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issue 636111

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clang-cl debug info: function arguments don't show up when breaking before prologues

Project Member Reported by, Oct 9 2017

Issue description

Split off from  Bug 755841 

The function arguments don't actually show up before the prologue with MSVC builds either, except for arguments on the stack which means it usually works for 32-bit builds in practive.

The problem is made worse for functions where the open and closing curly brace are on the same line as the declarator. This makes it hard to step past the prologue without leaving the function.

It's not clear how to fix this, but it's an opportunity for improvement.

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I tried fixing this by filling in the "DbgStart" field of the S_GPROC32_ID symbol, but it didn't help. The debugger still stops on the first instruction of the function, and with LLVM parameters haven't been copied into their allocas yet.

Another way to fix this would be to provide extra S_DEFRANGE records for parameters. I saw some code in LLVM to do the moral equivalent for DWARF, so we might be able to do this.

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