack ability to a) grasp relevance, and 2) implement them for intended purpose

1.2 KB View Download

Comment 187 by, Nov 15 2014


Comment 188 by Deleted ...@, Jan 11 2015

I kept wanting to switch from Firefox to Chrome.  But because of the separators, menus in my bookmarks just don't look right.  (Okay, may be I'm over-bookmarking, but what can I do?)  I promise that I will dump Firefox when Chrome has menu separators.
This is incredible... Three years that my firefox is bloated, crashes and slows me up. 

Three years, every time i got so fed up that I start looking again for any google extension or update that would allow separators. 

And each time the same scenario : nothing better than the poor underscore workaround. So i stay with firefox which probably cost me hundred of hours of productivity due do its slowlyness, and i keep my grieveness against chrome that for that unique and specific reason, i'm not recommanding to people around me.

It's a waste and defines really poor management to come to version 40 without having the clue to see into the last 5 years the desperate need for this function.
"Today I woke up sweating after an uneasy sleep and a nightmare… 
I dreamt I was lost in a labyrinth of complex UI trying to recreate the functionality of 'menu separators', a feature that was created decades ago yet fallen into oblivion... A angry mob of secret mystic followers of the separators was after me, they were waving laptops and throwing mice at me. 
They were gaining on me and I couldn’t run … I struggled to find a way out but I came to a dead end. 
They cornered me and next thing, I was coding for my life … They were torturing me, bullying me, pushing me around and I was trying to focus, I was trying like hell to find my way through the millions of lines of complex UI code in order to finish in time. A big digital clock with blinking red digits… a countdown. I tried not to watch, I didn't want to lose focus, I coded like there was no tomorrow ...

The clock was showing less than a minute, and I started to panic
30 seconds, they were yelling at me
20 seconds, they started to push me, I panicked
10 seconds, the complex UI has gotten the best of me … I was lost … completely lost!
5 seconds, I raised my hands from the keyboard … I stood and turned to face my demons. 
3 SECONDS, a MacBook pro 15" was flying in the air, its trajectory would bring it to my head.
 1 SECOND! blackness …

That’s when I woke up all sweaty trying to catch my breath …

I should stop staring at the comments on  issue #7789  on chromium, it affects me …”

November 11, 2025

P.S. Sky, don’t ever mention the word separator again, never.

Just found this thread while looking for a solution - I'm speechless it won't be implemented. 

Comment 192 by Deleted ...@, Jun 14 2015

Not adding a simple separator in the right click menu is incomprehensible.

It's ridiculous this feature hasn't been implemented in Chrome, yet.  Stubborn developers... 

Comment 194 by Deleted ...@, Aug 30 2015

Where did you get that information from (separators are used by a small 
percentage of users) if it's not even implemented in chrom?
In my and other user's opinion (as you can read) your decition on Jan 13, 2010 about not implementing separators was a bad decision! This feature must be implemented, since there are many reasons.

* Many users who are still using other browsers (incl. me) require a neat imoprt of data (Passwords, Bookmarks etc.) to switch to chrome
* This Bookmarks are created and managed for many years, and it's difficult to create all separators from scratch
* You can not say "separators are used by a small percentage of users", because you can not prove it, but in my opinion it's worth adding this feature, because it helps attracting new user
* A Seperator in general will be a nice feature for chrome.

Comment 196 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2015

C’mon Google, build us a separator, you lazy bum.

 (yes, it's a Simpsons quote)
+1 Me too.

Such a simple feature that will be used by many users.

Just a a menu option to add a moveable vertical bar. Not feature creep.

Just do it! Please!

