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Sign Builder to show domain-restricted slides

Project Member Reported by, Jul 24 2017

Issue description

Kiosk customers love Chrome Sign Builder for its simplicity and flexibility - When they want to update signage contents they can just edit presentation files.

However, some customers are reluctant to use Chrome Sign Builder because they need to publish slides. They want to show slides in digital signage without sharing the files externally, for example when they use signages within their companies. As an alternative they need to use other paid solutions.

This has been a long time feature requests from numerous customers as far as I recall, but we don't have exact number since we haven't turned this into FR. I am filing this now as a reference point for future requests.
This is a real need in school so that they may run private slides
This is a huge problem for us. We want to show sales numbers and a lot of internal data but do not want the presentation to be Public with Link. We currently have the presentation set to domain-wide viewing, but this forces a login prompt each time the Chrome signage device is rebooted. It works, but it is a hassle and not scalable. Allowing a managed Chrome device View permissions to slide deck would fix this issue. 

Comment 3 by, Jan 22 2018

Note: This feature request has been de-prioritized due to lack of resources and availability of 3rd party solutions to achieve the same requirement.

Status: Assigned (was: Untriaged)
This bug has an owner, thus, it's been triaged. Changing status to "assigned".
Glad to see this is getting attention. We could greatly use it. Thanks.

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