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hterm: when using the virtual keyboard, cursor/input state is not tracked correctly

Project Member Reported by, Jun 29 2017

Issue description

seems like in some cases, when using a virtual keyboard, the terminal cursor is not updated, nor is the input typed displayed at the correct location

to reproduce, load hterm in a web browser on an Android phone, and then just start typing.
another way to reproduce: enable an IME (like Japanese), then click anywhere in the terminal, then start typing.  the temporary IME input will show up where you clicked (not where the terminal cursor is), and once you hit enter to select the ideogram, the temporary IME input stays stuck.

Comment 3 by, Aug 25 2017

When I use an IME to reproduce the above problem, I can see the temporary IME inputs show up in both at where I clicked AND at the terminal cursor as the attachment shows.
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In chrome web browser on android phone, it appears that the input is not being sent to the actual IO object, it's staying in the (now content editable) div. Result: typing using the Android keyboard doesn't actually have any effect. (tested using Wetty which uses hterm UI).

Project Member

Comment 5 by, Nov 12

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