Comment 198 by, Feb 7 2016

I really like Google Chrome and use it as my default browser. However, their stance on never adding a "Separator" makes believe that Google Chrome team really doesn't care about what the users wants. It's really sad that despite request being made by many nothing has moved them to even consider it. This thread has been opened since 2009. Now, it's 2016 and still nothing--for Pete's sake, get on with it and give us a bookmark separator on the next version already. It's not a rocket science to just an seperator. Firefox had this feature since forever. Get your act together Chrome team.
I too think separators are very much needed, but I just wanted to point out that the status of this bug is set to "WontFix", so that means that no one is monitoring it and no one will reopen it and work on it, no matter how many comments and complaints we might add to this page. On the other hand, as soon as somebody creates a new report for this issue, it immediately gets closed as a duplicate of this one. So what can we do? Not much, I suspect.
Please please add a simple bookmark separator, and I'll be grateful forever.

Comment 201 Deleted

Apparently "Glen" decided in 2010 that all you people that want separators can go screw yourselves - it's just TOO MUCH UI COMPLEXITY!

Glen is an idiot. Surely he has been fired by now for gross stupidity. Can we re-open the issue on the off chance that somebody with 2 functioning neurons has replaced Glen?
please :)
Amazing -- this thread started in 2009 and it's 2016 now and no one's implemented separators in Google Chrome.  And there are lots of good suggestions, the simplest one being Name=- and URL=blank.

I've been trying to find some sort of separator functionality in Google Chrome since I was forced to use the browser by edX.  This is what I do: set up a link to http://foo./ and put a bunch of minuses in the Name field.  It's not as pretty as real separators would be, but it does the job.

(Could the control freaks in Google Chrome development keeping this from happening be the same people that tried to force those goofy scroll bars on us?  Also, why isn't there a Sort by Name?)

Comment 205 Deleted

We get it: it's not going to change the world. Wars won't stop, cancer won't be cured, walls will still be built. 

But like a mug of warm chocolate, or a smile from an old memory, such a _tiny_ change will be like a fresh kiss in what is essentially a futile and banal existence. 

Come on Google: add a little spring to our step and pop in that wee separator feature. We promise to never open Firefox again if you do. Love and hugs x
Up-vote my request for Vivaldi here if you want to have any hope to ever see this "crazy" feature.
Dear Google and the Chrome team.

Please reconsider this feature. Unless there are legitimate performance concerns, I don't see the harm in adding such a useful feature for us power users.

This is one of the only remaining features that I sorely miss from when I switch over to Chrome from Firefox as my primary browser back in early 2013. I have been using the mayastudios hack-method for the time being, but it isn't smooth or graceful compared to what a native bar would look like (the favicon area on the left leaves a large blank space). This nags at the neat-freak in me daily.

How many hours of developer/manager man-hours would this feature take? Maybe 80/120? Tens of thousands of us would deeply appreciate that time and effort.

Comment 209 by, Feb 22 2017

 Issue 694466  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 210 by, Feb 23 2017

 Issue 695222  has been merged into this issue.
Dear Google,

This is really long awaited feature that would really make your users happier.


Comment 212 by, Feb 23 2017

Dear Chrome Team,

We really need this feature for good organization of our bookmarks please spend some time on this issue
It is, frankly, insane that Chrome cannot handle such a simple feature.  That "most users" won't use it is not an excuse - ALL power features are only used by a minority of users; that's no reason not to have them.

I had just switched from Firefox to Chrome after many years because they removed a feature considerably less popular than this.  The inability to organise my bookmarks clearly caused me to switch back.  

Implement this feature and gain users - it's that simple.
C'on now, how hard can this issue really be to resolve..? I mean, even if only a "small percentage" of people use it, it's important to them and it's not like it costs money to keep or anything. I know it would make my life a little bit simpler. Isn't it Google's mission statement to provide the best possible experience for the user..?
Do we need to start a petition at to get this feature prioritized? Is that what this is coming to?
I agree with the many comments above... HOW can this issue be ESCALATED TO 1st and 2nd LEVEL UPPER MANAGEMENT of this department with an officiaL explanation from them. Anyone know how this can be done?  It appears the individual assigned, SKY, will stick to "WONT FIX". 
it's totally ridiculous...

did you all vote (star)?

It's a huge difference between folders and separators, folder need a second click.

Comment 218 Deleted

I totally vote for this!!
please, add separator. It makes stuff neat and nice.
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