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Status: Archived
Closed: Aug 2017
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Chrome
Pri: 1
Type: Bug

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Moblab in the lab is failing to provision

Project Member Reported by, Aug 3 2017

Issue description

Failed: Legacy host verification checks
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/autotest/client/common_lib/hosts/", line 329, in _verify_host
  File "/usr/local/autotest/server/hosts/", line 55, in verify
  File "/usr/local/autotest/server/hosts/", line 1536, in verify_software
    super(CrosHost, self).verify_software()
  File "/usr/local/autotest/server/hosts/", line 755, in verify_software
  File "/usr/local/autotest/client/common_lib/hosts/", line 355, in check_diskspace
    free_space_gb = int(df[3]) / mb_per_gb
IndexError: list index out of range

Possibly related to
Before your CL, MoblabHost.verify_software was overriding the parent one without calling super(...).verify_software.

You removed it, so now moblab is failing sanity verify_software for base host!

This is bad as far as moblab is concerned.

I'd say first "fix this" by adding back a dummy verify_software. This brings us back to where we were.

We can then see why moblab fails the sanity testing expected of all cros hosts.
Forget what I said. I can't see. MoblabHost was calling super's method :(
08/02 16:47:32.403 INFO |            repair:0327| Verifying this condition: Legacy host verification checks
08/02 16:47:32.403 DEBUG|          autotest:0119| Using existing host autodir: /usr/local/autodir
08/02 16:47:32.403 INFO |      base_classes:0353| Checking for >= 0.7 GB of space under /usr/local/autodir on machine chromeos2-row1-rack8-host7
08/02 16:47:32.412 DEBUG|          ssh_host:0296| Running (ssh) 'df -PB 1000000 /usr/local/autodir | tail -1' from 'verify_software|verify_software|check_diskspace|run|wrapper|run_very_slowly'
08/02 16:47:32.563 ERROR|             utils:0280| [stderr] df: /usr/local/autodir: No such file or directory

So, it decided to "use existing autodir", but then df said that autodir doesn't exist.
As a result df returned no result. (and we happily assumed that the result would have three parts..
Status: Assigned (was: Untriaged)
So, yeah.
This is indeed failing because of

verify_software was creating /usr/local/autodir before verifying diskspace in it.

I don't think that CL is to blame as such -- host.get_autodir seems to not guarantee that autodir exists, but its callers seem to assume it does.

In fact check_diskspace's caller claims to ignore failures when the directory doesn't exist, but it clearly doesn't do so.
+deputy: This killed last CQ run, will kill this one too.

I'm reverting the CL that caused this.
Project Member

Comment 6 by, Aug 3 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 26933a0b0dd9642300ef4e83ca9b31f5ccf82352
Author: Prathmesh Prabhu <>
Date: Thu Aug 03 01:09:12 2017

Revert "[moblab] Move the moblab setup from the host provision to the test."

This reverts commit 007036ca865ca80ad31988aa02080e6370829244.

Reason for revert: This CL tickled a bug that causes moblab provision to fail. 
This CL is a poor victim of earlier bugs. But, CQ must move on...

Original change's description:
> [moblab] Move the moblab setup from the host provision to the test.
> In the aim to have moblab issue show up as test failures vs
> provision failures tests should setup the moblab.
> BUG= chromium:749325 
> TEST=trybot
> Change-Id: I75e486d4726a33243e4e3238b216b33df1838ad8
> Reviewed-on:
> Commit-Ready: Keith Haddow <>
> Tested-by: Keith Haddow <>
> Reviewed-by: Prathmesh Prabhu <>
> Reviewed-by: Keith Haddow <>

Bug= chromium:749325 
BUG= chromium:751895 

Change-Id: Id2dbfc67a8c108695fb5d42d7bac1ba9e0a9457b
Tested-by: Prathmesh Prabhu <>
Reviewed-by: Prathmesh Prabhu <>


 Issue 751885  has been merged into this issue.
Project Member

Comment 8 by, Aug 3 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit eade7bf913753e3cd651c59c5c776e5081ac20d3
Author: Hidehiko Abe <>
Date: Thu Aug 03 06:29:15 2017

Mark guado_moblab experiment temporarily.

The builder is failing and making master-paladin red.

BUG= chromium:751895 

Change-Id: I6780001c60673938e397a6f41931e04d68099f47
Tested-by: Hidehiko Abe <>
Trybot-Ready: Hidehiko Abe <>
Reviewed-by: Manoj Gupta <>
Commit-Queue: Hidehiko Abe <>


FYI: The blamed CL should have been blocked in the CQ, if the CQ had been running autotest tests with SSP. This is the second indication in 2 days that we're not using SSP at all in the CQ atm

That is a problem.
Re #9: My no-SSP guess was wrong. The CQ run in which the original CL was submitted did run with SSP:

The problem is that provision never uses SSP. So this provision didn't catch the problem:

This means that you can't use a moblab trybot to test this change. You must provision a moblab DUT from your local autotest setup (with your change) to test this.
I have tried to reproduce this locally by provisioning a local moblab when the faulty code is in my client

 test_that --board guado_moblab provision_AutoUpdate --args='value=guado_moblab-release/R62-9802.0.0'

But the test just passes and the device gets auto updated.  I will continue with fixes but it would be nice to know how to reproduce this error locally so I know that I do not make another mistake.
Re #11: Nothing in provision_AutoUpdate makes me believe that it requests skipping SSP by default. Can you double check that your test_that invocation didn't end up using SSP (look for ssp_logs in the results folder)
Status: Started (was: Assigned)
I can find no ssp_logs in the test_that results folder.
Project Member

Comment 16 by, Aug 6 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 07f1d3e95c260b4958fbc122da02e200f95f5f8b
Author: Keith Haddow <>
Date: Sun Aug 06 07:30:48 2017

[autotest] Make the diskspace check more robust.

Check to see the path provided to check the diskspace exists and
catch some exceptions that may happen if the du command fails

BUG= chromium:751895 
TEST= test_that, trybot job

Change-Id: I132ecbb4c92a61d496a08b22f841d55b00bef8ee
Commit-Ready: Keith Haddow <>
Tested-by: Keith Haddow <>
Reviewed-by: Keith Haddow <>


Issue 753015 has been merged into this issue.
Project Member

Comment 18 by, Aug 8 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit b45c84267bc5fbbb4cec0aad025cf3a52f387a57
Author: Prathmesh Prabhu <>
Date: Tue Aug 08 05:18:51 2017

[autotest] Fix check_diskspace path existence check

CL:601414 incorrectly used os.path.exists to check for path existence.
All os level calls must go via the |run| method on hosts classes. FixIt.

BUG= chromium:751895 
TEST=(new) unittests; test-push passes.

Change-Id: I7781411e3f5b8edafe4fa38ce3ae4b574826308e
Commit-Ready: Prathmesh Prabhu <>
Tested-by: Prathmesh Prabhu <>
Reviewed-by: Keith Haddow <>


Status: Fixed (was: Started)
Status: Archived (was: Fixed)

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