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Issue 729800 Async Cookies API
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Status: Assigned
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Type: Launch-OWP
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- This launch issue is used for standards and implementation tracking only.
It is NOT for Chrome approval regarding privacy, security, legal, UI,
accessibility etc.
- An overview of the different launch issues can be found here:
- If your feature requires security / privacy / etc approval then seek a PM
to guide you through the go/newchromefeature process
See for an overview of the
Blink launch process, but note this doesn't cover security / privacy / etc
reviews as discussed above.
Change description:
This adds an asynchronous cookie API to documents and Service Workers.
Changes to API surface:

- write (or "set") cookies by self.cookieStore.set
- delete (or "expire") cookies by self.cookieStore.delete
- read (or "get") script-visible cookies by self.cookieStore.get
 - ... including for specified in-scope request paths in service worker contexts
- monitor script-visible cookies for changes
 - ... using new self.CookieObserver(callback).observe in long-running script -
- contexts (e.g. document)
 - ... using addEventListener('cookiechange', handler) after registration during the InstallEvent in ephemeral service worker contexts by event.registerCookieChangeInterest
 - ... again including for script-supplied in-scope request paths in service worker contexts
See the explainer on WICG GitHub for further in-depth discussion of the proposal:
Public standards discussion:
Intent to implement discussion on blink-dev:
Support in other browsers: None, yet
Internet Explorer: Not yet
Firefox: Not yet
Safari: Not yet

Comment 1 Deleted
This sounds really cool.

Could I suggest Blink>Storage>Cookies? The Blink>ServiceWorker triage process works best when core service worker bugs are filed against it, and I imagine we'll have more bugs filed as implementation of the Async Cookies API progresses.
Comment 3 by, Jun 20 (6 days ago)
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