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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jul 2017
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Additional referrer policies: same-origin, strict-origin, strict-origin-when-cross-origin

Project Member Reported by, Jun 5 2017 Back to list

Issue description

Change description:
The Referrer Policy specification includes three policy values that Chrome doesn't yet implement.
- same-origin: Send full referrers same-origin, no referrers cross-origin.
- strict-origin: Strip referrers to the origin, but strip them when downgrading from HTTPS to HTTP.
- strict-origin-when-cross-origin: Send full referrers same-origin, and the origin when cross-origin, but strip referrers when downgrading from HTTPS to HTTP.

Changes to API surface:
Additional referrer policy values available in the existing Referrer-Policy header, `referrerpolicy` attribute, and <meta name="referrer" tag>

Public standards discussion:

Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer: no signals
Firefox: supported
Safari: no signals

Comment 1 by, Jul 12 2017

Status: Fixed

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