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Async Cookies API
Project Member Reported by, Jun 5 Back to list
- This launch issue is used for standards and implementation tracking only.
It is NOT for Chrome approval regarding privacy, security, legal, UI,
accessibility etc.
- An overview of the different launch issues can be found here:
- If your feature requires security / privacy / etc approval then seek a PM
to guide you through the go/newchromefeature process
See for an overview of the
Blink launch process, but note this doesn't cover security / privacy / etc
reviews as discussed above.
Change description:
This adds an asynchronous cookie API to documents and Service Workers.
Changes to API surface:

- write (or "set") cookies by self.cookieStore.set
- delete (or "expire") cookies by self.cookieStore.delete
- read (or "get") script-visible cookies by self.cookieStore.get
 - ... including for specified in-scope request paths in service worker contexts
- monitor script-visible cookies for changes
 - ... using new self.CookieObserver(callback).observe in long-running script -
- contexts (e.g. document)
 - ... using addEventListener('cookiechange', handler) after registration during the InstallEvent in ephemeral service worker contexts by event.registerCookieChangeInterest
 - ... again including for script-supplied in-scope request paths in service worker contexts
See the explainer on WICG GitHub for further in-depth discussion of the proposal:
Public standards discussion:
Intent to implement discussion on blink-dev:
Support in other browsers: None, yet
Internet Explorer: Not yet
Firefox: Not yet
Safari: Not yet

Comment 1 Deleted
This sounds really cool.

Could I suggest Blink>Storage>Cookies? The Blink>ServiceWorker triage process works best when core service worker bugs are filed against it, and I imagine we'll have more bugs filed as implementation of the Async Cookies API progresses.
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Labels: DevRel-Facebook
We (Facebook) have been reviewing our automated Chrome tracing data and we're seeing cookie as a huge source of jank. It's actually the single primary outlier. This would be very useful for improving page performance. We're seeing 1s+ outlier for document.cookie calls.
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Comment 8 Deleted
#8: What is your intent behind attaching that file to this bug?
Labels: migrated-launch-owp Type-Task
This issue has been automatically relabelled type=task because type=launch-owp issues are now officially deprecated. The deprecation is because they were creating confusion about how to get launch approvals, which should be instead done via type=launch issues.

We recommend this issue be used for implementation tracking (for public visibility), but if you already have an issue for that, you may mark this as duplicate.

For more details see here:

For any questions, please contact owencm, sshruthi, larforge
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