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Status: Fixed
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Closed: Oct 2017
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Type: Feature

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issue 702384

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Implement Network.emulateNetworkConditions in headless mode

Project Member Reported by, Jun 1 2017

Issue description

Headless currently does not allow emulating network conditions. Once we can intercept network requests, we can do similarly as

Labels: -Type-Bug Type-Feature
Status: Assigned (was: Available)
"Throttling". There, now when I search crbug for `headless throttling` I'll find this. ;)

Comment 5 by, Oct 9 2017

Status: Started (was: Assigned)
Apologies for the misunderstanding. irisu@ is looking into this (see
We have to add specific logic to remove the extra headers when custom protocol handlers are in use.
Project Member

Comment 7 by, Oct 13 2017

Project Member

Comment 8 by, Oct 16 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 8931a104b145ccf92390f6f48fba6553a1af92e4
Author: Iris Uy <>
Date: Mon Oct 16 01:12:01 2017

Add Network Emulation Test to headless browsertests

Bug:  728451 
Change-Id: Ic979050e3bb5d6b230601f2d3acc1a5467194855
Commit-Queue: Iris Uy <>
Reviewed-by: David Vallet <>
Reviewed-by: Alex Clarke <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#508968}

Comment 9 by, Oct 16 2017

Status: Fixed (was: Started)
To any folks reading this ticket.. as of comment #7, network throttling (including latency and throughput shaping) and offline emulation is supported in headless.  This shipped in Chrome 63.0.3239.0.

\o/ Thanks irisu!

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