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Status: WontFix
Closed: Aug 7
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Pri: 2
Type: Bug-Regression

issue 730036

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Tracking bug for infra-related regressions 2017-08-04
Project Member Reported by, Aug 7 Back to list
There seems to be a high number of infra-related regressions in which e.g. load_news_washingtonpost_ref shows the same behavior as load_news_washingtonpost:

* improvement at 2017-07-27
* regression at 2017-08-04
All graphs for this bug:

(For debugging:) Original alerts at time of bug-filing:

Bot(s) for this bug's original alert(s):


=== Auto-CCing suspected CL author ===

Hi, the bisect results pointed to your CL, please take a look at the

Perf regression found with culprit

Suspected Commit
  Author : xunjieli
  Commit : 357e1deefca78c61e457f340270c9cd6f38321f5
  Date   : Thu Aug 03 22:16:30 2017
  Subject: [wpr-go] Use a dummy cert if no cert is recorded

Bisect Details
  Configuration: android_nexus5X_perf_bisect
  Benchmark    : system_health.memory_mobile
  Metric       : memory:chrome:renderer_processes:reported_by_chrome:v8:heap:allocated_objects_size_avg/load_tools/load_tools_weather
  Change       : 878.24% | 2129308.0 -> 20829651.3333

Revision                                 Result                  N
chromium@491858                          2129308 +- 0.0          6      good
chromium@491912                          2129308 +- 0.0          6      good
chromium@491919                          2129308 +- 0.0          6      good
chromium@491923                          2129308 +- 0.0          6      good
chromium@491924                          2129308 +- 0.0          6      good
chromium@491924,catapult@b0f1e24d46      2129308 +- 0.0          6      good
chromium@491924,catapult@357e1deefc      21130145 +- 482774      6      bad       <--
chromium@491925                          20874211 +- 422247      6      bad
chromium@491926                          20934291 +- 385162      6      bad
chromium@491939                          20948284 +- 415710      6      bad
chromium@491965                          20829651 +- 361980      6      bad

Please refer to the following doc on diagnosing memory regressions:

To Run This Test
  src/tools/perf/run_benchmark -v --browser=android-chromium --output-format=chartjson --upload-results --pageset-repeat=1 --also-run-disabled-tests system_health.memory_mobile

More information on addressing performance regressions:

Debug information about this bisect:

For feedback, file a bug with component Speed>Bisection
Owner: ----
I assume the bisect result is invalid, unassigning.
Status: WontFix
Thanks jgruber@. The bisect is correct. 357e1deefca78c61e457f340270c9cd6f38321f5 fixed an issue where some pages were loading incompletely after wprgo migration (r489923). Because pages were loading incompletely, some memory metrics "improved". I see that these memory metrics have gone back to their original values before r489923, so I am applying WontFix here.
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 Issue 753276  has been merged into this issue.
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Blocking: 730036
 Issue 753822  has been merged into this issue.
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